Los Angeles newborn baby dream sleep photography.

This tranquil baby photography dream sleep session highlights the importance of booking your professional Los Angeles maternity photo appointment as soon as your tentative birth due date is set. Hitting that baby photography sweet spot when your newborn angel is at its peak sleepy state is an opportunity that will not come back. Oxana Alex Photography urges you to take advantage of this peaceful baby dream sleep window. You will certainly not regret it. We promise you that.

Just take an extra long look at this adorable sleeping beauty. Just lying here being newborn me. Living in the moment. Practicing baby mindfulness. Without a single worry in the world. A natural born star with my effortless baby asenas poses. A future yogi guru in the making. Put me anywhere and there will be baby bliss. I can teach you adults a thing or two about living in the present. No regressive thoughts about what should have been done or worries about the future. Just present baby mindfulness. Enjoying life. So parents please, let this Los Angeles maternity photographer do her job and Kodak moment my lucid dream state. Let my serenity calm you all. It will not last forever I assure you.

I´ll open my eyes occasionally. Yes, your baby angel can participate. I am content and I do appreciate the four furry teddy bear companions by my side. Keep growing that army of teddies. I can do with some more as I grow bigger. But my preferred state these days is sweet dreamy sleep. Rest and energy building since the world can be a hectic place, so I am charging my batteries now. I expect it will take a few more weeks. Then I´ll be ready for lots of action. And a whole squadron of teddy bears. Just you wait. I´ll see you all soon.

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Los Angeles Fine Art Baby Photography

Los Angeles Fine Art Baby Photography

Newborn baby photos 

Newborn baby photos 

Beautiful baby   

Beautiful baby 


baby phootography

baby phootography

Los Angeles Newborn Baby photographer

Los Angeles Newborn Baby photographer

The cutest little kitten 

The cutest little kitten 


Christmas-themed family photography shoot with Perez Hilton and his kids.

Famous blogger Perez Hilton brought his three kids to do a festive end of the year season happy holiday Christmas-themed family photography shoot with Oxana Alex Photography.

For those of you not familiar with his online persona please check out his website perezhilton.com. To steal some qoutes from his about section:  ”Cubano and Miami native Perez Hilton is the internet's most notorious gossip columnist…The LA Times calls Perez, "like US Weekly, the Star, the Enquirer and Life & Style Perez was named the #1 Web Celeb for 2007, 2008, and 2009 by Forbes Magazine and has recently been tapped as one of the 15 most influential Hispanics in the US by People in Espanol and named 2009 Hispanic of the Year by Hispanic Magazine…Since launching in 2004, perezhilton.com has become one of the leading go-to sites for celebrity news garnering over 300 million hits a month.”

Much has changed on the family front for Perez the past five years, amplifying the reasons to engage a professional Los Angeles family photographer for a Christmas photo session. Perez Hilton is now a beaming happy father of three. Arriving with their father to the photo session were kids overwhelmed with joy. Son Mario Armando III, four, and daughter Mia Alma, two, recently welcomed another member to their family late fall 2017 with the October birth of sibling Mayte Amor.

Together we trekked a small fun-filled expedition to find a photogenic Southern California canyon background. The family photography focus was to be toned down, naturalistic, no frills family Christmas photos. Apart from a little fake snow that is. This being Southern California there is rarely if ever need for winter clothing, rain isolating materials or other items associated with more colder places this time of the year. We are indeed fortunate to reside in wonderful Southern California.

The obligatory Christmas tree, presents, pine cones, Rudolph´s navigation lantern and a wooden red-nosed reindeer to play with added a merry sparkle to the yuletide shoot.

We opted for photos of the entire family as well as individual shots of each of the kids with their adoring father.

We hope to see you back soon for a collective cake smash session or any other photo ideas/themes the family want to engage in.

 Happy New Year!


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”Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's First Christmas Photo Shoot with Son Is Holiday Card-Worthy” - People Magazine

I was so happy that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt came back just before the festive end of the year season to do a happy holiday Christmas-themed family photography shoot with Oxana Alex Photography.

