Absolutely Beautiful Maternity Photoshoot in Los Angeles

There is no one in the world greater than the love of a mother. Carrying a life is perhaps the greatest gift that the God can give us and it is definitely a moment to be captured. If you are on the same page, but are unable to decide where you can get these precious moments captured, we have exactly what you require. Here at Oxana Alex Photography Los Angeles studio, we ensure that your pregnancy photos capture the excitement and euphoria that you feel. After all, this is one of the most magical moments that a woman can go through.  Maternity photographer at our studio ensures that we capture every bit of your pregnancy glow in out Maternity Sessions.

To make your Maternity Photography perfect, a lot of conceptualization goes into how the shoot is to take place. With choosing the right props and to get the right photographers in Beverly Hills, we ensure that you get exactly what you came for. For all the Moms-to-be, Oxana Alex Photography Los Angeles studio is the right choice for your pregnancy photography and maternity photoshoot.

Our favorite aspect of maternity photo shoots is to know all about the parent’s journey into parenthood. This helps our photographers to understand the parents more, which in turn helps us in capturing your beautiful emotions. Our props add to enriching this experience. With beautiful dress gowns to nature inspired studios, we ensure that nothing goes wrong and you have the best experience. Your photographs are as important to us as they are to you. So if you are going to be a mother soon, and are looking for maternity photographers, we can ensure you that Oxana Alex photography studio is the place. 

Mothers-to-be go through a lot of stress and anxiety when they are expecting, and many times it may seem hectic to get a maternity session. However, we at Oxana Alex Los Angeles studio ensure that you get through your Maternity Photography like a breeze and enjoy the shoot. It is very essential for us to ensure that the mother is not stressed why having her pregnancy photos shot because that would not only make the Maternity session uneasy for the mother, but would also greatly affect the pregnancy photography. This is the reason why we ensure that the mother is fully relaxed and at ease and most of all, feels good and confident. . 

What makes a maternity photography more significant and magical is the presence of the family. Often the excitement of the father to be is neglected and fails to be captured. However, at Oxana Alex Photography studio, we ensure that the couples raw emotions are perfectly captured. 

In this particular shoot, we had our beautiful client on a beach studio. Her light blue dress flowed perfectly with the ocean and her partner just made the shoot even more special. For the mothers who are looking for magical and fairy like maternity photography, we at Oxana Alex Los Angeles studio love experimenting and bringing out photos that would forever bring joy to you when you look at them.





Maternity Photoshoot in Los Angeles.

“A million stories and memories are born with the birth of a child.”

 A women’s world changes when she giver birth; A realm of new experiences and happiness awaits her. Maternity is one of the most beautiful phases in a person’s life and these precious moments need to be captured. It is true that a beautiful snapshot stops a moment from running away and lets us cherish that moment forever. It may not seem like a great idea getting clicked during maternity due to weight gain and change in the bodily structure. It is natural for pregnant women to lose confidence and disregard the idea of a maternity shoot. However, in our experience we have never had a mother regretting a maternity shoot and here are the reasons why:

·      Oxana Alex Photography Studio has great staff and professional photographers. But you may find that in every other studio. So what makes Oxana Alex your Maternity shoot destination is the fact that for us, you are not just our clients, but our family. Making you feel comfortable and confident is our first and foremost priority. 

·      We have never had any client leaving dissatisfied. Our photographers capture every raw and real emotion because that is the whole point of a maternity shoot! We ensure that 10 years from now, when you go back to these photographs, you are able to recall all the beautiful and amazing moments.

·      With over a hundred props, studio backgrounds and costumes, every shoot is different but special and the most important element of our shoots is fun!

Every photo shoot is different and unique and requires different approaches. Our photographers are well versed with fulfilling the demands of our customers to the T. Our maternity shoots can be conducted as solo only mother shoot, family shoots and couple shoots. Our aim is to follow our passion. Our passion is photography. For the photographers at Oxana Alex Photography Studio, clicking your pictures feels like they are shooting our own family’s photographs. Evert shoot and every photograph at Oxana Alex studio are shot with the mentality that each of our clients is our family, our best friend. This is the reason why our photographs turn out so real and ethereal. Your Photographs are as important to us as they are to you. 

Real smiles and laughs are what we are searching for. The photographers know perfectly well that the mothers are not models and can’t pose like professionals, so capturing their candid pictures is what they aim for.  The shoot becomes fun once the mother to be and her family befriends the photographer. A maternity shoot though, requires special attention. Aside from 

In this maternity photo shoot, our client requested three kinds of pictures. In the first one, she was draped in a beautiful blush pink gown that bought out her beauty and innocence. The second one captured pregnancy in its raw and pure form, making our client look like a goddess.  For the third one, she chose a grey drape that clearly highlighted the baby bump. All the three shoots bought out the happiness and innocence of maternity. The shoot ended with these beautiful pictures, leaving our client happy and satisfied. 



Beautiful Maternity photoshoot Los Angeles .

