Family photoshoot Los Angeles California

Life is a long journey which starts and ends in two different corners of a pole. During this journey, we make a small family for ourselves. In this big universe, a small little world of your own where you look forward in coming back. We all like taking pictures for keeping memories. Why not click pictures with people who are most important in our life. A happy family is the most precious gift from God. If you have one, why not just have some moments trapped every year to have a story to remember? Time and the age will never come back, arrest those golden memories in your family album so that even your children get to see how they grew up and how their parents were holding them. 

We at Oxana Alex Photography provide you the best family photographer in Los Angeles. Photographer here will give you their time to provide you with the best. We understand family photography may take time as it includes children. Our main concern is about, catching the emotions and the love bond between every member in the picture. 

Family photoshoot in Oxana Alex is done both indoor and outdoor according to the preference. Few props are given fitting your theme and shoot place. Photographers at Oxana welcome your suggestion as they know your picture must have all you want. The background is kept matching with the costume. The scenic beauty in case of an outdoor shoot is mesmerizing. Many families from all over Los Angeles have believed in us and now are delighted with their decision.

In the picture below the family members are looking elegant and classy wearing a simple yet sophisticated costume. The effortless happiness in the face and the bond between all of them is what makes the photographs come into life. 

The male members of the family are wearing jeans and shirt in the first shoot and suit in the next making them look like gentlemen. The female members include two daughters and the mother are wearing a simple and contrasting dress. 

The background is kept keeping in mind the color of the costumes. White window pane and white wall are looking smart, sophisticated and elegant. 

Looking at the pictures you must have already known where to come for the best family photoshoot in Los Angeles. What are you waiting for, have the best family photographs taken with the best lensman.


Family Photography Los Angeles

Family Photography Los Angeles

Family Photographer Los Angeles

Family Photographer Los Angeles

Family  photos

Family photos

Family Photography

Family Photography

Family Photos Ideas

Family Photos Ideas


Los Angeles Maternity photography maternity

MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHY:          A Journey Through The Memories


Introduction & History

Everybody wants to capture the precious moments of their life through clicks & pics. Whether its marraigeor the birthday of the spouse, we never forget to click a photo.Similarly, pregnancy is not an exception nowadays. In recent times, maternity photography is in vogue. Not only celebrity like Shakira, Boyence or SerenaWilliams is a fanof this, but also a hugenumber of common women are preserving their maternity moment through this. Actually,photography of the maternity session recreates exactly the same moment years after as well as boasts the worthiness of our reminiscence by taking us back in the time. 

Well, this fashion was introduced in 1991, when Demi Morre clicked her nude pregnancy cover for Vanity Fair. It produced the filling of highness that pregnancy is not a thing to hidebut to celebrate with glory.


Purposes & Repercussions

Mostly the purpose of this photography is to capture the body during pregnancy, the weight, the look and several other minor mentions.

When it wasasked to a bunch ofelderly women that

….. What they think about Maternity photo shoot?

-we were amazed to find that they were really excited about this new trend in commons. They are pleased with the fact that women nowadays are not assuming their increased weight and shape as a problem. Instead,they are happily want to preserve their look during their pregnancy in a manual reminiscence frame. 

There are myriads of reasons to go for a photo shoot of this kind. The most relevant and notable one is that in the future years you won’t regret …” whyI have not collected the picture during the pregnancy?

In the below segment we are going to discuss why photo shoot during pregnancy is exciting as well as important. These pregnancy photos would be something to cherish at the old age.



A photo shootduring pregnancy: How thrilling it is?

Mostly, women during pregnancy thinkthat they are looking terrible because of their increased weight and shape, but do you ever think that how generous you are to bring a new life tothe earth. Pregnancy is the overwhelming, amazing and most glamorous thing that can happen to women. Most importantly, women feel uncomfortable of the bulging belly during pregnancy which is awful but actually,it is beautifully curved.

The maternity photographer plays a vitalrole in this photo shoot as she is responsible for making you elegant, gorgeous and even more glorified. So that when you see the photograph of your pregnancy, a kind reminiscence will make you admire yourself. 


Once in a lifetimeopportunity

If someone is not getting their pregnancy photographed, they are losing the opportunity to capture memories of their pregnancy. Even if you are not interested in photography, then also you can go for this, at least for your young ones. Years later, when the kids will be grown up and they would visualize these pictures of your pregnancy, they will be amazedto see how they were growing in the belly of her/ his mumma.


Prepare yourself for the photo-shoot

Maternity photo shoot is full of fun and laughs. Unlike an everyday photographer or a novice, maternity photographers come with a lot of exciting creative pose. You should prepare your homework, for example,trail the dress or check out which apparel are in the trend. You can definitely develop your own idea by mixing yours with the photographer’s idea, it will be uniquely fascinating. 


Renowned Maternity Photographers

There a lot of people out in the market who proclaims themselves as a maternity photographer. But only a handful are actually skilled to capture your maternity session.  Oxana Alex photography isa rearfound gem. She herself is a mother, an artspecialist as well as an expert & a highly skilled maternity photographer.

Her studio inLos Angles knewas Oxana Alex Loss Angles Studio. It possessesall the necessary technologies, equipment, andskilled staff to capture your maternity perfectly. So, if you are in Los Angles, try to frame your pregnancy with this special edition Loss Angles maternity photos from her.





