Beautiful maternity photoshoot in my Los Angeles studio.

It is rightly said that out of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother. Becoming a mother is probably the biggest roller-coaster a woman can go through and we are here to capture these moments. Oxana Alex Photography Studio offers the best maternity shoot that captures all the emotions and aspects of pregnancy. Perhaps what distinguishes us from other photography studios is the fact that each photo shoot is close to our hearts. Our motto is that our clients are our family and when you shoot for your family, you give your hundred percent. For the Photographers at our studio, the most fun part Is getting to know the parents and their story. This not only brings us closer to our clients but also helps us understand them better. 

It is a well known fact that pregnant women often feel uncomfortable and less confident about their changing bodies. We at Oxana Alex Photography Studio offer over a hundred dresses and props that are bound to make any women comfortable and ecstatic about the shoot. From princess gowns to nature and beach backgrounds, the options are endless. Your photographs are as important to us as they are to you. So if you are going to be a mother soon, and are looking for maternity photographers, we can ensure you that Oxen Alex photography studio is the place. 

A lot of conceptualization goes into the photo shoot that our photographers have to pre plan. From the background to the proper use of props, our photographers ensure that everything is perfect for you. Aside from this, the main aim is to capture the real and raw emotions of the mother to be, so that the photographs can become even more meaningful. Since every expecting mother is different, we ensure that their distinct personalities are captured. From fierce and protecting to loving and caring, we at Oxana Alex Photography Studio capture all the emotions and every essence of becoming a mother. Mothers to be inspire us because carrying a life is magical in all aspects and this inspiration enables us to give you the best maternity photo shoot of your life. We also provide maternity shoots with family and your other half. Capturing these moments with your significant other can make them even more beautiful and magical. A fun photo shoot is what you can expect out of us and your Stunning pictures are guaranteed.  

For this particular shoot, the mother requested a casual photo shoot with a black background, so that it can capture the casual vibe of everyday pregnant women. Pairing casual jeans with a cardigan, the pregnant belly was on display, giving a very happy and casual aesthetic to the whole shoot. We also captured pictures of the mother to be in a very pretty white gown which gave her an angelic glow. Pairing it with a white background, the picture came out to be perfect. The pregnancy glow was also captured by our photographers in a semi-nude picture as requested by our client. The beige gown that was used for the next picture captured the essence of pregnancy. The whole maternity photo shoot was a success as the client was pretty happy about her photographs. 


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Los Angeles Fine Art Maternity Photography

There is nothing close to god on Earth than a mother. The experience of becoming a mother is equally magical and terrifying, however, it is very important to capture these moments into pictures so that they can be cherished forever. At Oxana Alex photography studio, we ensure that your best foot is put forward and all your maternity photographs come out perfect to the T. What makes us different from the other photography studios is that we not only care about getting the perfect photograph, but we also care about the pregnant mother's comfort. A photo shoot is a success only if the client is comfortable and happy. 

Mothers to be often feel that they are not confident enough to get the maternity photo shoot. We at Oxana Alex Photography studio offer over a 100 different varieties of beautiful gowns and backgrounds. Our studio backgrounds vary from aesthetic floral to vintage forests. Our most famous, Beach studio background, though, is incomparable. With over 1000 happy clients, we can say that our success rate for happy and satisfied customers has been ninety-nine percent. We ensure that our photographers capture every emotion that you feel throughout the photo shoot. This enables us to click beautiful candid pictures.

For all the mothers to be out there who feel that pregnancy has put a damper on their confidence due to the changes in their body, feel assured that we will send you back comfortable with your skin. That is the power of photography. It is important for any maternity photo shoot that the client enjoys the shoot as much as the photographers. If the client is not happy and comfortable, it is impossible to capture good photographs. This is the reason why a huge attempt is made by us to make the client comfortable. The pictures that we click can make the mothers feel confident about their bodies, as we capture every bit of that pregnancy glow that makes maternity magical. Our photographers are always curious about our client’s story and journey into parenthood, making them connect better, and thus, capturing better photographs. So if you are looking for a maternity photo shoot, contact our studio and we will be happy to clear all your doubts and provide you with the best pregnancy photo shoot. 