Becoming a mother is perhaps the most magical and beautiful experience and only women who are expecting can understand this. These moments need to be captured so that they can forever be stored and treasured. We at Oxana Alex Photography studio ensure that you get the best maternity photographs that you can hold onto forever. Memories are all that we have from the past and it is very important to latch onto them so that they aren’t forgotten. Photographs play a very important role in keeping these memories intact. Most mothers rarely remember the feelings and emotions that went through them when they were pregnant, but looking at their maternity photographs can bring those moments back. This is the reason why Oxana Alex Photography Studio started Maternity shoots. The happiness and the euphoria on our clients face once the pictures are ready gives us immense satisfaction. Becoming a part of someone’s life, we feel, is the reason for our passion for maternity shoots. 

Most women who are expecting are self-conscious and often don’t feel comfortable or confident enough to get clicked. The stress and lack of confidence in getting clicked also plays a major role in women disregarding maternity photo shoots. For all the mothers to be out there who feel that pregnancy has put a damper on their confidence due to the changes in their body, feel assured that we will send you back comfortable with your skin. That is the power of photography. It is important for any maternity photo shoot that the client enjoys the shoot as much as the photographers. If the client is not happy and comfortable, it is impossible to capture good photographs. 

We offer so may diferent props and dresses to our clients to ensure that they find something they like. If a client wants to get clicked in casuals, we also provide those options. Our studio backgrounds range from historical forests to beautiful flower arrangements.

One of the things that distinguish us from the rest of the Photography studios is the fact that all our clients are treated like family. This makes the maternity shoot easier for both, the mother, as well as the photographer. The one term that can best describe our photographers is friendly. Besides photography, they are professionals in making the photography session fun and easy-going. In the end, we are more excited about the photographs than our clients. We feel that creating this bond is necessary because when you click for someone you know, it becomes effortless and more comfortable. We feel like we are able to become a part of our clients’ life, if only for a short moment. Professionally, this helps in understanding our clients better, which leads to clicking better photographs. 

In this particular shoot, our client chose two backgrounds and 2 dresses. The first was a combination of a historic princess garden with a fallen tree. She chose a tight-fitting, soft, pink gown that highlighted her baby bump. The pictures perfectly described the soft and innocent nature of motherhood. The second picture was a combination of green grassy fields and a tight-fitting red dress. The setting and the dress described the fierce and protective nature of mothers. The two pictures were the perfect complements of each other- one showed her soft side and one showed her fierceness. 




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Maternity photography . Los Angeles.

A mother is born with every child. Maternity Is the most beautiful phase of a women’s life and also the most memorable one. The feeling of life growing inside ones womb is magical in all aspects. However, due to the various changes in body, women lose confidence and don’t get a maternity shoot.  100 out of 100 women regret this decision later. Though not the same looking, a pregnant woman is still beautiful. In fact, the pregnancy glow makes women not only look happy, but also more ethereal.

Our photographers are trained to capture this beautiful glow and candid moments of our clients. The one thing that differentiates Oxana Alex Photography Studio from other studios is that not only do we have professionals who can catch onto any emotion, but that we genuinely enjoy photography. Our passion is making our clients happy and sends them back with memories they will cherish forever. With photo shots that are fun, comfortable and breezy, we have a 100 percent client satisfaction record. A lot of conceptualization goes into clicking pictures and helping our clients pose perfectly. We are well aware that our clients are not models and professionals but normal people who might not know many poses. Keeping this in mind, we ensure that our clients are comfortable and happy with their shoots. 

There is no surprise that pregnancy causes women to lose confidence and gain a lot of stress. Often, a maternity photo shoot is the last thing in their minds. However, Oxana Alex Photography Studio ensures that you feel comfortable and enjoy your shoot as much as we will. Our clients are our family and it is always easy and fun to interact with our family! Getting to know the parents, their journey and their emotions makes the photo shoot stress free and easy to navigate. Often, maternity photoshoots only focus on the mother and not her partner. We at Oxana Alex Photography Studio, also offer couple shoots so that both the clients can share these happy memories. Along with couple shoots, we also offer family photo shoots and sitter baby shoots. 

Moreover, we offer over a hundred props, dressed and studio backgrounds to make sure that you get you’re magical and fairy like photo shoots.  From beautiful gardens to dense forests to sunny beaches, we ensure that your photos come out beautiful.  For this particular photo shoot, our client chose two studio backgrounds. We started with a magical forest with dense trees and green grass. The mother had on a beautiful red gown which was metaphoric for the fierce and protective nature of the client. The second shoot where she had on a beautiful blue gown which bought out her soft and pure nature. Her caring and kind nature could easily be seen in her eyes. Her partner also joined her for a couple of photos, which concluded this beautiful and magical photography session.



Maternity photoshoot Los Angeles.

You become a mother the day you get to know you have conceived. It is the best feeling one goes through. This journey is going to stay in your memory lane for the rest of your life. Maternity is a period where you go through a lot of changes not only physically and mentally but a change in your lifestyle too, it has to be always about the baby first now. Pregnancy is a challenge and a stage of life which you will cherish for the lifetime. Having to carry a baby is a blessing; this blessing that you received from God should be captured and locked in your album. Maternity photography gives you the opportunity to look back in time and relive at that moment whenever you want to.

Maternity photography now days are becoming very common. Every woman dreams of having the best pictures to be captured of her, during this special journey. We at Oxana Alex Photography promise you to give you the best, by providing maternity photo sessions with the finest maternity photographers in Los Angeles. We try to arrest every emotion to let the picture itself say the story behind it. Many mothers from over Los Angeles had loved our click, mostly mother's from Santa Monica and Beverley Hills have believed in us and got the best results.

