Maternity photoshoot in our West Los Angeles Studio

We believe, at Oxana Alex Photography, that the addition of a new born member in the life of a couple is always an extraordinary feeling. For the mother, the changes that she feels in her body and the happiness that she experiences through the course of giving birth to the baby is really special and such precious moments should be captured to keep the feeling of motherhood fresh. We would consider ourselves lucky to deliver your pregnancy photos and be your preferred maternity photography.   

When a couple is expecting a baby, each passing day during its development is a celebration. The slow yet steady process in the lives of a mother and father to be is filled with both excitement and nervousness. This is one of the many reasons why we also encourage couple photoshoots, helping the mother in enjoying a blissful sense of attachment and togetherness with the father and the developing life in her womb. 

Every  photographer under us aims at giving you the best maternity photography experience by capturing a memorable and unique picture in each maternity session and maternity photoshoot . If you check the album of maternity photographs at display, you will understand the depth and detail we provide in each picture. In the first few shots, every beautiful expression of the mother has been effortlessly captured to show how happy and at peace she is. The shot where the mother wears a snowy figure hugging dress makes her look angelic. The next shots with the mother wearing a beautiful flowy gown seems just as if the mother is quintessentially an incarnation of God and rightfully so. All these images have been captured at the Oxana Alex Photography Los Angeles studio.

 We take pictures at not just the studio but also outdoors which you deem to be fit or even at your own residence, considering the security of both the mother and the child first. We try to convert your ideas into reality and create outstanding images for you to experience the brilliance Oxana Alex that you will be proud to flaunt. 

 Our team of maternity photographer from Los Angeles can be considered as the finest, and have successfully delivered pristine photographs to happy clients spread over Santa MonicaBeverly Hills and other distinct areas of Los Angeles. We are confident that among all the Los Angeles maternity photographers  doing the rounds, ours will be the most uncommon and stunning. 


Maternity photos ideas

Maternity photos ideas

Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot

Pregnancy photoshoot

Pregnancy photoshoot

Pregnancy announsment

Pregnancy announsment

Maternity photography

Maternity photography

Fine Art Maternity Photography

Fine Art Maternity Photography

Maternity photoshoot

Maternity photoshoot

Maternity session

Maternity session

the cutest newborn baby photosession.

Childhood is a period which gets over with a blink of an eye. Time just runs away and we grow up. To keep a memory of childhoods innocent face every person must keep some amazing pictures of their children arrested in the album.

If you are planning for your Newborn  baby's photo shoot session why going to anybody and not to the best. Taking pictures with a child is difficult as they will not understand any command or your direction. One would surely require somebody who knows to tackle with these petty issues and take the best innocent and cute pictures even in the difficult situations. Newborn babies are difficult to handle as their moods are unpredictable, even in that situation the photographer will try to take great pictures and will succeed. We at Oxana Alex Photography, provide you some experienced newborn baby photographers who can actually take the best shots of your baby with some beautiful prop which will go with your babies’ personality.Baby photographers should be patient, calm and playful as they are dealing with infants and toddlers. 

We are Los Angeles based baby photography. Many parents from all over Los Angeles have trusted us to get their children's best photographs. Mothers from Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Beverley hills have given us positive reviews. Baby photography sessions are done in Oxana Alex Photography Los Angeles studio which is an indoor photo shoot session. We provide Newborn babies some cute outfits and decorated props which will put more effects on your child's happiness. Still, baby pictures need more effort as more pictures have to be taken without getting tired to capture the best emotion and laugh of the baby.

In the photographs, we can see the innocent little girl wearing a flower headset and sitting in the wooden, green colored designed with flower basket. And decorated with roses it looks like the girl is an angel. The perfect happiness with that smile is captured flawlessly and will surely increase the value of your album.

Newborn Baby photography is no matter what very important to keep records of your babies growing age and look back in time and cherish the moment. Not only for the parents but also the child may love to see his/her childhood pictures when he grows up. Why waste your time searching for average when you already know the best.


Maternity Photoshoot in my studio in Los Angeles.

Motherhood is a divine feeling, which should be captured.  The most precious moment of your life needs to be cherished for a lifetime. Maternity photographywill let you live those days in your memory many a time. We all take pictures in every occasion, then why leave the most important event of your life. From being pregnant to giving birth to a little human, is an expedition not only for mother but for the couple together. 

Maternity photographer should take care of the angles, light, focus, and other small details to give the portrait life. We at Oxana Alex Photography know how important these moments are for you. We have the best Maternity photographerin Los Angeles, helping you get the best shot. 

Maternity Photographyneeds to have emotions attached to the story. For bringing your best, it is much needed to make sure one feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. Photographers here will listen to your suggestions and take any proposal coming from the couple’s side. They will make sure the story behind the photograph is well understood with all the emotions. Pregnancy photography needs to have a simplistic approach. We keep it simple by focusing on the mother or the couple waiting for the arrival of the child. 

We have photographed many mothers from Santa Monicaand Beverly Hillsthey believe in us, to be the best maternity photographer in Los Angeles.  Our pictures will arrest your happiness and your best features to make you feel good about yourself. To have the best gift of your maternity period, do not forget to take pictures at Oxana Alex Photography, as we give what you want. 

