Maternity Photoshoot in Los Angeles.

“A million stories and memories are born with the birth of a child.”

 A women’s world changes when she giver birth; A realm of new experiences and happiness awaits her. Maternity is one of the most beautiful phases in a person’s life and these precious moments need to be captured. It is true that a beautiful snapshot stops a moment from running away and lets us cherish that moment forever. It may not seem like a great idea getting clicked during maternity due to weight gain and change in the bodily structure. It is natural for pregnant women to lose confidence and disregard the idea of a maternity shoot. However, in our experience we have never had a mother regretting a maternity shoot and here are the reasons why:

·      Oxana Alex Photography Studio has great staff and professional photographers. But you may find that in every other studio. So what makes Oxana Alex your Maternity shoot destination is the fact that for us, you are not just our clients, but our family. Making you feel comfortable and confident is our first and foremost priority. 

·      We have never had any client leaving dissatisfied. Our photographers capture every raw and real emotion because that is the whole point of a maternity shoot! We ensure that 10 years from now, when you go back to these photographs, you are able to recall all the beautiful and amazing moments.

·      With over a hundred props, studio backgrounds and costumes, every shoot is different but special and the most important element of our shoots is fun!

Every photo shoot is different and unique and requires different approaches. Our photographers are well versed with fulfilling the demands of our customers to the T. Our maternity shoots can be conducted as solo only mother shoot, family shoots and couple shoots. Our aim is to follow our passion. Our passion is photography. For the photographers at Oxana Alex Photography Studio, clicking your pictures feels like they are shooting our own family’s photographs. Evert shoot and every photograph at Oxana Alex studio are shot with the mentality that each of our clients is our family, our best friend. This is the reason why our photographs turn out so real and ethereal. Your Photographs are as important to us as they are to you. 

Real smiles and laughs are what we are searching for. The photographers know perfectly well that the mothers are not models and can’t pose like professionals, so capturing their candid pictures is what they aim for.  The shoot becomes fun once the mother to be and her family befriends the photographer. A maternity shoot though, requires special attention. Aside from 

In this maternity photo shoot, our client requested three kinds of pictures. In the first one, she was draped in a beautiful blush pink gown that bought out her beauty and innocence. The second one captured pregnancy in its raw and pure form, making our client look like a goddess.  For the third one, she chose a grey drape that clearly highlighted the baby bump. All the three shoots bought out the happiness and innocence of maternity. The shoot ended with these beautiful pictures, leaving our client happy and satisfied.