We understand different people have different thoughts and likings. Few love outdoor shoots and few find indoor comfortable. Keeping that in mind, we provide you with both Indoor shoots and outdoor shoots.  Indoor shoots are conducted in Oxana Alex Photography Los Angeles Studio, with props that would suit your body and background. Outdoor photo sessions are done with the beautiful nature, near the beach, mountains, forest etc.

In the pictures, you can see how beautifully the emotions are captured and focused of the mother. The props are given to her complement her skin color made her look like a diva with her baby bump. The pictures have an artistic approach, the work with the angles, lights, and background shows the experience of the photographer. Just by looking at the picture one can feel the happiness on the face of the mother. 

We at Oxana Alex Photography will make sure that you walk out more confidently. It's just what we can gift you, the best picture that you will cherish for a lifetime. No more wasting time thinking, when you already know where to come to get what you want. Please book Maternity photoshoot with us.


beautiful maternity photoshoot Los Angeles

Oxana black and white

Motherhood is the most beautiful phase in a woman's life and pregnancy is just the beginning. And the beginning is, perhaps, the most beautiful. It is a must to get this beautiful time captured in pictures so that you can cherish them forever. Oxana Alex Photography Studio is one place that can guarantee the best pregnancy pictures. Our photographers are skilled in getting your best shots and really bringing out your pregnancy glow. It often happens that pregnant ladies lose their confidence due to the changes that occur in their body and a maternity shoot may not seem like the best option. However, at Oxana Alex Photography Studio, we ensure that you not only look confident but also feel confident and comfortable.

For us, every client is family. And photo shoots are always better with a family that with strangers. We love to get to know our clients and their story. The connection, we feel, is very important between the client and the photographer. Only through an understanding of what the mother wants and what she feels comfortable in, can a photographer succeed in making the mother happy.

A lot of conceptualization goes into the shoot to get the perfect photograph. From how to capture your expressions to make it fun, we ensure that you are not only satisfied but also very comfortable. Between the stress and the anxiety that mothers to be are feeling, getting a photography session seems hectic. This is the reason why we try to make the session as fun and as comfortable for the mother as it is for our photographers. It is very important that the mothers feel confident about themselves when they are expecting and for this very purpose, we provide customized props, backgrounds and dresses. 

Oxana Alex Photography Studio has over 100 dresses and props made specifically for maternity shoots. Our studio backgrounds provide diversity and various moods to the pictures. We also have shot with no studio backgrounds, if that is what the mother wants.

Recently, we have introduced the ‘Black and White’ photography concept that speaks a lot about pregnant women.  The most common meaning of a black and white photograph is being neutral; however, the metaphor in a pregnancy photo shoot is that the black and white photograph highlights the emotions of the mother. The white denotes the happiness, amazement, and euphoria of giving birth and the black highlights the stress, anxiety, and worry for the unborn child. 

Many women are opting for this particular type of photo shoot because of its simplicity. The photograph is able to speak itself. Here is one of our client's photo shoot. For the first picture, she opted for a black, body fit, mermaid gown that highlighted her baby bump perfectly. The second picture was a nude where she showcased her raw emotions. Her third shoot consisted of loosely wrapping a white, flowing cloth, which made her look like a goddess. We also provide the option of shooting in casuals if that is what the mother-to-be feels confident in.



Beautiful black and white maternity photoshoot. Los Angeles California .

One of the most important phases of a woman’s life, pregnancy is probably the only one where a woman experiences a rollercoaster of emotions. A life changing experience, pregnancy is the closest we can be to magic. These beautiful moments need to be captured for one sole reason- memories. These moments are the memories one cherishes all their lives. What better way to relive them other than by looking back at photos from this time? These beautiful memories, once captured in camera, can be relived over and over again. This is the reason why maternity photo shoot is so important. 

Oxana Alex Photography Studio understands the importance of these moments and the importance of capturing these moments. We are well aware that these pictures are something that a family cherishes forever. This is the sole reason why we try to make sure that all the pictures come out candid, capturing real and raw emotions. The pregnancy glow can be seen clearly in all our maternity pictures. Our photographers also ensure your photography session is fun and stress free. In all our sessions, our clients have as much fun as the photographer, making them both comfortable with each other. This ensures better quality of pictures and an even better quality of friendships made. 

Our aim is not only to click pictures, but to click pictures that show you at your best. Our studio offers over a dozen dresses, ranging from all out ball gowns to mermaid cuts to skin tight robes and dresses that show off you baby bump in all its glory. Our props range from head accessories to prams and beautiful little beds and other furniture for toddler or baby photo shoot. Our backgrounds range from oceans to forests to flower decorations. We offer a variety of shoots other than maternity photo shoot. These include family photo shoots, baby photo shoots, sitter photo shoots and couple photo shoots. 

One of the reasons why our photo shoots are so successful is the fact that we at Oxana Alex Photography Studio consider our clients as our family. For us, your pictures are as important to us as they are to you. Getting to know a client and they story to parenthood is always fascinating and fun. We spend a lot of time to connect with our clients so that we can get to know their preferences, their tastes and their style. This helps in clicking better photographs and getting the most out of the photo shoot. Another benefit is that we are able to communicate with our client better and vice versa.