Our maternity photography in Los Angelesis known for both indoor and outdoor shoot. Both indoorand outdoor shoot is done with amazing effects, angles, and background to give an artistic view to the image. Indoor shoots are mostly done in Oxana Alex Los Angeles studio, with light effects and unique background. If you are willing for an indoor maternity photography session visit our studio for best outcomes. For outdoor shoot we choose a nice spot having a touch of nature and beauty which will put more moons to your photo. 

If you are looking at pictures you can see how beautifully the pictures are taken just the mother showing love to her unborn child. Wearing a white long tail dress, and flaunting it with her peaceful face. The picture is all about a mother feeling the presence of her child by touching her belly. With the white background and white dress, everything looks classy and eye catchy. 

Every picture taken by us has a different angle of showing motherhood, and this amazing journey.


Fina Art Maternity Photography

Fina Art Maternity Photography

Maternity Session

Maternity Session

Maternity Photographer Los Angeles

Maternity Photographer Los Angeles

Maternity Photoshoot Los Angeles

Maternity Photoshoot Los Angeles

Pregnancy Photoshoot

Pregnancy Photoshoot

Pregnancy session

Pregnancy session

Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot

Beautiful Maternity Session

Beautiful Maternity Session

Maternity Session Santa Monica

Maternity Session Santa Monica

7 month old baby at Oxana Alex Studio in West Los Angeles


Parents are always excited for their young one and want to store the childhood memory of their kid. Every day they see some growth in their child which is always very amusing. Somedaythey found that their little one is sitting or he is crawling on the floor or even start walking, all these are very precious for the parents. Parents track every small change in the activity of their child and want to keep all the memory related to their child. There is a fashion in the modern parents to capture the unforgettable and unique activity of their child through photography. Hence in this segment, we are going to discuss the perfect photography age of an infant.


Ages do matter

If we talk about one of the perfect age of photo shoot for babies, then it would be sitter age where they can’t crawl but they provide some lovable poses.Although, any time is perfect for photography for children the age of 6 to 10 is perfect because in this stage baby can sit by their own and babies of this decade are so intelligentwhen it comes to givingpose for their photo session. In baby photography, the photographerneeds to take care of the little child, for example how he should click a unique picture which does not affect the baby anyway. Well, many photographers thinkthat baby photo shoot would be more successful when baby starts sitting on his own. In this way, you can capture the photograph of your little baby. This would definitely allow you to have a hassle-free session.


Importance of Baby Photography

There are many benefits of sitter baby photography which should be discussed in this segment.In terms of comfort and continent, sitter baby photography is better than the rest because atthis age your baby is small as well as they can give you a perfect shot for your photo shoot. At this age, babies learn to sit properly & securely on their own strength. 

If we talk about the newbornbaby, then the timing of the sessionneedsto be short because most of the time newbornbaby needs medication or sleep. That mean photographer will have to fix a time according to the child. Sitter baby hasapparently more tolerance of strangers, as they can innocently beattachedto everyone including the photographer. On the other hand, newborn children are so sensitive and choosy, if he likes the person he will spend the time with them otherwise it defaultsto shoot pictureif you don’t want photos of your baby crying and screaming.


Effect of Baby Photography on society & family

Children’s are the mostprecious thing to the parents and they want to give all the happiness of the world to their young one. Now a day parents are taking care of all the activity of their newbornbaby. The trends have also catalyzed the sense of pride and many celebrities spend their time and wealth in a photoshootfor their newbornbabies. These fashiontrends are like a vanity show where the babywill be treated as a Diva. We all know that if you want to recall your childhood or any other stage of your life, photography is the only way to be connected to with your past. Through photo one can remember their specific height, weight and many more. When it’s come to the babypictures, it attracts not parents but family members, relatives & a lot of people from the society.



Capturing picturesof the daily life moments is in fashion today. So, when a new a baby joins the family, it’s too included in that. It is not only persuaded by the famous people for their children but also common people thinkto have a memory in a photo album. It is also an amusement for the adult to see himself as a baby in ababyphoto album. Most importantly, sitter baby photos are the cutest because the child is an almostnewborn baby, so their innocence and cuteness are high and give optimum happiness when someone goes through the album it would make him/her recreate that moment of ultimate joy & happiness that happened years back.




untitled (9695 of 6).jpg
untitled (9696 of 6).jpg
untitled (9697 of 6).jpg
untitled (9698 of 6).jpg
untitled (9700 of 6).jpg
untitled (9699 of 6).jpg
untitled (9706 of 1).jpg
untitled (9708 of 1).jpg
untitled (9707 of 1).jpg
untitled (9712 of 2).jpg
untitled (9713 of 2).jpg
untitled (9717 of 5).jpg
untitled (9718 of 5).jpg
untitled (9719 of 5).jpg
untitled (9720 of 5).jpg
untitled (9721 of 5).jpg

The cutest newborn session at Oxana Alex Photography newborn studio. Los Angeles. California

The birth of a child is a very special occasion for all the members of a family. When a child comes to life, it fills the whole family with joy. Isn’t is great to capture the memories of the time of birth and make an album of baby pictures? We at Oxana Alex photography enjoy every bit of newborn photography. Whenever we get a chance to photograph a little baby, we feel entitled towards clicking the best artistic photos that captures the innocence of the new born baby. You little one deserves a great collection of baby photos to look back at when he grows up. 


