beautiful engagement session in Los angeles California.

Engagement photoshoot is the first step in the journey capturing the memories of your wedding. Engagement Photography begins after the couple have been engaged and spending time with each other. Oxana Alex Photography captures your love story in the form of photographs. Engagement Photographs hold a lot of memories of love in them which a couple can preserve with themselves and look back to after their marriage. During taking pictures of the the couple, we allow themselves to be natural and express their love for their partners fully. This is very important to capture heartfelt engagement photographs.


The location of the engagement photographysession should be special for the couple, it should hold some value for both of them. Some ideas could be the place where the couple saw each other first time or a sightseeing location where they used to hangout. We don’t mind exploring places to find the perfect location for th engagement photographs. Oxana Alex have been prominent Los Angeles Engagement photographersin the past and have captured memories for many happy couples. We love to shoot engagements photographs in perfect lighting and setting for delivering the best ones to the clients.


Uniform pictures are always better than completely distinguished pictures shot in different settings. Therefore, we ensure that all your engagement photographs uniform and curated in an album according to the timeline. For improving the quality of time spent during outdoor shoots, we check the temperature and traffic beforehand and decide exactly where we are heading towards for the engagement sessionOxana Alex Photography makes the process of engagement relaxing for the couple so their natural chemistry can come out during the session. We also ensure that the natural candid moments are not missed by our camera lense during engagement photography


We do personalized engagement photography in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and California. These are some of our favourite engagement photography locations in the whole United States because they allow the engagement photographer to capture pictures in the perfect setting. We can also say that these locations aids our creativity and help us in capturing stunning engagement photos. We had some of the best outdoor photoshoots of couples on these locations, which you can check out in our engagement photography portfolio. Our clients love to invite us to  their weddings after they get the final draft of the engagement photographs we have clicked       


What truly adds depth to the love story of the couple in the chemistry and bond between them, some couples are shy in front of the camera, some express themselves fully and boldly. We shoot according the personality of the couple so that honest and alluring pictures come out. Los Angeles engagement photography by Oxana Alex is for all type of couple, no matter how their chemistry is. We try to bring out the best out of them to give them some of the best engagement photographs they have seen. 


It is important for us to know about the couple’s hobbies and interest so that we can pitch the perfect ideas for them by letting our creative juices flow. We do our best to get to know the couple before the engagement photoshoot and blend with them so that we can capture the moments effortlessly. If you want to see how we have captured some beautiful engagement photographs in the past, you can see our portfolio. Oxana Alex Photography has worked with multiple couples and gave them the best engagement photos preserve. Our clients love to look at their love story through our camera angle. 




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Los angeles fine art child photography. Zoya became my muse and inspiration, such a beautiful soul and pure innocence. I could not have enough of photographing her

Dress up session for a little beauty.  Oxana Alex photography is Los Angeles fine art  baby and child photographer 

 Pam Orme


Life is full of Happiness, Sadness and Trust
This is why it is important for us
To share and to give and show lots of love
So you can grow up and know the above
You will learn to give and know not to take
For kindness and sharing is what friends make
You need to learn charity not debt,
To be confident, strong and independent
So that when you grow up and move to the city
You will not give in, just out of pity
You've made my job easy, but sometimes it's rough
I hope in my heart, that I've taught you enough
When I've accomplished my primary goal
You girls will know not to judge a soul
You will know wrong from right
I won't have to hold tight
And when all is done, all I can hope you will say is: 
"I'm glad Momma that you showed us the way".



Oxana Alex photography is Los Angeles fine art child photographe