For this particular photo shoot, our client requested a elegant and classic photo shoot. Following this suggestion, we went all black and white because what is more classy than monotone? Her first shoot consisted of her posing in a simple black outfit, with her baby bump in its full glow. For the second shoot, we had her in a plain black gown that bought out her petite frame and made her look elegant and classy. The shoot was a success, with a happy mother who could not wait to receive the pictures. 



untitled (13746 of 1).jpg

Maternity Photoshoot Los Angeles.

Pregnancy is the time when the mother feels her child inside her growing every single day. The journey where only the mother can feel her little baby, but not to forget the father is equally contributing by staying strong pillar near her love. With every passing day, this journey has a beautiful story to tell. Why losing those moments of joy and happiness and not keeping a stock of it for the lifetime. Life can be hard sometimes but these photographs will surely make your day bright. Maternity photography is a collection of contentment, pleasure, and joy.

We at Oxana Alex Photography help you, to get the best out of you. The pictures taken by our photographers will give you a sense of life even after decades. We provide you with a maternity photography session with the best and experienced maternity photographers. 

If you are living in Los Angeles and want to take the best maternity photographs, you are at the right place of search. We provide the finest photographers in Los Angeles.Mother from Santa Monica and Beverly Hills has given us the best reviews about our work and absolutely loved the portraits. At Oxana Alex, we listen to your proposal if any, so that you can be comfortable and open with us. No fear or discomfort is what needed while photoshoot sessions

We provide both indoor and outdoor shoots. Indoor shoots are mostly taken in Oxana Alex Los Angeles studio with amazing effects and background which will compliment your outfit. With the right angle, perfect backdrop and effects, your picture will be lifelike. Outdoor sessions are more about getting yourself with nature and enjoying the scenic beauty. Outdoor pictures are taken at beaches, forests, hills etc. To make it more beautiful some extra props are used.

In the pictures, you can see how beautifully the red fairytale gown is flowing with nature. Focusing on the mother and the emotions on her face is just what an ideal maternity picture requires. In every picture, we can see the mother touching her belly as if she is feeling the little human inside her and the happiness, joy, peace on her face tells the rest of the story. Different posses with a different expression like sitting on the low branch, standing on the grass, facing the camera and capturing the side face are done to bring variations. With the trees in the background and she standing on the grass with the red flowing dress and the glow on her face, she looks like a fairy telling her fairytale. 



The cutest sitter session in my studio in Los Angeles California

It is important to show your children their childhood and for parents to keep memories of those beautiful moments. Growing years of a child can be the most memorable time for parents. As they see their little human growing, crying, laughing, crawling, walking and falling. As parents, you will always want to capture these instants of your child, so that you can always look back and cherish those days. Photographs help you arrest them and keep them safe in the album.

We understand newborn baby photography may require a lot of effort and time. The innocence of the child should be captured properly in the photographs. We at Oxana Alex photography always provide you with the best lensman. Newborn babies are difficult to handle as their moods are unpredictable and fickle. Our photographer knows how to tackle the hardships playfully and calmly manages to take cute pictures of the babies. We provide you with props which will go with your baby personality to make the pictures more livable.

Oxana Alex is the best in Los Angeles for newborn photography many families have got their result of trusting us. We get works from different regions of Los Angeles including Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, and we are getting many positive reviews. We try to satisfy all our customers by giving our best to them. 

In the photograph, we have tried to bring life to the pictures by adding a few props and bringing in details. The baby girl can be seen wearing a flower tiara and wrapped with white cloth sleeping peacefully. With the background kept white, the face of the baby is eye-catching. You just cannot take your eyes off her. In other pictures, she can be seen wrapped in peach color cloth. With peach color flower tiara sleeping peacefully in the white basket which is again decorated with peach color flowers The background is kept white, and it gives the picture a complete heavenly look with a beautiful angel.

If you are going to have a baby or you already did. Don't waste your time thinking, as this time is never going to come back and childhood is a period which flies like time. Come to best to get the best. We welcome your suggestion and respect them to satisfy our customers.


Gorgeous maternity photoshoot for gorgeous mama to be who came out of State to have a maternity Photoshoot with me.

'Everyday is going to be hard but memorable in its own way. Giving birth to a new member, life is in itself a beautiful feeling. Feelings which cannot be fully expressed by words, but can actually be shown in pictures. Every moment of your life is special but for moments like these, you need to click the best to keep memories alive and relive these time yet again in your thoughts. This moment is special for the couple together as life is going to change for both of them. Your gateway to being a parent should be arrested in an album to cherish it for life.

At Oxana Alex Photography we focus on showing emotions of the couple in the picture. We provide you a portrait showing the best of you by providing you with the  best maternity photo session with our best lensmens. 

We have experienced and the best maternity photographers in Los Angeles. Many mothers from Santa Monica and Beverly Hills have believed in us and has got the result. We have received positive reviews from all, about our work. Oxana Alex provides you with maternity photography session both indoor and outdoor as per the choice of the clients. Indoor sessions are done inside Oxana Alex Los Angeles Studio. We try keeping the background matching with the outfits. To make the picture more lively few props are also provided. Outdoor photo sessions are done near the beach, in the forest, mountains or any other picturesque places.
Even when your child grows up, this album will show him how happy his parents were to welcome him in their family. Which will make him feel more loved.