Together we made a small fun-filled expedition to find the picture perfect Southern California canyon background. The lovable and much anticipated baby addition to the family, 9-week-old son Gunner Stone, was in the family driver seat for the entire photo shoot. This was Gunner´s first festive season and first time seiing Santa. Yippee Ki Yay!

Gunner is still a bit to young to get overly excited or care too much about the presents but just you wait a year or two. It was surely a parental shower of affection. As for the adults, who needs presents when you have been granted the biggest gift there is. A new life! :)

The happy and doting couple posed merrily with their darling baby boy in front of a Christmas-decorated teepee. Back to basics and down to earth.

People Magazine was just one of the publications who rushed to run a story on the family joy with the Christmas family pictures taken by Oxana Alex noting that ”Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's First Christmas Photo Shoot with Son Is Holiday Card-Worthy” and thatthis year’s season is particularly special for new parents Montag, 31, and Pratt, 34, as it will be their inaugural celebrations with their baby boy."

Happy Christmas to you all and best of wishes for 2018. May you all be blessed and have a truly wonderful new year.

I want to express my gratitude to all my friends and dear clients. Thank you for your love and support in 2017. Hope to see you all soon.

Hugs and kisses,

Oxana Alex Photography

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Family photography session with radio host Jessica Hall.

Charismatic Jessica Hall has many talents and has worked as an actress, model and television/radio host. But most of all she is a loving mother to precious daughter Sophie Carlson and baby son Jake Warren Carlson. And what a lovely family it is. Jessica showed up sans husband Kyle for the occasion to get some family photography of herself together with 2-year old Sophie and baby Jake who was born in early fall 2017. All images were taken at Oxana Alex Photography´s Brentwood location in Los Angeles, California.

What an endearing little baby boy with a magic sparkle in his eyes. Handsome as few and already sporting a mischievous little grin just to please this baby photographer. Lying there on the padded floor effortlessly good-looking, the single color outfits matching him just perfect.

Sophie was so proud of her baby brother. Keeping a watchful eye on him and eagerly assisting her mother throughout the entire family photography session. Plenty of hugs to go around, but most of them reserved for little brother Jake and the big blue teddybear of course. Anything soft and cuddly deserves some affection.

Baby Jake demanded the occasional attention and let us know when it was time for feeding. Babies need fuel to grow so let´s take care of business. First things first. And food is certinly on that priority list.

After all I am the new baby star of this family and you better all do as I please if you want to capture my most photogenic moments. With stomach full I am content and relaxed. Safe and sound in my doting mother´s arms with my sister by my side. My clothing is a match with the teddybear. A cuddly companion that is three times my size. As tall as my sister, I bet we could both fit inside its arms as it hugs us goodbye.

I want to come back here for for more baby photos and my first cake smash. With a little help from my teddybear friend. And my sister Sophie of course.

Hope to see you all soon. Best of wishes for 2018!

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Photographing adorable little girl with an affinity for flowers.

This gorgeous little beauty had a deep affection for flowers of all colors. It did not matter if this baby photographer brough her inside or outside in the sun. Flowers had to be in the frame. A very well-behaved little girl for sure, squamish about doing a cake smash. Sampling that delicious cake without ruining it. She did not want the cake or the flower decor surrounding it damaged.

One has to treat the lovely flowers nice. That way they last longer and can be used in all my baby photography shots. Purple and pink flowers go well with the cake and they are picture perfect in my floral crown as well. Oops, one fell out and landed on the floor. Oh well, I can pick it up after I am finished eating my cake. First things first.

Los Angeles baby photography can be a dream job with such enchanting subjects. This little one was eagerly checking out the quality of the baby photographer´s studio toys and props. And I believe we got some enthusiastic thumbs up.

The vintage baby carriage has good cushioning and a nice rustic look. But it could surely do with some flowers. I think this blue floral crown has to be my favorite. It is a perfect match with the blue bouquet at my side. But I can get a bit bored sitting still for too long so keep shooting those photos. That baby photographer can do some action shots of me as well. Stomping around this Brentwood family, maternity and baby photography studio.