For the first picture here, our client wanted a vintage yet edgy photograph. So, we opted for an aesthetic 1800’s door set and a light pink mermaid gown. To make the picture more aesthetic, we added a baby stroller drowsed in flowers and completed the look with a flower tiara. The client’s excitement for the baby to come was pretty evident in all the photographs. Her happiness was also very contagious. For the second shoot, she chooses the all too famous beach background. Creating an aesthetic vibe, the mother wore a soft blue flowing gown that had a cape. The wind making the cape flow and the soft expression on the mothers face perfectly bought out her calming and glowing personality. When her husband joined for the shoot, the picture looked more complete and satisfying. The highlight of the second shoot was the sunset photograph paired with a flower tiara that bought out her tenderness. 

For the third shot, she requested something that would bring out her fierceness and edginess. A red flowing gown and forest background were the obvious choice. The mother looked beautiful and was extremely satisfied with the props. The fourth photograph, she wanted something a bit more elegant and classy. Pairing a white gown with a flower background, the mother looked every bit of royalty. Her elegance and grace were pretty impressive. The photo shoot was a success and we sent home another happy client. 


The cutest baby girl in my Los Angeles Photography studio today


Sitter Baby session 6-8 month old

Childhood is a precious moment that slips away from our hands before we even know it! It becomes really important to preserve these memories that we will otherwise forget. The sitter baby photography is the perfect way to preserve these precious moments. Baby photo shoots are the most successful in the sitter age as the babies are able to sit properly on their own and able to build up their own strength. Another reason why sitter baby photography is so famous is that the babies are able to adapt to anyone in this age and therefore can have longer photo sessions. 

At Oxana Alex Studio, we have some of the most adorable outfits and props for sitter babies that make for the perfect aesthetic photo shoot that your baby deserves. Babies are probably the toughest models to shoot because they are very unpredictable and can’t be told on how to pose. The whole session needs to be natural and need to allow the babies their space so that they can remain relaxed. A sitter baby session can’t be forced as it would just result in a fussy baby and a really bad photo shoot. Keeping this ideology in mind, we ensure that your baby is not only given space but is also kept entertained and happy. With the utmost importance given to comfort, the babies tend to enjoy the photo shoot as much as the photographer. The results are always beautiful. After all, what is more, precious than a baby smiling at you!

There is no doubt that a lot of thought and conceptualization goes into a baby shoot. It also becomes essential to capture the happiness and innocence perfectly so that resulting photos are satisfactory. So if you are searching for the best place to have the most aesthetic pictures of your child clicked, do visit our Oxana Alex Photo Photography Studio.  

With over hundreds of props available and a multitude of backgrounds, we have no problem adjusting to your taste. With a basket prop surrounded by roses and a beautiful flower headset, the babies are bound to not only feel happy but also excited. Another famous prop is the small wooden bench that all children love to be clicked on! A soft crème pink background ensures that the naivety and innocence are better reflected, and the number of dresses and outfits available at our studio will surely make you awe. 

For all those parents that can’t wait to get their babies clicked in cute outfits and beautiful backgrounds, our studio is a must visit. After all, when your children grow up and look at these pictures, they will be filled with the joy and happiness that they experienced while getting these photos clicked. 

Our studio is famous for capturing the raw and real emotions of the babies and ensuring that the parents leave satisfied with a perfect shot. To make the babies comfortable, we have a huge box of toys that will not only help in keeping them entertained but also help in getting aesthetic shots clicked. Our photographers love babies, which makes it easier for them to adjust to them and have longer sessions. Moreover, besides us offering a hassle-free session, we also ensure that the parents are happy and satisfied. We also take family photo shoots that will perfectly capture the memories of your baby’s childhood. We offer outfit coordinated and nature background photo shoots for families that will definitely make you feel like you are in a movie or a fairytale. So if you are still wondering as to where you can get your baby’s photos clicked, Oxana Alex Photography is the answer. 


the happiest baby Vivienne

the happiest baby Vivienne

I am too cute

I am too cute

Baby photography Los Angeles

Baby photography Los Angeles

Baby photographer

Baby photographer

cute baby

cute baby

The cutest baby in my studio today. Los Angeles California.