The photographs above are an outdoor click, the emotions of the mother can be felt. There is a glow in her face which tells you the story behind the photo. With the red mermaid gown and the flower tiara, the mother is looking absolutely stunning like a fairy. The background is mesmerizing. Nature is the best place to take pictures in. The mother is seen touching her belly and already feeling blessed being a mom.

Our photographers try to make you comfortable by taking your suggestions. Being a mother is not easy as your body undergoes many changes during this time and sometimes it can make you under confident but we sure try to make you feel good in your body and show the glow in your face.







Beautiful Maternity session Los Angeles. Maternity Photoshoot.

It is rightly said that out of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother. Pregnancy is the most beautiful and memorable phase of a women’s life. The roller coaster of excitement, nervousness and happiness can be experienced only when life is growing inside you. One of the main concerns of women looking for maternity shoot is that they are no celebrities and they don’t know how to pose. However, we believe that the best kind of maternity photography is one that oozes softness, warmth, and peaceful splendor. It is with great imaginative and creative pleasure that Oxana Alex professionals seek to mastermind the baby bump scrapbook of your dreams. It takes a special eye and vivid imagination to capture all in one shot the maternal splendor of mother, and maybe her spouse and other children alongside her. Our tight and vivid frames bring out the love emphasized amongst the future family. A mother’s pregnancy journey should be filled with smiles, songs, and dance, as this contributes to a healthy body and mind. We believe any good maternity photography should radiate that same kind of sweetness and joy reflected in a resplendent family life. 

Maternity shoots are one of the most beautiful and interactive photo sessions that we hold. The parent’s journey into parenthood, their future plans and their stories are too good to miss. Connecting with our clients makes not only them comfortable with the photographer but also helps the photographer in understanding their emotions and thought process. This helps us in clicking photographs that are not only a visual delight, but also fun to click and connect with. The comfortable, easy to breathe environment is probably what makes us the best in the field.

Our vivid and aesthetic studio backgrounds, over a hundred props and clothes as well as our professional ensure that you get your fairytale shoot perfectly done. We believe that a unique and distinguishing photo shoot for baby bumps and pregnancy journeys should involve some laughter and silliness, emotions that bring out our natural and instinctual joy for that moment. The natural movements exhibited by the mother during her maternal moment will show off a happy personality and an infatuation for her child. Our motto and aim has always been client satisfaction, and ensure that only the best and most real pictures are captured by us. 

For this particular shoot, the mother requested a black and white photo shot with a black back ground. The flowing white gown and her beautiful expression not only gave us photograph goals but also had our client jumping in glee. Her maternal glow and happiness are hard to miss. Her second shoot captured pregnancy in its true and natural essence. Her baby bump looked ethereal and beautiful, just like her. Having her leave satisfied and happy, we enjoyed this particular shoot a lot. Beauty, we believe, is more on the inside that the outside and our client reinforced this belief today.





Beautiful black and white Maternity session Los Angeles

We believe, at Oxana Alex Photography, that the addition of a new born member in the life of a couple is always an extraordinary feeling. For the mother, the changes that she feels in her body and the happiness that she experiences through the course of giving birth to the baby is really special and such precious moments should be captured to keep the feeling of motherhood fresh. We would consider ourselves lucky to deliver your pregnancy photos and be your preferred maternity photographers.   

When a couple is expecting a baby, each passing day during its development is a celebration. The slow yet steady process in the lives of a mother and father to be is filled with both excitement and nervousness. This is one of the many reasons why we also encourage couple photoshoots, helping the mother in enjoying a blissful sense of attachment and togetherness with the father and the developing life in her womb. 

Every photographer under us aims at giving you the best maternity photography experience by capturing a memorable and unique picture in each maternity session. If you check the album of maternity photographs at display, you will understand the depth and detail we provide in each picture. In the first few shots, every beautiful expression of the mother has been effortlessly captured to show how happy and at peace she is. The shot where the mother wears a snowy figure hugging dress makes her look angelic. The next shots with the mother wearing a beautiful flowy gown seems just as if the mother is quintessentially an incarnation of God and rightfully so. All these images have been captured at the Oxana Alex Los Angeles studio.

 We take pictures at not just the studio but also outdoors which you deem to be fit or even at your own residence, considering the security of both the mother and the child first. We try to convert your ideas into reality and create outstanding images for you to experience the brilliance of photographyat Oxana Alex that you will be proud to flaunt. 

 Our team of maternity photographers from Los Angeles can be considered as the finest, and have successfully delivered pristine photographs to happy clients spread over Santa MonicaBeverly Hills and other distinct areas of Los Angeles. We are confident that among all the Los Angeles maternity photographs doing the rounds, ours will be the most uncommon and stunning. 


untitled (12399 of 1)-3.jpg
untitled (12476 of 1).jpg

Beautiful maternity session on the beach of Santa Monica. Los Angeles. California.

It is rightly said that you will never understand life till it grows inside you. A gift from the heaven, pregnancy is the closest we can be to magic. This beautiful moment needs to be captured. Maternity photographers at Oxana Alex Photography studio understand this. It is very easy for mothers to be to feel uncomfortable and less confident when they are expecting, which often makes them question photo shoots. However, we at Oxana Alex studio ensure that the mothers not only look, but also feel beautiful and confident. 