I am probably my happiest outside in the sun. Rocking in the outdoor baby carriage. Cushioned by all these flowers I picked in the baby photographer´s garden. I am content as can be. In my natural element, getting my D vitamins. Inspecting all the flowers and greenery. With a blue sky and the Los Angeles sun shining down on me. A fun photo session with lots of flowers.

You are welcome back any time. We´ll call the florist in advance.

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Maternity photography with founder of Going for Goddess Candice Martina and her life partner James.

Pregnant Candice is founder of Going for Goddess, a holistic health & lifestyle program that emphasizes using self-care, nutrition and health as base foundation for ”creating a beautiful and blissful life from the inside, out”. We could all benefit from such enlightenment so check out the excellent website: https://www.goingforgoddess.com

We had a truly empowering pregnancy photo session with a particularily radiant woman full of life. For lack of better words this blog entry will borrow some qoutes from Candice´s own Going for Goddess website. I absolutely guarantee that this maternity photographer shot pregnancy images that 100% capture ”a woman with absolute feminine beauty & strength, completely in the flow of her life, sensual and open; nurturing, authentic, all natural and totally connected to the divine energy of the Universe ”. The forceful and assured images of a proud mother-to-be dispel any doubts to the contrary.

Her  natural poses were so ”unique, bountiful, powerful, soulful, confident” and it was a true joy to capture maternity images of woman so ”deeply committed” to nurture a baby Goddess into life. This is a woman in control of her life and body in blissful harmony and harboring a mindful state of being.

The two part session is a great way to get a variety of maternity pictures. Indoor offers more controlled focus and the opportunity to get more natural body shots. Outside in nature surroundings is a celebration of a new life through a different lens. A gift to both parents and Mother Nature. A combination of artificial light vs. natural light also creates a full bodied spectrum of pregnancy and family photos to cherish and hold dear for generations to come.

I salute this Mother Goddess and her treasured baby Goddess in the making. Thank you for a lovely maternity photography session. That means you too James. And a Merry Christmas to all.

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Outdoor family photography in glorious Los Angeles forest surroundings.

This gorgeous family chose to have a photo shoot with the entire family going baby camping in the picturesque woods surrounding our lovely city of Los Angeles. Back to nature here we come.

An adorable baby camp was raised in splendid natural surroundings a sunny fall day. A family picnic with fun and games worked perfect as backdrop for this back to basics family photography done by maternity, family and baby photographer Oxana Alex.

We deliberately used rustic props like the cute wooden pull cart. Perfect size for the young one who wanted more and more forest laps from both mother and father. Not to mention from an exhausted photographer. This was a genuinely down to earth happy camper family who enjoys back to nature bliss and spending time together out in the open as a unit.

Teamwork put up this lush baby rest tent adorned by flowers left, right and center. Comfy pillows and blankets to lounge on and of course this baby was kept company by an army of cuddly companions. The family photography session runs much smoother with a variety of furry friends tagging along to help out. It even allowed for four smooth and trouble-free baby wardrobe changes just to please the family photographer on call.

Los Angeles family photography can be truly a fun experience out in the ´wild´. This mother, father and child were all smiles and came across as true photo shoot professionals. Having the entire household being out and about in a natural setting rather than a studio can often bring about inventive and original compositions. Not to mention a healthy dose of vitamin D and some hiking exercise.

The family is the true photo star here with nature as an image frame. Hope to see the three of you back here soon with a slightly older toddler. For more cart laps.

Happy camping!

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A natural born star in the making – first Los Angeles newborn baby photography.

I just recently arrived to bring joy to my family. My mother and father love and adore me. That much I know already. It is a proven fact of my life. From the instant I was born and I bet for a long time before I came into being they loved little ME.

I don´t even have to work up a pose for this Los Angeles newborn photographer. Everybody is happy with the way I am au naturel. I just have to be my sleepy self to take care of this baby photography business. No big deal Mrs. Newborn baby photographer. I got you all covered on this photo-shoot. You all know who is the new talk of the town. Little adorable me who is a natural born star. I have only been on this planet Earth for a short while but I know I got a lot of names already. Apart from my real name I go by darling, baby, precious, dear, gorgeous, beautiful, cute, love, pumpkin to name just a few. And that tally will rise…I know there are plenty more where those nicknames came from.

