Maternity photography . Los Angeles.

A mother is born with every child. Maternity Is the most beautiful phase of a women’s life and also the most memorable one. The feeling of life growing inside ones womb is magical in all aspects. However, due to the various changes in body, women lose confidence and don’t get a maternity shoot.  100 out of 100 women regret this decision later. Though not the same looking, a pregnant woman is still beautiful. In fact, the pregnancy glow makes women not only look happy, but also more ethereal.

Our photographers are trained to capture this beautiful glow and candid moments of our clients. The one thing that differentiates Oxana Alex Photography Studio from other studios is that not only do we have professionals who can catch onto any emotion, but that we genuinely enjoy photography. Our passion is making our clients happy and sends them back with memories they will cherish forever. With photo shots that are fun, comfortable and breezy, we have a 100 percent client satisfaction record. A lot of conceptualization goes into clicking pictures and helping our clients pose perfectly. We are well aware that our clients are not models and professionals but normal people who might not know many poses. Keeping this in mind, we ensure that our clients are comfortable and happy with their shoots. 

There is no surprise that pregnancy causes women to lose confidence and gain a lot of stress. Often, a maternity photo shoot is the last thing in their minds. However, Oxana Alex Photography Studio ensures that you feel comfortable and enjoy your shoot as much as we will. Our clients are our family and it is always easy and fun to interact with our family! Getting to know the parents, their journey and their emotions makes the photo shoot stress free and easy to navigate. Often, maternity photoshoots only focus on the mother and not her partner. We at Oxana Alex Photography Studio, also offer couple shoots so that both the clients can share these happy memories. Along with couple shoots, we also offer family photo shoots and sitter baby shoots. 

Moreover, we offer over a hundred props, dressed and studio backgrounds to make sure that you get you’re magical and fairy like photo shoots.  From beautiful gardens to dense forests to sunny beaches, we ensure that your photos come out beautiful.  For this particular photo shoot, our client chose two studio backgrounds. We started with a magical forest with dense trees and green grass. The mother had on a beautiful red gown which was metaphoric for the fierce and protective nature of the client. The second shoot where she had on a beautiful blue gown which bought out her soft and pure nature. Her caring and kind nature could easily be seen in her eyes. Her partner also joined her for a couple of photos, which concluded this beautiful and magical photography session.