Not only studio backgrounds, but we also offer a variety of dresses and props that increase the prestige of the photo shoot. Since every expecting mother is different, we ensure that their distinct personalities are captured. One of the most important aspects of every maternity shoot is to communicate with the mothers to be. Knowing about their journey and knowing them plays a very important factor in making a good photo shoot. We treat every mother to be that comes to us as our best friend because after all, what is better than getting clicked by someone you feel at ease with. 

The connection between the photographer and the mother is probably the most important aspect of any shoot. We at Oxana Alex Photography ensure to establish not only a good connection, but to also make new friends. To us, every maternity shoot is as important as if it was one of our own. Making the mother comfortable and excited is another one of our qualities that work for the amazing pregnancy photographs. Most of the times, the photographers are more excited than the mother to be, making them give their best.

What makes a maternity photography more significant and magical is the presence of the family. Often the excitement of the father to be is neglected and fails to be captured. However, at Oxana Alex Photography studio, we ensure that the couples raw emotions are perfectly captured. 

For this shoot, we choose a beautiful, blowy yellow gown that, according to the mother to be, was extremely comfortable. Shot in a Forest background, the photo shoot enables us to capture this magic of nature, in nature. The fathers’ presence in the photography made it even more important and significant. For the next photo, we chose a beautiful white lace gown with a slit. The purpose behind this outfit was to bring out the mothers gentleness and her happiness. The Flower crown added to her innocence. We also chose a mermaid blue gown along with a tree setting. The metaphor behind this photo, growth of life, made the photograph even more important and interesting. 

Beach maternity photo shoots are another famous and most sought after sessions. The sea breeze, ocean water and beautiful chiffon gowns make these moments magical. Especially when the cape behind the gown blows with the wind, it gives the perfect Angel look. The presence of the father makes this shoot even more enchanting. 

So if you are a mother to be, looking for a maternity shoot, Oxana Alex Photography is the perfect place!


untitled (12721 of 1)-2.jpg

Family photoshoot Los Angeles California

Life is a long journey which starts and ends in two different corners of a pole. During this journey, we make a small family for ourselves. In this big universe, a small little world of your own where you look forward in coming back. We all like taking pictures for keeping memories. Why not click pictures with people who are most important in our life. A happy family is the most precious gift from God. If you have one, why not just have some moments trapped every year to have a story to remember? Time and the age will never come back, arrest those golden memories in your family album so that even your children get to see how they grew up and how their parents were holding them. 

We at Oxana Alex Photography provide you the best family photographer in Los Angeles. Photographer here will give you their time to provide you with the best. We understand family photography may take time as it includes children. Our main concern is about, catching the emotions and the love bond between every member in the picture. 

Family photoshoot in Oxana Alex is done both indoor and outdoor according to the preference. Few props are given fitting your theme and shoot place. Photographers at Oxana welcome your suggestion as they know your picture must have all you want. The background is kept matching with the costume. The scenic beauty in case of an outdoor shoot is mesmerizing. Many families from all over Los Angeles have believed in us and now are delighted with their decision.

In the picture below the family members are looking elegant and classy wearing a simple yet sophisticated costume. The effortless happiness in the face and the bond between all of them is what makes the photographs come into life. 

The male members of the family are wearing jeans and shirt in the first shoot and suit in the next making them look like gentlemen. The female members include two daughters and the mother are wearing a simple and contrasting dress. 

The background is kept keeping in mind the color of the costumes. White window pane and white wall are looking smart, sophisticated and elegant. 

Looking at the pictures you must have already known where to come for the best family photoshoot in Los Angeles. What are you waiting for, have the best family photographs taken with the best lensman.


Family Photography Los Angeles

Family Photography Los Angeles

Family Photographer Los Angeles

Family Photographer Los Angeles

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Family photos

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Family Photos Ideas


Family Photography. Los Angeles California.

Photographs are escapes through which one travels in time and relives the joys of the days gone by. The lovely memories of two people coming together to make a family as well as the fun filled stages of the growth of the little member of the family should be arrested by the magic of family photography. Being able to cherish the times spent with your family whenever you want will be truly joyful as the days pass by and you grow old. 

At Oxana Alex Photography we make sure that these memories are captured to perfection and every raw emotion of each individual family member stands out. You can choose the ideal location for your photo shoot and describe the manner in which you want the family photos to be taken or you can just leave the duty on our family photographers according to your convenience.  Our team of professional photographers is among the best in Los Angeles who give their best efforts and time in developing the perfect photo album for your family. Making an adult work for the camera is easier as compared to children who need their own time to adjust with the process of a photo shoot. Getting the right shot with the emotions intact of the little members of the family is difficult which is why our photographers are extremely patient and try to make the photo session fun for them. 

The pictures given below are instances of how perfect your next photo album can become. The different natural backdrops sit perfectly with the outfits chosen and the family seems at ease with the camera. The frame where the mother is sharing a happy moment with her baby sitting on the branch of a tree wearing a flowy blue mermaid gown with a beautiful background looks breathtaking. The family photos with Christmas theme has been perfectly shot with every prop bringing out the festive spirit. The baby looks happy and relaxed in every shot even when he is not looking at the camera.

The key to get the perfect family photo album lies in your hands and choosing Oxana Alex Photography will surely unlock the best. The family photographers here put originality and the effortlessness in every picture they take and give you results that would make you want to flaunt the album and share it with everybody around you. So if you are looking for the finest family photographers in Los Angeles, your search is over. 


