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I was enjoying working with this little girl, she was so eager to get her photos taken

In Your Eyes

 Megan Smith


You can see all in a person's eyes.
Their pain, guilt, happiness, sadness, fear.
It's all there, if you just take the time to look.
In your eyes I see someone unlike any other,
A strong soul, brave, with a big heart,
Blessed with the gift to bring happiness and laughter.
With open arms embracing every day to the fullest,
A spirit fit to soar with the eagles, wild and free.
Never to let the impending day's work bring her down.
This spirit will live on forever,
In the eyes of your children, grandchildren, and so on.
You've given us all a gift,
The most wonderful gift you could give, your love.
And now, I see in my eyes a part of you,
Because you are in my heart forever and for always.