Photographing adorable little girl with an affinity for flowers.

This gorgeous little beauty had a deep affection for flowers of all colors. It did not matter if this baby photographer brough her inside or outside in the sun. Flowers had to be in the frame. A very well-behaved little girl for sure, squamish about doing a cake smash. Sampling that delicious cake without ruining it. She did not want the cake or the flower decor surrounding it damaged.

One has to treat the lovely flowers nice. That way they last longer and can be used in all my baby photography shots. Purple and pink flowers go well with the cake and they are picture perfect in my floral crown as well. Oops, one fell out and landed on the floor. Oh well, I can pick it up after I am finished eating my cake. First things first.

Los Angeles baby photography can be a dream job with such enchanting subjects. This little one was eagerly checking out the quality of the baby photographer´s studio toys and props. And I believe we got some enthusiastic thumbs up.

The vintage baby carriage has good cushioning and a nice rustic look. But it could surely do with some flowers. I think this blue floral crown has to be my favorite. It is a perfect match with the blue bouquet at my side. But I can get a bit bored sitting still for too long so keep shooting those photos. That baby photographer can do some action shots of me as well. Stomping around this Brentwood family, maternity and baby photography studio.

I am probably my happiest outside in the sun. Rocking in the outdoor baby carriage. Cushioned by all these flowers I picked in the baby photographer´s garden. I am content as can be. In my natural element, getting my D vitamins. Inspecting all the flowers and greenery. With a blue sky and the Los Angeles sun shining down on me. A fun photo session with lots of flowers.

You are welcome back any time. We´ll call the florist in advance.

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