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Maternity photoshoot. Los Angeles Studio.

With every baby, a mother too, is born. Becoming a mother is probably the most euphoric and the most frightening experience, together. It’s the start of a new chapter and before the baby is born, the excitement, anxiousness and euphoria on the mother-to-be face needs to be captured. These moments are as precious as the little one that is growing in the mother’s womb. At Oxana Alex photography studio, we aim not only to capture these emotions, but to also show them in the most breath taking way possible. 

Our favorite aspect of maternity photo shoots is to know all about the parent’s journey into parenthood. This helps our photographers to understand the parents more, which in turn helps us in capturing your beautiful emotions. Our props add to enriching this experience. With beautiful dress gowns to nature inspired studios, we ensure that nothing goes wrong and you have the best experience. Your photographs are as important to us as they are to you. So if you are going to be a mother soon, and are looking for maternity photographers, we can ensure you that Oxana Alex photography studio is the place. 

Aside from patience, a lot of conceptualization goes into the shoot. From how to capture your expressions to making it fun, we ensure that you are not only satisfied but also very comfortable. Between the stress and the anxiety that mothers to be are feeling, getting a photography session seems hectic. This is the reason why we try to make the session as fun and as comfortable for the mother as it is for our photographers. It is very important that the mothers feel confident about themselves when they are expecting and for this very purpose, we provide customized props, backgrounds and dresses. 

For capturing a mother’s emotions, it is important to understand what they feel and that is the reason why Our Maternity Photography perfect for your clicking your Pregnancy Photos. Maternity photographers at our studio ensure that we capture every bit of your pregnancy glow in out Maternity Sessions. Mothers to be inspire us because carrying a life is magical in all aspects and this inspiration enables us to give you the best maternity photo shoot of your life. We also provide maternity shoots with family and your other half. Capturing these moments with your significant other can make them even more beautiful and magical. A fun photo shoot is what you can expect out of us and your Stunning pictures are guaranteed.  

For any photographer, capturing real, raw emotions is the most important and also the toughest. Posy photos are good, but candid pictures are the best. For this very shoot, we chose a nature inspired background with a soft white lace dress in which she looks nothing less than a goddess and which helps in bringing out the mothers happiness. The second shoot was the opposite of the first one. While the first one captured her gentleness, the second one was aimed at capturing her fierceness. With a red mermaid dress and the contrasting flower gate, we captured her tough yet gentle nature. After all, a mother is fierce and gentle in every aspect. 



maternity Photoshoot

maternity Photoshoot

maternity Photoshoot ideas

maternity Photoshoot ideas

Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography Los Angeles

Maternity Photography Los Angeles

Maternity Photography Santa Monica

Maternity Photography Santa Monica

Maternity Photographer

Maternity Photographer

Maternity Photos

Maternity Photos

8 month old baby girl in my studio. Los Angeles .

One of the most beautiful times in the lives of young parents is seeing their child grow in front of their eyes. The child’s iridescent smile, the sparkle in the eyes, the cute innocence of blossoming from a bud to a flower is special not just for the parents but for the family that can be cherished for times to come. The best way to store such moments is by capturing it via the sitter baby photography. In a stage where the baby can sit on their own, it becomes easy to use a number of props and quintessentially snap gorgeous pictures that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Experience an enjoyable photoshoot that brings out unmatched photos in all of Los Angeles. The sitter baby photos of Oxana Alex Photography are considered one of the best and are taken keeping in mind the comfort and time that needs to be given to the babies. The photographs of the baby are captured by professional baby photographers who understand that making a baby pose for the camera is not a child’s play. So they give their time and a hundred percent of their efforts in making sure that the baby is smiling and having a fun time while also capturing the most adorable baby pictures for your album. 

The displayed images are of a sitter baby photography session at Oxana Alex Photography Studio. The baby photoshoot seems effortless as the child is in comfortable clothing and in a pleasant environment. The black and white theme is flawlessly depicted and color coordinated with the outfit and the prop. Even when the baby is not looking at the camera, the photographer manages to take a stunning photo. Doubtlessly, among all the Los Angeles baby photographers, we have the best of the lot. Their passion for photography and love for babies can be easily understood by the remarkable shots.

Whether you want just an ordinary photoshoot or breathtaking captures for your little one is just a matter of selection now. Give your baby the best photoshoot and essentially so if you reside in Los AngelesSanta Monica or Beverly Hills. It is guaranteed that the creativity and perfection put into each individual picture will turn out to be remarkable and leave you thoroughly contented. So if looking for the best sitter baby photography is the problem for you, Oxana Alex is the best solution.


Fine art baby photography

Fine art baby photography

Los Angeles Baby Photography

Los Angeles Baby Photography

Bedst baby Photography Los Angeles

Bedst baby Photography Los Angeles

Baby photo session

Baby photo session

Baby Photoshoot Los Angeles

Baby Photoshoot Los Angeles

Santa Monica Baby Photography

Santa Monica Baby Photography

Family Photography. Los Angeles.

In order to cherish the lovely memories of having a family, creating a stunning photo album becomes important. Every special memory that each family member of the home holds in their minds is a beautiful capture in itself. But in order to bring some of these memories out and make them last for times to come is through the magic of Family photography.