As a Los Angeles based photographer, we here at Oxana Alex get to photograph babies of many different backgrounds. Very indicative of the city we live in, LA is a melting pot of colors, heritages, and cultures. Indeed, for us, the diversity we see and experience in our everyday lives is one of the very many pleasures of living in, or around Los Angeles. 


As a team of photographers and production assistants who hail from mixed parentage, yet still born and raised in Los Angeles, we re proud to be able to photograph every beautiful child that comes our way, and we meet so many parents who are from so many different backgrounds eager to take the aesthetic plunge. As Southern Californians and urban dwellers, we can be exposed to so much variety in culture, language, cuisine, religious faith, festivals, and so on, just in our everyday lives. 


It is important for parents of newborns to take some time out to appreciate where they are right now and what this moment means to them.  Los Angeles is undoubtedly one of the most cosmopolitan, multicultural cities in the world, and our work attempts to capture this larger-than-life energy. 


However, as much as we love to experience different cultures and foreign places, we here at Oxana Alex love our hometown. Our team of expert photographers come from all reaches of the globe, from San Francisco to Egypt, Chicago and New York. This kaleidoscopic geographical range equips us with perspectives and artistic styles not available to natives who only grew up in one area.


For all of this, we want to say loudly and proudly that our newborn photography boutique is grateful to be able to service our lovely hometown of Southern California, and we wish to continue giving parents the best nostalgic memories of their early child rearing years. We are also grateful that we have the liberty to craft ever more amazing memories for families every single day.

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Surf and turf family photography.

We are a fortunate bunch who resides here in sunny California. And we do love a good combo. Nothing like the feeling of two for one. Like doing a morning ski session in Big Bear mountain and finishing the day off with some surfing at the lovely Malibu Surfrider Beach. All in a wonderous Southern California day (that is if that congested LA traffic allows it). Thus, surf and turf is the name of the American game. Even more so here in the Los Angeles region. And why not do the same close to heaven combo when you have your household pictures taken by a a professional Los Angeles family photographer.

A daytime forest inland session followed by an epic sunset at the beach. The entire family together. It is remarkable how spoiled we are here in Los Angeles. We better remind ourselves how privilieged we actually are. Often! And this Los Angeles family photographer even more so, who gets paid for spending such a lovely day taking pictures of yet another great family.

This family has got it right. Hugging and touching showcases affection, warmth and care. Humans love touch, something these warm-hearted siblings have understood very well. Embracing one another and thus feeding each other oxytocin and boosting the family immune system. Just like their devoted parents. Hugs and kisses all around. Providing ample photo moments for the dual combo sessions.

The inland photo had the family in classic timeless clothing. The warm sunset glow at the beach highlighted the all white clothing. Pure and simple. Like the natural beauty of nature. Blue water, rocks, pebbles and sand. The white crest of the waves and the California mountain range in the distance.

Family joy indeed. Applause for a job well done. It is time for this family to stop by the Santa Monica Watergrill and load up on some surf and turf. Charge them batteries. I recommend the California Dungeness Crab and some American Wagyu beef. Organic and grass-fed that is.

Happy dining!

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Los angeles fine art child photography. Zoya became my muse and inspiration, such a beautiful soul and pure innocence. I could not have enough of photographing her

Dress up session for a little beauty.  Oxana Alex photography is Los Angeles fine art  baby and child photographer 

 Pam Orme


Life is full of Happiness, Sadness and Trust
This is why it is important for us
To share and to give and show lots of love
So you can grow up and know the above
You will learn to give and know not to take
For kindness and sharing is what friends make
You need to learn charity not debt,
To be confident, strong and independent
So that when you grow up and move to the city
You will not give in, just out of pity
You've made my job easy, but sometimes it's rough
I hope in my heart, that I've taught you enough
When I've accomplished my primary goal
You girls will know not to judge a soul
You will know wrong from right
I won't have to hold tight
And when all is done, all I can hope you will say is: 
"I'm glad Momma that you showed us the way".



Oxana Alex photography is Los Angeles fine art child photographe