The childhood memories of your little ones are going to stay with you forever and when they slowly start to fade away, you and your children can always look back to pictures from the baby photoshoot. You will be immediately transported to the nostalgia. The most difficult thing about being a newborn baby photographer is you have to be patient and bare with the child. Sometimes the child is not in the mood to rest, sometimes they are too fidgety, but we wait patiently for the right moment when we can take the best baby photos.


Your babies grow very fast, you devote yourself in looking after themselves and one day you realize that they are not little anymore. Preserving your child’s memory through Newborn photography is the most worthwhile investment you will ever do. Oxana Alex have been photographing newborns in Los Angeles, Beverly hills and Santa Monica, We offer baby photoshoot at the studio. And as we take baby pictures, we love to play with the babies and make them laugh, by doing so we can get the baby’s emotion out and capture them beautifully. 


We are a Los Angeles based newborn photographer who loves to experiment with different poses and settings during newborn sessions. It’s been quite a while since we started doing newborn photography in Los Angeles and believe us when we say that it is pure joy for us. A newborn baby photographer must pay special attention to the little details of a newborn baby, like chubby soft cheeks, wrinkly moist hands and tiny little fingers etc. All these gives a surreal vibe to the final picture. Oxana Alex Photography pay close attention to these details and bring a great image to life. 


Before photographing the baby, a lot of thought goes into conceptualization. We choose the right props available and create conceptions where we could take great pictures of the baby. Oxana  Alex are available for newborn session in Santa Monica and Los Angeles. While taking baby photos, we make sure that the baby is relaxed and calm. Babies are delicate and fidgetity that’s why we as newborn baby photographers have to be very careful while taking their photos. All babies require special care and we don’t every baby in the same manner, we get to know the baby before taking the photographs. 


If you want to capture the very first moments of your baby with the family, we do newborn photography sessions with the mother and father too. We at Oxana Alex Photography enjoy shooting pictures of baby with the family and work tirelessly to bring out the best newborn photos of the baby with family. To sum it up altogether, we are find joy in experimenting with baby picture sand love to experiment with different settings tirelessly until the best newborn photos captured.


untitled (8790 of 1).jpg

Newborn session at Oxana Alex Photography


The outstanding way to remind our past is a photograph. There isa various category of photography such as portrait photography, Landscape photography, journey photography, street photography, nature photography, fashion photography and many more. 

All this photography has its own significance but now a day’s special kind of photography trend is in a fashion that is photography related to family, maternity of women, newborn baby etc. In this field, a handful of photographers are having a good experience and they are a comparably the busiest photographer nowadays because these days many parents are including this trend in their life. Although the photography session could be small innovation & creativity is required at every stage of this photography. 


Right Moment to capture

This photographer has specific value because it strengthens the bond of the family. Well, the photography of this kind plays a vital role to build a great relationship among the couple, as children are always the most valuable between the couple. Becoming parents is the happiest moment because, after-nine- month, parents see the face of the hope which they were waiting for. The cute smile, magnificent eye, and much other activity will break your heart & outflow your eyes seeing the baby.

For the photo shoot, six to ten months from birth is regarded as the perfect moment for the babythe age of six to ten month is considered as the right moment and it is also suggested by the photo specialist but newbornbaby photography are also practiced even after 20 days from birth.  

During this photoshootsession, there will be many minor events but all that would compile to be your happiest memory ever.  Parents also participate in newborn session but if we talk about father participation then previously it was not involved much. But nowadays, the fatheralso shows their affection towards his child in front of the camerawhich is graceful.     


New Born Photographer -The hands behind those cute clicks

Affordable and innovative photographers are always acceptable because everybody wants quality with quantity. The newborn photographer is a special kind of photographer who has many great ideas because we know that the newborn is so sensitive, that even many people frightenedto carry them. So, they take special care of the child so that throughout the photo session there would be no harm to the child. 

This kind of photography is very famous in LA that’s why it is the home of many creative newborn photographers. Side by side Los Angeles newborn photography is very famous worldwide that’s why many photographers copy their idea for the betterment.

Oxana Alex photography always thinks out of the box because we know that a newborn baby can’t express them in front of the camera, so these photographers use the original habits and activity of the infant. 

If we talk about Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, they are very famous for their special care during the newborn photo session. For example, a newborn baby is very flexible and their bones and muscles are underdeveloped so we need to keep them safe throughout the session. The session may take several hours because a just born baby has quite an unpredictable schedule. The cute little baby will not support the photographer in any way but the creativity-of the newborn photographer can lead a momentous photo session. 

Photography in this field is a very calm & a pacific activity because they know the hero of the session is so tyro that he can’t do any favor, so they can include the family member in the photography session. In this way photographer, can utilize the limited resources at their disposal for innovation.