Back to my first Los Angeles baby photography session. I think my parents called her Oxana Alex, and that she specializes in newborn, baby and family photography. Here in the sunny city I was born into. Los Angeles. In wonderful California by the sea they say. In almighty US of A, land of the free and home of the brave. That sounds alright to me. I can live with that.

I love soft and furry things. Like these blankets to lie on and as cuddly companions. Pets and animals are my favorites. Alive and barking as well as these stuffed toy pet buddies. I already have quite an impressive collection. And there will be many more to come. I will bring them all to my next baby photography session. Or to my first cake smash. I almost said kale smash. After all, I was born into Los Angeles.

I love the soft organic wool clothing this Los Angeles family photographer provides me with. Thank you Oxana Alex. The temperature here is warm, but I like to be prepared for the cold. Happy that Los Angeles is not in the artic region. But I want to go visit snow areas when I get older. Skiing in Big Bear or Mammoth. Or all the way to Lake Tahoe. But for now I am happy to be resting here in this comfortable Brentwood newborn photography studio. Napping time. My parents and Oxana Alex watching over me and taking pictures. What an easy gig this is for me.

A natural born star in the making. Aloha!

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Indoor & outdoor session with Los Angeles maternity photographer Oxana Alex.

Maternity photography is elegant and beautiful, a unique opportunity to take care of the story from the beginning. To capture visualized memories from the pregnancy phase leading up to the much anticipated arrival of the newborn baby. Many say (and I do agree wholeheartedly) that women are never more beautiful than when they are pregnant. It is not always that the pregnant mother-to-be feels like this, but there is extraordinary beauty to the process of creating a new life. Anyway, it is very worthwhile (I would say essential) to document this period of life in the best way possible. The golden rule to achieve maternity photo success is with a professional photographer specializing in the field. You want a maternity photographer that truly understands the process, who nurtures and makes you feel comfortable in order to bring out the best and also caters to your particular wants and needs for the session.

All my Los Angeles pregnancy photos are taken with an innate focus on elegance and aesthetic beauty. Many clients also opt to incorporate some ageless and classic black and white photography in their maternity or family photography sessions. When committing to professional pregnant photography, it is much appreciated that you share thoughts and requests about what you want with the maternity photographer. If I photograph you with clothes, it's important that you choose clothes that emphasize shapes rather than disguising them. When photographing underwear, it is nice if you have several types and colors to chose from. If you want pregnancy photos without any kind of clothing, it is advisable to bring a robe for breaks. But we will of course provide one if you forget to bring your favorite.

I use different lighting techniques, compositions and various cameras to create very special and expressive memories of your pregnancy. It is by all means okay to bring a family partner and any siblings to complement the session.

Oxana Alex specializes in Los Angeles family photography, maternity photography, and newborn/baby/child photography.


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Beautiful newborn baby photography session.

All babies are adorable. Innocent and fragile. There is nothing quite like it in the world. And there is nothing that can compare to the beautiful photographic images of a newborn.That is why I love to be a newborn baby photographer in Los Angeles. An infant little child that has just added to the world´s population. An individual that will grow into a complex human being. His or her whole life ahead. We are definitely all unique, but unfortunatley time ticks away without mercy. One can´t turn back the clock, so it is crucial to find a professional Los Angeles newborn baby photographer to take care of business. As soon as possible!

The tiny hands and unused baby feet make this baby photographer go bonkers. That peaceful serene newborn look that unfortunately fades away very fast. I cannot stress the importance of booking the Los Angeles newborn photography session before birth and schedule the date as soon as possible after birth. That sleepy infant look is usually gone after three weeks. We all want that newborn baby photography magic to be captured by a baby photographer who has the right equipment, skills and experience. Props like soft angel wings, cushy blankets, cuddly toys, flower crowns, specialized furniture, rustic beds and multiple color backgrounds can make or break a baby photography session. Catering to the wants and needs of the child as well as the parents. That is what Oxana Alex Photography is all about. We aim to please in family, maternity and baby photography and grow an extended family of satisfied repeat customers.

