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For My Child

 Kathleen Edwards


Scared does not begin to describe
how I feel inside.
I can just barely begin
to take care of myself,
how can I learn
to take care of you too?
I have no one to stand beside me,
to lessen the pressure
of raising you right.
Scared I will make a mistake,
scared I will not be able
to raise you properly,
but scared is not the only way I feel.

Happiness does not begin
to describe my joy.
I am happy because
you are all I have ever wanted,
I have waited my whole life for you,
my life finally seems worthwhile,
happiness at the thought
of loving you for a lifetime.

Love does not come close
to how I feel for you.
I will never leave your side,
I will always stand up for you.
All that you want or ever desire,
I will do my best to get for you.
No one will ever
take your place in my life,
no one could ever
be more important than you.
My darling, My child, I love you.