This new trend inphotography is very often practiced these days, it not only attracts celebrity but also common people want to capture the memory of their baby in a photograph. Some time parents select a theme and the further session of photography follow that. Actually,this is very interesting for the parents to have an album full of pictures of their baby in childhood and each photograph tells a story. In 

DSC8534 copy.jpg
newborn photo session

newborn photo session

newborn baby

newborn baby

newborn session

newborn session

Newborn photography

Newborn photography


The cutest baby girl in my studio today for a newborn session


One of the happiest moment for a couple is to become parents because having babies is the best catalyst of love between the couple. Parents take responsibility for a cute little one with grace and want to give him/her happiness of the world.  As we are talking about happiness so parents click the photograph of their new born magnificent angle, to capture that incredible stage of life. Just think how exciting is to click a photo of a new born baby whose hand, fingers, in fact, the whole body is so small and cute. Well, the preferable day for photography is 15 to 20 days after the birth as a new born baby.

To capture the memory for the future, there is nothing other than putting it in a frame. Normal photography is cool but these days particular & specified photography is famous and many people are crazy about it.

The newly born child is a blend of perfection and joy. The innocence expression, cute eyes, small toes and fingers, the new emotional burst is so pleasured that the parents can’t be off for a moment Los Angles newborn photography is one of the kinds that is famous among celebrity all around the world. Their studio is perfectly organized for the newborn session. 

Experience leads to the better interpretation of the situation for instance due to a better idea of the situations better innovation can be called in 

If we talk about new born baby photography, then the experience of the photographer plays a vital role because a new born baby is so small that they are helpless in expressing that. This kind of photography needs skilled hands for the session results in a great success and in the future when we see these photographs, many unforgettable reminiscences would cover our mind. There are many famous new born photographers such as Shannon Leigh, Ana Brandt, Erin Elizabeth Hoskins, Sandy Pus, Anne Geddes and many more those who are very famous for their creativity and innovation in the field of newborn baby photography.

 One of the affordable newborn photographer agency in LA in Santa Monica, this kind of photography session is quite common here. very common. 

Apart from this Beverl Hills, Oxana Alex photography is also famous among the common people those who are willing to invest their love, time emotions and money in the photoshoot of their newborn baby. Their technical team is responsible for the new artistic fine print. They also take care of different types of print offered by the photographer like metal print, framed print, specialty print, collages etc.

Special care is needed for the special one

 Really children are the most beautiful creature in the world. When someone confronts a child, his/her stress & agony gets replaced by a people see a beautiful smile spread on his face. Children are very sensitive that’s why they need a special care during their photoshoot. During the photography, session photographer need to keep the child safely with a great comfortability. Lighting used for the photography should be soft so that it didn’t affect their eyes anyway

The session should match the daily schedule of the child’s activity. So, modern parents are very serious to have a great memory of their photo album. Becoming a parent and having all the cute stress and happiness at the same time is very exciting that's why they are a fan of the new fashion trend.





Fine Art Newborn Baby Photography

Fine Art Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn Baby Photos

Newborn Baby Photos

Newborn session

Newborn session

Los Angeles Newborn Photography

Los Angeles Newborn Photography


Los Angeles Maternity photography maternity

MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHY:          A Journey Through The Memories


Introduction & History

Everybody wants to capture the precious moments of their life through clicks & pics. Whether its marraigeor the birthday of the spouse, we never forget to click a photo.Similarly, pregnancy is not an exception nowadays. In recent times, maternity photography is in vogue. Not only celebrity like Shakira, Boyence or SerenaWilliams is a fanof this, but also a hugenumber of common women are preserving their maternity moment through this. Actually,photography of the maternity session recreates exactly the same moment years after as well as boasts the worthiness of our reminiscence by taking us back in the time. 

Well, this fashion was introduced in 1991, when Demi Morre clicked her nude pregnancy cover for Vanity Fair. It produced the filling of highness that pregnancy is not a thing to hidebut to celebrate with glory.


Purposes & Repercussions

Mostly the purpose of this photography is to capture the body during pregnancy, the weight, the look and several other minor mentions.

When it wasasked to a bunch ofelderly women that

….. What they think about Maternity photo shoot?

-we were amazed to find that they were really excited about this new trend in commons. They are pleased with the fact that women nowadays are not assuming their increased weight and shape as a problem. Instead,they are happily want to preserve their look during their pregnancy in a manual reminiscence frame. 

There are myriads of reasons to go for a photo shoot of this kind. The most relevant and notable one is that in the future years you won’t regret …” whyI have not collected the picture during the pregnancy?

In the below segment we are going to discuss why photo shoot during pregnancy is exciting as well as important. These pregnancy photos would be something to cherish at the old age.



A photo shootduring pregnancy: How thrilling it is?

Mostly, women during pregnancy thinkthat they are looking terrible because of their increased weight and shape, but do you ever think that how generous you are to bring a new life tothe earth. Pregnancy is the overwhelming, amazing and most glamorous thing that can happen to women. Most importantly, women feel uncomfortable of the bulging belly during pregnancy which is awful but actually,it is beautifully curved.

The maternity photographer plays a vitalrole in this photo shoot as she is responsible for making you elegant, gorgeous and even more glorified. So that when you see the photograph of your pregnancy, a kind reminiscence will make you admire yourself. 