Look at this bundle of joy resting in the soft cuddly flower adorned hammock. You don´t have to be religious to understand such a sight is truly a gift from God. Mother Nature holding out her tree branch, the beautiful little infant suspended in air like the storks just brought the baby gift wrapped to the family. An angel reborn. Worth much more that its weight in gold. No doubt about that. A precious long awaited darling addition to this overjoyed family.

The love is evident in all these family photos. I am just grateful that I am a Los Angeles newborn photographer allowed to capture these cherished family moments.

Fine Art Baby Photography

Fine Art Baby Photography

Oxana Alex is a Fine art baby Photographer

Oxana Alex is a Fine art baby Photographer

Baby Photography

Baby Photography

Baby Photography

Baby Photography

Baby Photographer

Baby Photographer

Beautiful Baby girl

Beautiful Baby girl

Sweet dreams little baby

Sweet dreams little baby

She is the cutest baby ever

She is the cutest baby ever


Maternity photos of celebrity Diana Madison with angel daughter Collette.

Closing in fast on nine months pregnant with a baby boy in her tummy, Diana Madison (Mother, Entrepreneur, Talk Show Host, Producer, Fashionista…) radiates happiness and looks amazing in her Los Angeles maternity photography shoot with Brentwood based photographer Oxana Alex.

Diana is absolutely stunning in her dark blue dress surrounded by scenic California fall nature. She definitely looks grateful for her baby blessing connecting with the soon to be arriving baby boy in the breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature. We had a really fun shoot and you would not believe Diana suffered from major pelvic pains that day, judging by her photogenic glow and the end result. It is important to keep a high pregnancy spirit even on the more difficult painful days. The ultimate goal is in near sight and soon an infant boy will grace this magnificent Los Angeles family with his presence. Diana is truly a super professional and used to constant media attention and the limelight, she always gives it her best regardless of obstacles. This day was no different. The photo session went very smooth and efficient.

Diana Madison is equally gorgeous in the studio shots. Beautiful daughter Collette who is soon to turn two years old was happy to accompany mom and participate to the growing photo book. Family photography is a joy when the kids are this charismatic and easygoing. The rocking chair was Collette´s favorite and there was to be no cake smash for Collette this year. Mummy was already planning a small birthday party at home with unicorns featuring predominantly in the theme. What a lucky little girl. Happy birthday Collette!

Diana Madison wore jewelry from Kim Ashley and a dress by IBC Boutique. Naila styled the shoot so check out www.nailastyling.com.

Best wishes for the final pregnancy month. Hope to see the entire family back for some baby and family photography soon.

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8-month-old milestone baby photography Los Angeles.

This baby was quite the observer. She was very aware of her surroundings and what was happening around her. This baby was really taking it in, watching, learning and participating. Happy being a model for this Los Angeles baby photographer and definitely not stressed out by the photo session (at least as long as her mother was present in the room). A bit of separation anxiety at this age is normal and actually an indicator of a good parent-child bond.

Family bonds grow increasingly more important and the baby is more acutely aware of her surroundings and can spot things across the room. Eager to reach out and grab things. Captivated by textures and shapes, it is fun and exciting to touch and feel, especially tags and handles. Anything new and exciting. This age is increasingly about constant motion so it can be a challenge to get certain family photography images just right. Sometimes several takes are needed. But we are very used to that.

Constant curiousity and exploration is key now that the baby can better eyball depth and distance, sit up and lean over to pick up toys. On the floor it is action that counts for the baby. Twisting and rocking, crouching, rolling and crawling. All in a hard day´s baby work.

This baby photography model is a prime example of why children look great in bold colors and textures. With a mischievous childish grin aimed at the proud mother and photo shoot crew this eight-month-old baby was eager to inspect and dominate every scene. A truly happy baby camper checking out the background scenery, various props, flower bouquets and arrangments. The preference being anything soft, playful and furry and things to hold onto, she was a big smile throughout the entire duration of the photo shoot session. No trouble changing clothing sets or wearing various head creations. It was all fun and play.

With intuition, inquisitiveness and awe of the child, each set piece was inspected and deemed worthy for image inclusion by this high-spirited and alert 8-month-old. I hope to see the entire family back for a cake smash session here in my Los Angeles photography studio in the near future.

