Chistmas theme photoshoot for Heidi Montage, Spencer Pratt . Gunner Pratt is the cutest baby ever.

Family time is the most important moment of the day. Every member of the family should understand the significance of the valuable moment and should always take out time for each other. This time is also very essential for your children. Your children need your care and time in their growing years. Every moment spent with family is memorable in some way. Why not take a picture to make this memory arrested for a lifetime. We all know we all change physically and mentally over the time and this time is never going to come back. Why not make the most of it and click some beautiful family pictures for your album.

At Oxana Alex Photography, we provide you with the finest lensman who will give you enough time, and make your family photoshoot the best that you want. The family photographers at Oxana Alex are experienced and will take your suggestions too. We not only try to take quality pictures but our main aim is to satisfy everyone who trusts us with our skills. 

Oxana Alex is the best in Los Angeles, many families have trusted us and have given us a positive rating. We conduct the photo session both indoor and outdoor according to the preference of the customer. Indoor photo shoots are clicked at Oxana Alex Los Angeles studio, giving a perfect matching background color and costumes. Outdoor sessions are done in a different scenic location. Adding a few props which will add more depth to the picture. We also give a theme to the photo shoot sometimes.

Our family photographers try to capture and focus on the emotions of the member. Family photoshoot takes time as every member including the children's should get ready for the shoot. We provide the time that you need and give equal importance to your proposals.

In the pictures given below, the photoshoot had a Christmas theme. Black and red outfits with Santa hats the theme is outright. The father and the son are wearing the same black sweater which has Santa print on it. The mother is wearing a thigh slit red gown and the whole family is looking as if they are welcoming Santa into town. The props include gifts and green plants in the background which goes with the theme. With the white background and the white sofa, the picture is eye catchy. In family photography, we try to capture the happy emotions of the family and few candid arresting your love.

Every photo has a little story and shows the bonding between each member of the family.

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”Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's First Christmas Photo Shoot with Son Is Holiday Card-Worthy” - People Magazine

I was so happy that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt came back just before the festive end of the year season to do a happy holiday Christmas-themed family photography shoot with Oxana Alex Photography.

Together we made a small fun-filled expedition to find the picture perfect Southern California canyon background. The lovable and much anticipated baby addition to the family, 9-week-old son Gunner Stone, was in the family driver seat for the entire photo shoot. This was Gunner´s first festive season and first time seiing Santa. Yippee Ki Yay!

Gunner is still a bit to young to get overly excited or care too much about the presents but just you wait a year or two. It was surely a parental shower of affection. As for the adults, who needs presents when you have been granted the biggest gift there is. A new life! :)

The happy and doting couple posed merrily with their darling baby boy in front of a Christmas-decorated teepee. Back to basics and down to earth.

People Magazine was just one of the publications who rushed to run a story on the family joy with the Christmas family pictures taken by Oxana Alex noting that ”Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's First Christmas Photo Shoot with Son Is Holiday Card-Worthy” and thatthis year’s season is particularly special for new parents Montag, 31, and Pratt, 34, as it will be their inaugural celebrations with their baby boy."

Happy Christmas to you all and best of wishes for 2018. May you all be blessed and have a truly wonderful new year.

I want to express my gratitude to all my friends and dear clients. Thank you for your love and support in 2017. Hope to see you all soon.

Hugs and kisses,

Oxana Alex Photography

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Newborn baby photography kept firmly within the infant comfort zone.

This Los Angeles newborn baby photography session was a how-to manual in baby tranquility and shot list productiveness. It was a super smooth and almost soundless session that perfectly showcases the reason why the Oxana Alex Photography crew ideally wants to schedule the newborn session within the first 8-14 days of birth, a time frame that has consistently shown that the babies are in their "sleepiest" photogenic state.

Not too much hard work for this baby photography model, proud parents or photo crew. Keeping the temperature in our studio warm, these images are proof that this newborn definitely was in his comfort zone for the entire duration of the photo shoot.

This baby had some recommended awake time before the shoot and was fed just prior to session start. The rest was a piece of cake. And I don´t mean a cake smash :). These baby photos should secure a good beginning for the new family photography album.

As far from disturbed as you can get, this baby was comfortable resting in all positions. A dream model for this baby photographer to work with. The same goes for the parents. Family & child photography is teamwork and together we expeditiously worked through the creative shotlist. I honestly believe we succeded in capturing the essence of newborn baby photography here.

Parents and photographer decide jointly on props, costumes, clothing etc. Exploring various options through cooperation, alternating backgrounds, color schemes and framing distances to ensure variety and many pictures to chose from.

The end result is always to make sure the client walks away very happy with the work session, and it is an added bonus if this Los Angeles baby & family photographer gets to challenge her creativity and technical efficiency.

It is blissful serene sessions like these that make this particular Los Angeles baby & family photographer walk around with a smile for the entire remainder of the day.

Picture perfect!

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Heidi and Spencer Pratt Maternity Session on a beautiful beach in Los Angeles.

Epic sunset pregnancy photography near infamous beach boulevard - A Santa Monica maternity beach photo shoot in trademark warm soothing Southern California breeze.

It does not get much better than this. Definitely stuff that dreams are made of. A gorgeous Los Angeles day. In vintage Santa Monica fashion. Who would not love to live here in sunny La La Land. What a lovely place we reside in. We are all fortunate. No need for winter clothes, parkas, hoodies, scarfs and gloves. It makes wardrobe choices a tad bit easier. Not to mention the lack of snow shuffling. I could go on…

But this was Heidi Montag Pratt and Spencer Pratt´s day at the beach. Celebrating the imminent end of the pregnancy journey. Talented people and media darlings playing the game of life right here in beautiful and glamorous Los Angeles. Lives that will soon become enriched by the arrival of a much-wanted newborn. A little miracle long in the making.

The lens loves Heidi and she loves it right back. A natural born star. Being the good sport that she is, there was absolutely no late pregnancy fatigue to spot anywhere. A true professional. A world class fighter daring me to just bring it on. ”Alright, Oxana Alex, I´m ready for my close-up”. I wish all of us females could be this lucky, seemingly breezing through a pregnancy. Without a care in the world. At least from the outsider perspective. Judging from the photos and the super-fun session we had, I get the impression Heidi could go on like this forever. Pregnant and happy. Press repeat. And this was not an act, I guarantee that. Standing in front of me was truly a couple deeply in love capturing their sacred passion on one of the last days before life takes a solid turn. A brand new and exciting family phase on the horizon. The second act…

What an excellent way to memorialize pregnancy photos in Los Angeles. Ocean blue clothing with white wave foam pants to match. Highlighting some of what´s right on our footsteps. The unique California sunset. The pristine sandy beach without a pebble in sight. Lavish wind lifted dresses and capes. Wildcrafted local flower crown. A distant Los Angeles mountain range. Passionate kisses. The undercurrents nearby tucking at the couple´s feet. The Pacific Ocean beckoning for the final pregnancy swim. It will most definitely become an ocean love child.

With best of wishes. I trust I´ll see you for a cake smash soon. I eagerly await this couple´s upcoming sequel so better get to work. Let´s repeat this in a year or two or three for an even larger family photography session. I am sure you will still be smiling from ear-to-ear then. And lovely little Gunner Stone might be caring for a sibling or two...

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Maternity Photographer

Maternity Photographer

Stunning maternity session

Stunning maternity session

Maternity Photos

Maternity Photos

Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography

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Beautiful mother to be 

Beautiful mother to be