Once in a lifetimeopportunity

If someone is not getting their pregnancy photographed, they are losing the opportunity to capture memories of their pregnancy. Even if you are not interested in photography, then also you can go for this, at least for your young ones. Years later, when the kids will be grown up and they would visualize these pictures of your pregnancy, they will be amazedto see how they were growing in the belly of her/ his mumma.


Prepare yourself for the photo-shoot

Maternity photo shoot is full of fun and laughs. Unlike an everyday photographer or a novice, maternity photographers come with a lot of exciting creative pose. You should prepare your homework, for example,trail the dress or check out which apparel are in the trend. You can definitely develop your own idea by mixing yours with the photographer’s idea, it will be uniquely fascinating. 


Renowned Maternity Photographers

There a lot of people out in the market who proclaims themselves as a maternity photographer. But only a handful are actually skilled to capture your maternity session.  Oxana Alex photography isa rearfound gem. She herself is a mother, an artspecialist as well as an expert & a highly skilled maternity photographer.

Her studio inLos Angles knewas Oxana Alex Loss Angles Studio. It possessesall the necessary technologies, equipment, andskilled staff to capture your maternity perfectly. So, if you are in Los Angles, try to frame your pregnancy with this special edition Loss Angles maternity photos from her.





Hence, Maternity photography is not only the fashion symbol of young pregnant ladiesbut also an incredible memory of the pregnancy time. It boaststhe love and respect between couples, in short,catalyzesa strongerbond between the couple. Well, this is not only an exciting thing for women; Men also take part because the new life which is growing in the belly of a woman is the symbol of their love. Hence, men are always been excited aboutthis kind of amazing photography.  

maternity gown for a maternity photoshoot

maternity gown for a maternity photoshoot

Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography

Pregnancy Photography

Pregnancy Photography

Maternity Session

Maternity Session

Maternity Photoshoot ideas

Maternity Photoshoot ideas

Maternity photo session in progress

Maternity photo session in progress

secret garden. Beautiful Maternity Session.

secret garden. Beautiful Maternity Session.

untitled (8917 of 1).jpg
untitled (8919 of 4).jpg
untitled (8921 of 4).jpg
untitled (8927 of 1).jpg
untitled (8928 of 1).jpg

Little Leo is visiting my Los Angeles studio for his newborn photos.

Have you ever been inspired by a child? We at Oxana Alex photography are inspired by children all the time. From their unimpeachable innocence, to their constant energetic joy at life’s offering, children open up whole new worlds of sense and feeling for parents.


Children possess innocence, curiosity, wonder, excitement, faith and trust, their lack of inhibitions, straight talking, their confidence, their persistence, their sense of worth, and their capacity to love. Their ability to just be… happy, simply and utterly, is often striking to adults well worn by years and toil.


Their kindness and generosity can bring any old man or woman tears. Sometimes you meet a child with so much kindness in their heart that it makes you stop in your tracks. It inspires you to be a better version of yourself.  Sometimes that person is your wife, your husband, your mother, father, sister, brother, or even your friend. 


Sometimes, it’s just a perfect stranger. And sometimes that stranger is a child. At our Los Angeles studio, we meet these lovely strangers – the happy little children – almost every day, and it’s what makes us love working for them and their parents all year round. The generosity of spirit and genteel attitude that the children who visit our studio exhibit inspires us beyond words, and often times the parents or children don’t even realize it.


We specialize in newborn photography and are trained family photographers who work around you and your baby, always within a safe space using beautiful natural light. We try and capture the child at just the right time, whether sitting, smiling, playing, or any other activity that has the child beaming with so much character. We will laugh, play, be silly, whatever comes about most naturally, and regardless of pose or posture, we aim to truly capture the essence of your child. We would love to create something for you that you will never forget. 


Oxana Alex newborn baby photographer.

Producer and actress Diana Madison stopped by the offices of Oxana Alex Photography just after new year to get some professional Los Angeles maternity photos taken of her adorable newborn baby.

For those of you unfamiliar with Diana´s work she starred in the TV series Unusually Thicke and was producer and host on all 138 episodes of Hollyscoop. Her most recent gig is as executive producer on the show Glam Masters. loglines the Glam Masters show as ”Competition series where make-up artists go head-to-head to prove they have what it takes to be the next big name in the beauty world.” The series also has Kim Kardashian West listed as executive producer alongside Diana.

We shot two fairly similar set-ups of her gorgeous baby who did not blink an eyelid for the duration of the photo shoot. Safe and secure in blissful newborn baby heaven. As long as my mother Diana is close by I am ignoring that baby photographer and all her fuss. I am pretty ok lying here as long as there is somebody to watch over me. And it better be my mom. Always!

I like my napping areas soft. Wool sheetings, preferably organic.  My beds made of wood, I don´t care if they are square or round. I fit them all. But I want them soft. I have no problems with my back. I am perfectly fine. A little miracle gracing your presence. But I like things natural. I am down with Mother Earth. And I sleep better with a soft teddy companion. There is always space in my bed for a furry friend.

To better get aquainted with the glamorous world of self proclaimed style enthusiast, Hollywood insider and new mom Diana Madison check her out at website, Instagram @dianamadison or her vlogs and style videos at

Hope to see you both back in our Brentwood based offices soon.