Every member of a family is unique and bringing them together in one frame to get the perfect shot is not an easy job.

At Oxana Alex Photography, every photographer puts in their best efforts to bring out pictures that are not just unusual but also showcase a feeling of togetherness among the members of the family. Even the most intricate details are taken care of and the results you get are nothing short of extraordinary.

The family photoshoot is done keeping in mind that every individual member of the family need their own time to adjust with the camera and that they are comfortable with it.

The theme and background are selected according to your preferences with matching outfits that are just perfect for the photoshoot.

The family photographs turn out just the way you want it and with added intricacies for that unique touch in every picture.

We are the  best family photography in Los Angeles to make your dream of the perfect family photo album come to life.

The family photos are given below express feeling of togetherness between each member as they effortlessly smile in front of the camera.

The natural backdrop with the sun's light beaming in looks spectacular and it seems as if the family has been blessed by mother nature herself.

The male members of the family have been dressed in suits and even the smallest member of the family looks like a gentleman. The mother daughter duo is dressed in easy dresses that are in perfect contrast with the background.

The family photographers at Oxana Alex Photography have put in their hardest efforts to make them look effortless and they seem comfortable with the camera. Handling the young members of a family to get their emotions out for a particular shoot is really tough and to make them look into the camera and be at ease with it is where Oxana Alex photographers stand as the clear winners.

So the next time you and your family want to get their shoot right with the best pictures all around Los Angeles, you know where to head.

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Fairy tale inspired maternity session

Your photo album carries memories that are precious to you. Perhaps the photo album will be incomplete without a picture of the mother with her baby inside. Maternity Photography is like storing the most important moment with you. Being a mother can at times be sensitive as there are a lot of changes in the body, and a mother may feel a little under confident in her skin. Here comes the power of quality photography. An experienced maternity photographer can take your best pictures with your glowing face and can motivate and make you confident enough to walk happily ahead from the studio. 

At Oxana Alex Photography, we promise to give what you imagined. You receive a gift from heaven, and you deserve the best picture taken with the gift. We provide you with the best maternity photographer conduct a photo shoot maternity session. Your gateway to parenthood should be arrested and kept safe for you to cherish for a lifetime. We feel lucky to give you a small present from our side, by clicking the most astonishing portraits of motherhood. 

In the future, your child may feel special by seeing how happy his parents were to welcome him. This may give him happiness and joy for a lifetime. Pregnancy is not just a vulnerable time for a mother or baby it is equally vulnerable for a father. We not only focus on taking pictures of the mother but also to show the strong bond between the couple and their little unborn baby. 

We do the best maternity photography in Los Angeles as per the reviews which were given to us. Mothers from many places of Los Angeles including Santa Monica and Beverly Hills have done a maternity session with us and had totally loved the pictures. We not only look at your comfort zone but also help you feel relaxed and pose in front of the camera. Our best maternity photographers in Los Angeles will make sure to showcase your emotions and happiness in the picture. 

From the picture, you can see the detailing and the experienced hand behind it. With a black body-hugging gown, there is a grey background which looks absolutely stunning. With white body-hugging gown, white background looks classy and gives a sense of peace. In the pictures, we can see the mother touching her belly as if she is feeling her baby inside her growing and the calm in her face is matchless. We can also see a shadow picture of the couple, where the father is touching mothers belly and showing his love towards the wonderful journey.   


the most beautiful mother to be

the most beautiful mother to be



stunning mama to be

stunning mama to be

maternity phottoshoot

maternity phottoshoot

Pregnancy Photoshoot

Pregnancy Photoshoot

the cutest newborn baby photosession.

Childhood is a period which gets over with a blink of an eye. Time just runs away and we grow up. To keep a memory of childhoods innocent face every person must keep some amazing pictures of their children arrested in the album.

If you are planning for your Newborn  baby's photo shoot session why going to anybody and not to the best. Taking pictures with a child is difficult as they will not understand any command or your direction. One would surely require somebody who knows to tackle with these petty issues and take the best innocent and cute pictures even in the difficult situations. Newborn babies are difficult to handle as their moods are unpredictable, even in that situation the photographer will try to take great pictures and will succeed. We at Oxana Alex Photography, provide you some experienced newborn baby photographers who can actually take the best shots of your baby with some beautiful prop which will go with your babies’ personality.Baby photographers should be patient, calm and playful as they are dealing with infants and toddlers. 

We are Los Angeles based baby photography. Many parents from all over Los Angeles have trusted us to get their children's best photographs. Mothers from Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Beverley hills have given us positive reviews. Baby photography sessions are done in Oxana Alex Photography Los Angeles studio which is an indoor photo shoot session. We provide Newborn babies some cute outfits and decorated props which will put more effects on your child's happiness. Still, baby pictures need more effort as more pictures have to be taken without getting tired to capture the best emotion and laugh of the baby.

In the photographs, we can see the innocent little girl wearing a flower headset and sitting in the wooden, green colored designed with flower basket. And decorated with roses it looks like the girl is an angel. The perfect happiness with that smile is captured flawlessly and will surely increase the value of your album.

Newborn Baby photography is no matter what very important to keep records of your babies growing age and look back in time and cherish the moment. Not only for the parents but also the child may love to see his/her childhood pictures when he grows up. Why waste your time searching for average when you already know the best.