Hence, Maternity photography is not only the fashion symbol of young pregnant ladiesbut also an incredible memory of the pregnancy time. It boaststhe love and respect between couples, in short,catalyzesa strongerbond between the couple. Well, this is not only an exciting thing for women; Men also take part because the new life which is growing in the belly of a woman is the symbol of their love. Hence, men are always been excited aboutthis kind of amazing photography.  

maternity gown for a maternity photoshoot

maternity gown for a maternity photoshoot

Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography

Pregnancy Photography

Pregnancy Photography

Maternity Session

Maternity Session

Maternity Photoshoot ideas

Maternity Photoshoot ideas

Maternity photo session in progress

Maternity photo session in progress

secret garden. Beautiful Maternity Session.

secret garden. Beautiful Maternity Session.

untitled (8917 of 1).jpg
untitled (8919 of 4).jpg
untitled (8921 of 4).jpg
untitled (8927 of 1).jpg
untitled (8928 of 1).jpg

The cutest baby in my studio today. Los Angeles California.


As a Los Angeles based photographer, we here at Oxana Alex get to photograph babies of many different backgrounds. Very indicative of the city we live in, LA is a melting pot of colors, heritages, and cultures. Indeed, for us, the diversity we see and experience in our everyday lives is one of the very many pleasures of living in, or around Los Angeles. 


As a team of photographers and production assistants who hail from mixed parentage, yet still born and raised in Los Angeles, we re proud to be able to photograph every beautiful child that comes our way, and we meet so many parents who are from so many different backgrounds eager to take the aesthetic plunge. As Southern Californians and urban dwellers, we can be exposed to so much variety in culture, language, cuisine, religious faith, festivals, and so on, just in our everyday lives. 


It is important for parents of newborns to take some time out to appreciate where they are right now and what this moment means to them.  Los Angeles is undoubtedly one of the most cosmopolitan, multicultural cities in the world, and our work attempts to capture this larger-than-life energy. 


However, as much as we love to experience different cultures and foreign places, we here at Oxana Alex love our hometown. Our team of expert photographers come from all reaches of the globe, from San Francisco to Egypt, Chicago and New York. This kaleidoscopic geographical range equips us with perspectives and artistic styles not available to natives who only grew up in one area.


For all of this, we want to say loudly and proudly that our newborn photography boutique is grateful to be able to service our lovely hometown of Southern California, and we wish to continue giving parents the best nostalgic memories of their early child rearing years. We are also grateful that we have the liberty to craft ever more amazing memories for families every single day.

DSC4220 copy.jpg

Maternity /Family session in a beautiful location of santa Monica California.

Please take a look at some sneak peack of this expecting family photoshoot. 


You are the one who brought me along,
You are the one who sang me that song.
You are the one who taught me all there was to learn.
You are the one who helped me not to burn.
You are the one who taught me to love,
You are the one who's sent from above. 
You are the one who loves me so dear,
You are the one who was there for every tear.
You are the one who never left my side,
You are the one who kept me alive.
You are the one who cared for me each day,
You are the one who showed me God and how to pray.
You prayed that every day would be a joyous day,
And asked God to come into your heart and stay
I can't believe how much and how fast I have grown,
But I know I can always rely on you when I feel alone.
I Love You Mom!!!

Dedicated to Mary DeVincentz.


Los Angeles Maternity Photography

Los Angeles Maternity Photography

Los Angeles Maternity Photographer 

Los Angeles Maternity Photographer 

Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Sunset

Maternity session for a beautiful morher to be. We decided todo her maternity session in a beautiful Temescal canyon park CA. Look at this beautiful shots, is it she gorgeous?

Oxana Alex photography is Los Angeles fine art maternity and  newborn baby photographer 


 Kayla E. Teeter


you've always given me
the best that love could give
and we've always lived together
the best that we could live
you've always been there for me
whenever I was in need
you planted me in your heart
the way a planter plants a seed
you showed me how to be the lady
I am today
you are my role model
in each and every way
you're the one I've looked up to
since I was really small
I know you'll catch me
if ever I should fall
'cause you're my mom and I love you so
we will be together
for the rest of our lives
and I will keep on searching
'til the right man arrives
I know I can trust you
you're the one I can confide in
I can always tell you
when I've made a sin
years will keep on passing
only one at a time
it'll be alright
'cause mom I know you're mine
you're the one I've looked up to
since I was really small
I know you'll catch me
if ever I should fall
'cause you're my mom
and I love you so




Los Angeles Premier Maternity and Baby  Photographe 


maternity session


maternity photographer


fine art maternity photography


Santa Monica


los angeles


Oxana Alex photography is Los Angeles fine art maternity and newborn baby photographer 

Oxana Alex photography is Los Angeles fine art newborn baby photographer 

Los angeles fine art child photography. Zoya became my muse and inspiration, such a beautiful soul and pure innocence. I could not have enough of photographing her

Dress up session for a little beauty.  Oxana Alex photography is Los Angeles fine art  baby and child photographer 

 Pam Orme


Life is full of Happiness, Sadness and Trust
This is why it is important for us
To share and to give and show lots of love
So you can grow up and know the above
You will learn to give and know not to take
For kindness and sharing is what friends make
You need to learn charity not debt,
To be confident, strong and independent
So that when you grow up and move to the city
You will not give in, just out of pity
You've made my job easy, but sometimes it's rough
I hope in my heart, that I've taught you enough
When I've accomplished my primary goal
You girls will know not to judge a soul
You will know wrong from right
I won't have to hold tight
And when all is done, all I can hope you will say is: 
"I'm glad Momma that you showed us the way".



Oxana Alex photography is Los Angeles fine art child photographe