Oxana Alex Photography

untitled (7305 of 1).jpg
untitled (7308 of 1).jpg
untitled (7313 of 5).jpg
untitled (7317 of 5).jpg
untitled (7319 of 1).jpg
untitled (7315 of 5).jpg
untitled (7316 of 5).jpg
untitled (7289 of 1).jpg
untitled (7291 of 1).jpg

Los Angeles studio baby and family photography.

This gorgeous family of three came for some joint maternity and family photography earlier this year. Having recently added a number to the family crew they were all smiles. Celebrating the gift of life by making sure those precious newborn moments were captured the right way. And there is no better gurantee than doing so through a scheduled appointment with a professional Los Angeles newborn photographer.

The background colors were kept light and soft throughout this shoot. Alternating primarily between shades of pink and purple in the newborn photos with a more yellow tint in the family shots. The blissful little one barely opened an eyelid for the entire duration of the shoot. Gladly napping through multiple costume and prop changes. What a joy!

This highlights the importance of scheduling the newborn photo session as soon as you know your due date. With a Los Angeles booking at Oxana Alex Photography this date can of course be pushed forward or backward depending on circumstances and actual date of birth, but it is key not to miss out on the excellent photo opportunity this sleepy period provides. This limited time window of opportunity will not come back. It will provide your family with Kodak moments for life. That is a gurantee.

This family opted for all photo choices available. Mother and father together with the newborn child. Then the young child together with mom and dad in seperate photos. Plus multiple set-ups with the newborn alone.

This (and every other) newborn sleepy bundle of joy is truly a live (and not yet kicking) gift basket to overjoyed parents. Can you imagine anything more innocent out there in the whole wide world? It definitely makes me marvel over the magnificent splendor of life and our beautiful world of wonders. I absolutely love these newborn children.

Newborn and family photography is truly a blessed activity. I cannot express my gratitude for being allowed to do this day in and day out. I´ll leave it at that for now.

untitled (6687 of 1).jpg
WoodlandSwingHammockFloraltop-1 copy-3.jpg

Newborn world citizen baby photography. Los Angeles Based newbornPhotographer.

I just added my number to the global world population. Little beautiful me.  All accounted and tallied for. I believe my number was world citizen # 7,585,304,123. Born in the almighty U.S.A., the third largest country counting by population. We total over 326,287,066  people in this great country and I am told our family resides in the sunny golden state of California. By the ocean. In a warm dry climate. Do you hear me complaining?

To celebrate my arrival and illustrate my future endeavours my family brought me to newborn baby photographer Oxana Alex in Santa Monica. In these first pictures you all get a taste of what is to come. Little darling me about to pack my first travel suitcase. I got my blanket, world globe, some flowers, my first wooden horse and plane. All mandatory elements for a young world traveler about to start racking up frequent flyer miles. I don´t care where we go as long as my entire family comes along. There will be many more trips in the years to come. So get that camera out and start documenting. Some years down the line I´ll go by myself, but not yet. As you can see, I prefer a place with wood and trees. I like that rustic natural feel.

Just hang a hammock on a tree branch and I´ll nap there for sure. Soft blankets, nearby flowers and a tree is all I need. Resting my future globetrotter feet. The soon to be world-weary traveler having her first photo session with a professional Los Angeles newborn photographer.

To finish the snapshot session I leave you with some close ups. These feet are definitely made for worldwide walking. Starting off here in Los Angeles. Dodging that traffic. With angel wings that know no boundaries. World, you better get ready to be mesmerized. This baby will take no prisoners.

Saddle my horse, ready my plane and spin that world globe. Any destination will do as long as the family is together for the journey.

untitled (7327 of 1).jpg
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Napping baby photography tranquility.

I just arrived here on planet earth. Head first I took the plunge from the safe haven of my mother´s womb. A place I have been nurtured and grown bigger the past nine months. Safe and secure splashing around in my own indoor swimming pool. Listening in on the world out there. Minding my own business, but now I am here. Ready to take on the big world. At my first professional photo session here in Brentwood, Los Angeles. With Oxana Alex. Blissful napping is the theme. I get it.

I like it here. Tucked in this soft blue blanket. Almost like the place I used to reside the past year. In my mother´s beautiful belly. Feeding and growing. Into adorable me. Just look at my tiny marvelous feet. A little baby miracle. I need my beauty rest. Quite a lot of it. I am pretty content in this yellow outfit too. Naked and happy. Soft and cosy. It is even better after you added some elements from mother nature. I like the down-to-earth elements. Makes my face more serene. And I am pretty sure I like this fox-colored hoodie more than the previous one.

To showcase how photogenic and professional I am I dare you to keep alternating the photo ops. Just keep them coming. I am ready. I look good and napping content in them all. My newborn self is pretty darn easy to work with if you want my humble opinion. I trust you feel the same. No crying here. Just keep me warm and cosy. I´ll open my eyes and smile an approving nod now and then. But the priority is sticking to the theme of blissful napping time. Correct me if I am wrong, but that is the theme of my first professional baby photography session right? I know there will be plenty more to come. With different themes and photo props. In this Brentwood studio and other places. But I believe I nailed this napping theme spot on. You can all put me in your guide to blissful baby naps.