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untitled (6495 of 1)-2.jpg
untitled (6494 of 1).jpg

Newborn baby photography kept firmly within the infant comfort zone.

This Los Angeles newborn baby photography session was a how-to manual in baby tranquility and shot list productiveness. It was a super smooth and almost soundless session that perfectly showcases the reason why the Oxana Alex Photography crew ideally wants to schedule the newborn session within the first 8-14 days of birth, a time frame that has consistently shown that the babies are in their "sleepiest" photogenic state.

Not too much hard work for this baby photography model, proud parents or photo crew. Keeping the temperature in our studio warm, these images are proof that this newborn definitely was in his comfort zone for the entire duration of the photo shoot.

This baby had some recommended awake time before the shoot and was fed just prior to session start. The rest was a piece of cake. And I don´t mean a cake smash :). These baby photos should secure a good beginning for the new family photography album.

As far from disturbed as you can get, this baby was comfortable resting in all positions. A dream model for this baby photographer to work with. The same goes for the parents. Family & child photography is teamwork and together we expeditiously worked through the creative shotlist. I honestly believe we succeded in capturing the essence of newborn baby photography here.

Parents and photographer decide jointly on props, costumes, clothing etc. Exploring various options through cooperation, alternating backgrounds, color schemes and framing distances to ensure variety and many pictures to chose from.

The end result is always to make sure the client walks away very happy with the work session, and it is an added bonus if this Los Angeles baby & family photographer gets to challenge her creativity and technical efficiency.

It is blissful serene sessions like these that make this particular Los Angeles baby & family photographer walk around with a smile for the entire remainder of the day.

Picture perfect!

untitled (6612 of 1).jpg
untitled (6622 of 2).jpg
untitled (6621 of 2).jpg
untitled (6602 of 1).jpg
untitled (6594 of 1).jpg
untitled (6596 of 1).jpg

Natural beauty and the love of life. Maternity photography Los Angeles.

The view of the forest was very picturesque. Sunlight streaming through the thick branches filled with green leaves. Monumental trees firmly rooted in the dry California ground. A pleasant warm early fall breeze. A serene and beautiful location seemingly lost in time. One gets the feeling that this place has been freeze framed, and that it has looked the same for generations.  And now we are here again. Another pregnancy photography session in the works.

It is a place this Los Angeles family & maternity photographer truly loves and adores. A unique location I keep coming back to for those specific reasons. Such tranquil lovely spots exist all over Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. I have several mapped down and I am constantly on the lookout for new amazing photographic places to add to my shot list.

Today´s maternity photo model was truly a natural beauty whose pregnant shine fit perfect to the surroundings. Wearing a wafer thin light colored gown and flower crown to contrast the arcadian nature elements. We deliberately chose to shoot without using the blue sky above us, instead focusing on the gentle rays of sunlight streaming through the tree branches. Like dancing spotlights on the immaculate green grass. There is something with nature´s grandeur. We can´t beat the real deal.

One series of pregnancy photo images with primary focus on the mother-to-be and highlighting the baby bump. Another series of family photography images together with the proud sibling caressing the tummy. Capturing the joyful anticipation of welcoming a new brother or sister to the family.

All colors were kept light and toned down enhancing the lifelike and naturalistic feel of the images. Down-to-earth, with both optimistic and nostalgic allure.

The flower crown of the daughter and yellow bouquet of wildcrafted flowers stand out quite strikingly. The enchantment of the forest illuminates and accentuates the charisma of this pretty family inhabiting its space.

This family´s sweetness and love of life is indeed captured in all it´s natural glory.

Los Angeles pregnancy photography and family photography is truly a blessed line of work. Another fun day creating memorable maternity photos.

Thank you all.

Cake smash and a bubble bath. Baby first birthday photo session.

Silence please! This is my 1 year old photoshoot.

I want to hear the squashing sound when I stomp on my birthday cake. The candy garnished cake looks like strange alien like Top Hat if you ask me. Not a Bowler, Fedora, Boater, Stingy Brim, Trilby, Panama, Porkpie or Homburg hat for sure.

