The cutest newborn session at Oxana Alex Photography newborn studio. Los Angeles. California

The birth of a child is a very special occasion for all the members of a family. When a child comes to life, it fills the whole family with joy. Isn’t is great to capture the memories of the time of birth and make an album of baby pictures? We at Oxana Alex photography enjoy every bit of newborn photography. Whenever we get a chance to photograph a little baby, we feel entitled towards clicking the best artistic photos that captures the innocence of the new born baby. You little one deserves a great collection of baby photos to look back at when he grows up. 


The childhood memories of your little ones are going to stay with you forever and when they slowly start to fade away, you and your children can always look back to pictures from the baby photoshoot. You will be immediately transported to the nostalgia. The most difficult thing about being a newborn baby photographer is you have to be patient and bare with the child. Sometimes the child is not in the mood to rest, sometimes they are too fidgety, but we wait patiently for the right moment when we can take the best baby photos.


Your babies grow very fast, you devote yourself in looking after themselves and one day you realize that they are not little anymore. Preserving your child’s memory through Newborn photography is the most worthwhile investment you will ever do. Oxana Alex have been photographing newborns in Los Angeles, Beverly hills and Santa Monica, We offer baby photoshoot at the studio. And as we take baby pictures, we love to play with the babies and make them laugh, by doing so we can get the baby’s emotion out and capture them beautifully. 


We are a Los Angeles based newborn photographer who loves to experiment with different poses and settings during newborn sessions. It’s been quite a while since we started doing newborn photography in Los Angeles and believe us when we say that it is pure joy for us. A newborn baby photographer must pay special attention to the little details of a newborn baby, like chubby soft cheeks, wrinkly moist hands and tiny little fingers etc. All these gives a surreal vibe to the final picture. Oxana Alex Photography pay close attention to these details and bring a great image to life. 


Before photographing the baby, a lot of thought goes into conceptualization. We choose the right props available and create conceptions where we could take great pictures of the baby. Oxana  Alex are available for newborn session in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. While taking baby photos, we make sure that the baby is relaxed and calm. Babies are delicate and fidgetity that’s why we as newborn baby photographers have to be very careful while taking their photos. All babies require special care and we don’t every baby in the same manner, we get to know the baby before taking the photographs. 


If you want to capture the very first moments of your baby with the family, we do newborn photography sessions with the mother and father too. We at Oxana Alex Photography enjoy shooting pictures of baby with the family and work tirelessly to bring out the best newborn photos of the baby with family. To sum it up altogether, we are find joy in experimenting with baby picture sand love to experiment with different settings tirelessly until the best newborn photos captured.


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