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Los Angeles newborn baby dream sleep photography.

This tranquil baby photography dream sleep session highlights the importance of booking your professional Los Angeles maternity photo appointment as soon as your tentative birth due date is set. Hitting that baby photography sweet spot when your newborn angel is at its peak sleepy state is an opportunity that will not come back. Oxana Alex Photography urges you to take advantage of this peaceful baby dream sleep window. You will certainly not regret it. We promise you that.

Just take an extra long look at this adorable sleeping beauty. Just lying here being newborn me. Living in the moment. Practicing baby mindfulness. Without a single worry in the world. A natural born star with my effortless baby asenas poses. A future yogi guru in the making. Put me anywhere and there will be baby bliss. I can teach you adults a thing or two about living in the present. No regressive thoughts about what should have been done or worries about the future. Just present baby mindfulness. Enjoying life. So parents please, let this Los Angeles maternity photographer do her job and Kodak moment my lucid dream state. Let my serenity calm you all. It will not last forever I assure you.

I´ll open my eyes occasionally. Yes, your baby angel can participate. I am content and I do appreciate the four furry teddy bear companions by my side. Keep growing that army of teddies. I can do with some more as I grow bigger. But my preferred state these days is sweet dreamy sleep. Rest and energy building since the world can be a hectic place, so I am charging my batteries now. I expect it will take a few more weeks. Then I´ll be ready for lots of action. And a whole squadron of teddy bears. Just you wait. I´ll see you all soon.

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Los Angeles Fine Art Baby Photography

Los Angeles Fine Art Baby Photography

Newborn baby photos 

Newborn baby photos 

Beautiful baby    

Beautiful baby 


baby phootography

baby phootography

Los Angeles Newborn Baby photographer

Los Angeles Newborn Baby photographer

The cutest little kitten 

The cutest little kitten 


Family photography session with radio host Jessica Hall.

Charismatic Jessica Hall has many talents and has worked as an actress, model and television/radio host. But most of all she is a loving mother to precious daughter Sophie Carlson and baby son Jake Warren Carlson. And what a lovely family it is. Jessica showed up sans husband Kyle for the occasion to get some family photography of herself together with 2-year old Sophie and baby Jake who was born in early fall 2017. All images were taken at Oxana Alex Photography´s Brentwood location in Los Angeles, California.

What an endearing little baby boy with a magic sparkle in his eyes. Handsome as few and already sporting a mischievous little grin just to please this baby photographer. Lying there on the padded floor effortlessly good-looking, the single color outfits matching him just perfect.

Sophie was so proud of her baby brother. Keeping a watchful eye on him and eagerly assisting her mother throughout the entire family photography session. Plenty of hugs to go around, but most of them reserved for little brother Jake and the big blue teddybear of course. Anything soft and cuddly deserves some affection.

Baby Jake demanded the occasional attention and let us know when it was time for feeding. Babies need fuel to grow so let´s take care of business. First things first. And food is certinly on that priority list.

After all I am the new baby star of this family and you better all do as I please if you want to capture my most photogenic moments. With stomach full I am content and relaxed. Safe and sound in my doting mother´s arms with my sister by my side. My clothing is a match with the teddybear. A cuddly companion that is three times my size. As tall as my sister, I bet we could both fit inside its arms as it hugs us goodbye.

I want to come back here for for more baby photos and my first cake smash. With a little help from my teddybear friend. And my sister Sophie of course.

Hope to see you all soon. Best of wishes for 2018!

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Photographing adorable little girl with an affinity for flowers.

This gorgeous little beauty had a deep affection for flowers of all colors. It did not matter if this baby photographer brough her inside or outside in the sun. Flowers had to be in the frame. A very well-behaved little girl for sure, squamish about doing a cake smash. Sampling that delicious cake without ruining it. She did not want the cake or the flower decor surrounding it damaged.

One has to treat the lovely flowers nice. That way they last longer and can be used in all my baby photography shots. Purple and pink flowers go well with the cake and they are picture perfect in my floral crown as well. Oops, one fell out and landed on the floor. Oh well, I can pick it up after I am finished eating my cake. First things first.

Los Angeles baby photography can be a dream job with such enchanting subjects. This little one was eagerly checking out the quality of the baby photographer´s studio toys and props. And I believe we got some enthusiastic thumbs up.

The vintage baby carriage has good cushioning and a nice rustic look. But it could surely do with some flowers. I think this blue floral crown has to be my favorite. It is a perfect match with the blue bouquet at my side. But I can get a bit bored sitting still for too long so keep shooting those photos. That baby photographer can do some action shots of me as well. Stomping around this Brentwood family, maternity and baby photography studio.

I am probably my happiest outside in the sun. Rocking in the outdoor baby carriage. Cushioned by all these flowers I picked in the baby photographer´s garden. I am content as can be. In my natural element, getting my D vitamins. Inspecting all the flowers and greenery. With a blue sky and the Los Angeles sun shining down on me. A fun photo session with lots of flowers.

You are welcome back any time. We´ll call the florist in advance.