By the way, I finished that homemade chocolate cake you made for me. That one went superfast. It was delicious!!! Thank you, may I have another. Pretty please.

Next year I want three of the same chocolate cakes but made to look like cowboy hats. Two to chow down, and one to put on my head and ride into the sunset together with my wooden horse Bumble.  Or at least to bed. Stomach full.

This blue one is not homemade. I am still small but I can tell. And you better believe I can judge quality. I am after all your offspring. It was sort of good for a few bites and I liked the color, but to be honest it lacked my favorite ingridient; CHOCOLATE. My parents know me best. So next time remember this mom and dad. I´ll rather take three of the homemade chocolate cakes.

I start out by joyfully inspecting this blue cake here. Quality controlling it. Judging it by looks and then finally by taste. And finding it way inferior to your homemade one. The cake manufacturers are watching too many of these Cake Wars or Cake Boss shows if you want my humble birthday opinion. All style over substance. Not enough chocolate.

So I will smash this cake. Tear it apart. And take pride in it. Show my discontent. And have fun my way. It is after all my birthday. The most important day of the year. Or maybe Christmas Day. I can´t quite remember which day yields the most gifts.

Anyway, stomach is filled to the brim. So I will play with this cake instead. Amusement and excitement on my big day here in Los Angeles. Bring out the cameras. Family photographers. My own baby photographer Los Angeles. Or make that child photographer Los Angeles. I want my Kodak moments. And this cake smash is definitely one of them.

I´ll even happily indulge in a bath. As long as I have my duck companions with me and mom and dad by my side.

Keep them bubbles coming. That bubble count can still go way way up. I want them raining down over me and my ducks. It is after all my big day. That makes me the boss. Capiche?

I am done with cake for now. Pretty soon I´ll be all cleaned up,  and ready to play and cuddle some more.

My first favorite cake smash session. Thank you my own private baby photographer Los Angeles.

And thank you mom and dad!

Los Angeles white screen maternity photography.

Sometimes you just want a neat clean white background that takes away all surrounding clutter and let the photography subjects truly stand out.

It can often be good choice to keep props, backgrounds and various screen fillers to a bare minimum. Limiting external visual noise is a more minimalist option that many people like and prefer. Human beings come in all shapes and forms and that is part of the beauty and fun of hosting photography sessions here in Los Angeles. People from all walks of life spanning all nationalities are represented and reside in this beautiful city of ours. We are a diverse and multifaceted city and we should all be very proud of it. The world is truly our oyster.

This eclectic diversity is definitely something that is represented in my work. We are all individuals and inhabitants of mother earth with different preferences, taste influences and wishes. I tend to think of it like home furnishing. It is very rare that you find identical set-ups, not even amongst twins in neighboring dorm-rooms. Even though two people share the same background, style preferences, have identical favorite TV shows and fashion magazines and even shop at the same store, unique traits and differences will pop up and we end up with a personalized ´me´ result. We are alike yet different. This is very much so in photography, even if we all stand in front of the same white screen. Individuals will produce tiny personal differences that make each photography session special. An example here is the torso shot with the tiny crown illustrating the arrival of a new family princess.

The key to a good photography session, like so many other things in life, is communication between people. What is the vision of the client and how do we together go about achieving the best end result. To ask questions and then carefully listen to the wants and needs of the client before providing my two cents worth and in a joint effort we create the best result tailored to setting and people.

The ultimate goal is happy clients that bring home their favorite images. A co-operative team effort, a product of them and me captured at that special moment in time.

With this couple we did two costume changes.  It was kept clean and stripped down to basics. It was efficient and came out very successful. A white screen truly highlights the subjects and illustrates that sometimes you just have to follow the KISS principle.

Indoor Los Angeles maternity photography appointment.

This glowing couple is well on their way to becoming a family of three. Opting for a relaxing and comfortable indoor shoot here at our in-house location. Please indulge in their gorgeous maternity photos courtesy of Oxana Alex Photography in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

The mother is absolutely stunning as she supports her tummy surrounded by her magnificent dresses. Pink and blue colors both match and highlight her beautiful hair. She radiates happiness. Who cares if it is a boy or a girl. As long as we become a family union of three. Keeping a watchful eye on that valuable baby bump cargo. Any day now…and you can be certain this family has lots of plans for the celebration. But first things first.

