Beautiful Maternity session. Maternity Photographer in Los Angeles

I have ben very busy and did not have much time to blog. I am so sorry about, i promise i will get better and post more regularly. 

I have a client  Elsa contacted me regarding studio and location photo session for her , her 3 years old daughter and little baby sister on the way. I always suggest my clients to come for fitting before the shoot, so we can talk about locations, ideas and details.

I was expecting Elsa and her 4 years old daughter Valentina to stop by for a fitting. Her daughter became friends with my 4 years old right away, so Elsa and me had lots of time to try the dresses on, while girls had fun with the toys.  I like Elsa personality a lot , she is so nice and she is  gorgeous . Very single dress liked amazing on her, we both were so exited. 

Please take a look at some gorgeous images of Elsa in my Los Angeles studio and Pacific palaces park in West LA. I can not wait to photograph her little baby girl

Seeds Of Growth

 David Rivera


Water the seed and a plant will grow
Feed the plant and a tree will grow
Give a tree room and it will bloom
A seed to a plant
A plant to a tree
A boy to a man
A man to a father
Care for the boy and the man will grow
Teach the man and a father will grow
I see my boys
I see my joy
Care for my boys, and I, the man will grow
Teach me, my boys, and your father will grow
You can't have the tree without the plant
You can't have the plant without the seed
I can't be a father without being a man
I, the man, can't be a father without my boys
The cycle of life
The man, the boys, the father
The seed, the plant, the tree