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Outdoor family photography in glorious Los Angeles forest surroundings.

This gorgeous family chose to have a photo shoot with the entire family going baby camping in the picturesque woods surrounding our lovely city of Los Angeles. Back to nature here we come.

An adorable baby camp was raised in splendid natural surroundings a sunny fall day. A family picnic with fun and games worked perfect as backdrop for this back to basics family photography done by maternity, family and baby photographer Oxana Alex.

We deliberately used rustic props like the cute wooden pull cart. Perfect size for the young one who wanted more and more forest laps from both mother and father. Not to mention from an exhausted photographer. This was a genuinely down to earth happy camper family who enjoys back to nature bliss and spending time together out in the open as a unit.

Teamwork put up this lush baby rest tent adorned by flowers left, right and center. Comfy pillows and blankets to lounge on and of course this baby was kept company by an army of cuddly companions. The family photography session runs much smoother with a variety of furry friends tagging along to help out. It even allowed for four smooth and trouble-free baby wardrobe changes just to please the family photographer on call.

Los Angeles family photography can be truly a fun experience out in the ´wild´. This mother, father and child were all smiles and came across as true photo shoot professionals. Having the entire household being out and about in a natural setting rather than a studio can often bring about inventive and original compositions. Not to mention a healthy dose of vitamin D and some hiking exercise.

The family is the true photo star here with nature as an image frame. Hope to see the three of you back here soon with a slightly older toddler. For more cart laps.

Happy camping!

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Beautiful newborn baby photography session.

All babies are adorable. Innocent and fragile. There is nothing quite like it in the world. And there is nothing that can compare to the beautiful photographic images of a newborn.That is why I love to be a newborn baby photographer in Los Angeles. An infant little child that has just added to the world´s population. An individual that will grow into a complex human being. His or her whole life ahead. We are definitely all unique, but unfortunatley time ticks away without mercy. One can´t turn back the clock, so it is crucial to find a professional Los Angeles newborn baby photographer to take care of business. As soon as possible!

The tiny hands and unused baby feet make this baby photographer go bonkers. That peaceful serene newborn look that unfortunately fades away very fast. I cannot stress the importance of booking the Los Angeles newborn photography session before birth and schedule the date as soon as possible after birth. That sleepy infant look is usually gone after three weeks. We all want that newborn baby photography magic to be captured by a baby photographer who has the right equipment, skills and experience. Props like soft angel wings, cushy blankets, cuddly toys, flower crowns, specialized furniture, rustic beds and multiple color backgrounds can make or break a baby photography session. Catering to the wants and needs of the child as well as the parents. That is what Oxana Alex Photography is all about. We aim to please in family, maternity and baby photography and grow an extended family of satisfied repeat customers.

Look at this bundle of joy resting in the soft cuddly flower adorned hammock. You don´t have to be religious to understand such a sight is truly a gift from God. Mother Nature holding out her tree branch, the beautiful little infant suspended in air like the storks just brought the baby gift wrapped to the family. An angel reborn. Worth much more that its weight in gold. No doubt about that. A precious long awaited darling addition to this overjoyed family.

The love is evident in all these family photos. I am just grateful that I am a Los Angeles newborn photographer allowed to capture these cherished family moments.

Fine Art Baby Photography

Fine Art Baby Photography

Oxana Alex is a Fine art baby Photographer

Oxana Alex is a Fine art baby Photographer

Baby Photography

Baby Photography

Baby Photography

Baby Photography

Baby Photographer

Baby Photographer

Beautiful Baby girl

Beautiful Baby girl

Sweet dreams little baby

Sweet dreams little baby

She is the cutest baby ever

She is the cutest baby ever


Newborn baby photography kept firmly within the infant comfort zone.

This Los Angeles newborn baby photography session was a how-to manual in baby tranquility and shot list productiveness. It was a super smooth and almost soundless session that perfectly showcases the reason why the Oxana Alex Photography crew ideally wants to schedule the newborn session within the first 8-14 days of birth, a time frame that has consistently shown that the babies are in their "sleepiest" photogenic state.

Not too much hard work for this baby photography model, proud parents or photo crew. Keeping the temperature in our studio warm, these images are proof that this newborn definitely was in his comfort zone for the entire duration of the photo shoot.

This baby had some recommended awake time before the shoot and was fed just prior to session start. The rest was a piece of cake. And I don´t mean a cake smash :). These baby photos should secure a good beginning for the new family photography album.

As far from disturbed as you can get, this baby was comfortable resting in all positions. A dream model for this baby photographer to work with. The same goes for the parents. Family & child photography is teamwork and together we expeditiously worked through the creative shotlist. I honestly believe we succeded in capturing the essence of newborn baby photography here.

Parents and photographer decide jointly on props, costumes, clothing etc. Exploring various options through cooperation, alternating backgrounds, color schemes and framing distances to ensure variety and many pictures to chose from.

The end result is always to make sure the client walks away very happy with the work session, and it is an added bonus if this Los Angeles baby & family photographer gets to challenge her creativity and technical efficiency.

It is blissful serene sessions like these that make this particular Los Angeles baby & family photographer walk around with a smile for the entire remainder of the day.

Picture perfect!

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