A key component is to properly capture that essential journey to the final destination of childbirth with lots of maternity photos. And then we´ll be back for family photography, not to mention cake smash and other fun things child and parents will want to remember.  Together, those important calendar days. Whether the memories are stored on the fireplace mantel, in photo books, on the computer, blown up posters adorning the walls or in an old school wallet. Anything and anyplace goes, as long as the magic moments are captured.  Forever.

The soon to be proud parents showcasing the obligatory first plaything presents awaiting the little one upon arrival. Furry toys to grab at, cuddle and grow fond of. Family memories in the making. The first baby stroller. There will no doubt be many more four and two wheeled vehicles for this baby boy or girl.

The California sun makes its presence known in the background. Illuminating the curtains and adding natural light, bright rays and shimmers of future hope and dreams to this already blissful union.

Flowers crowns, floral adornments and bouquets add to the beauty and merriment of the occasion.

What a joyful gift life is.

Beautiful Maternity session

Beautiful Maternity session

Gorgeous mother to be

Gorgeous mother to be

Fina Art Maternity Photography

Fina Art Maternity Photography

Maternity Photographer

Maternity Photographer

Pregnancy photo session 

Pregnancy photo session 

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Heidi and Spencer Pratt Maternity Session on a beautiful beach in Los Angeles.

Epic sunset pregnancy photography near infamous beach boulevard - A Santa Monica maternity beach photo shoot in trademark warm soothing Southern California breeze.

It does not get much better than this. Definitely stuff that dreams are made of. A gorgeous Los Angeles day. In vintage Santa Monica fashion. Who would not love to live here in sunny La La Land. What a lovely place we reside in. We are all fortunate. No need for winter clothes, parkas, hoodies, scarfs and gloves. It makes wardrobe choices a tad bit easier. Not to mention the lack of snow shuffling. I could go on…

But this was Heidi Montag Pratt and Spencer Pratt´s day at the beach. Celebrating the imminent end of the pregnancy journey. Talented people and media darlings playing the game of life right here in beautiful and glamorous Los Angeles. Lives that will soon become enriched by the arrival of a much-wanted newborn. A little miracle long in the making.

The lens loves Heidi and she loves it right back. A natural born star. Being the good sport that she is, there was absolutely no late pregnancy fatigue to spot anywhere. A true professional. A world class fighter daring me to just bring it on. ”Alright, Oxana Alex, I´m ready for my close-up”. I wish all of us females could be this lucky, seemingly breezing through a pregnancy. Without a care in the world. At least from the outsider perspective. Judging from the photos and the super-fun session we had, I get the impression Heidi could go on like this forever. Pregnant and happy. Press repeat. And this was not an act, I guarantee that. Standing in front of me was truly a couple deeply in love capturing their sacred passion on one of the last days before life takes a solid turn. A brand new and exciting family phase on the horizon. The second act…

What an excellent way to memorialize pregnancy photos in Los Angeles. Ocean blue clothing with white wave foam pants to match. Highlighting some of what´s right on our footsteps. The unique California sunset. The pristine sandy beach without a pebble in sight. Lavish wind lifted dresses and capes. Wildcrafted local flower crown. A distant Los Angeles mountain range. Passionate kisses. The undercurrents nearby tucking at the couple´s feet. The Pacific Ocean beckoning for the final pregnancy swim. It will most definitely become an ocean love child.

With best of wishes. I trust I´ll see you for a cake smash soon. I eagerly await this couple´s upcoming sequel so better get to work. Let´s repeat this in a year or two or three for an even larger family photography session. I am sure you will still be smiling from ear-to-ear then. And lovely little Gunner Stone might be caring for a sibling or two...

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Maternity Photographer

Maternity Photographer

Stunning maternity session

Stunning maternity session

Maternity Photos

Maternity Photos

Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography

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Beautiful mother to be 

Beautiful mother to be 

Heidi and Spencer Pratt Maternity photoshoot.

maternity photoshoot for heidi Pratt was published in many magazines: people, ok, cosmopolitan, daily mail

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