Beautiful Maternity photoshoot Los Angeles .

Becoming a mother is perhaps the most magical and beautiful experience and only women who are expecting can understand this. These moments need to be captured so that they can forever be stored and treasured. We at Oxana Alex Photography studio ensure that you get the best maternity photographs that you can hold onto forever. Memories are all that we have from the past and it is very important to latch onto them so that they aren’t forgotten. Photographs play a very important role in keeping these memories intact. Most mothers rarely remember the feelings and emotions that went through them when they were pregnant, but looking at their maternity photographs can bring those moments back. This is the reason why Oxana Alex Photography Studio started Maternity shoots. The happiness and the euphoria on our clients face once the pictures are ready gives us immense satisfaction. Becoming a part of someone’s life, we feel, is the reason for our passion for maternity shoots. 

Most women who are expecting are self-conscious and often don’t feel comfortable or confident enough to get clicked. The stress and lack of confidence in getting clicked also plays a major role in women disregarding maternity photo shoots. For all the mothers to be out there who feel that pregnancy has put a damper on their confidence due to the changes in their body, feel assured that we will send you back comfortable with your skin. That is the power of photography. It is important for any maternity photo shoot that the client enjoys the shoot as much as the photographers. If the client is not happy and comfortable, it is impossible to capture good photographs. 

We offer so may diferent props and dresses to our clients to ensure that they find something they like. If a client wants to get clicked in casuals, we also provide those options. Our studio backgrounds range from historical forests to beautiful flower arrangements.

One of the things that distinguish us from the rest of the Photography studios is the fact that all our clients are treated like family. This makes the maternity shoot easier for both, the mother, as well as the photographer. The one term that can best describe our photographers is friendly. Besides photography, they are professionals in making the photography session fun and easy-going. In the end, we are more excited about the photographs than our clients. We feel that creating this bond is necessary because when you click for someone you know, it becomes effortless and more comfortable. We feel like we are able to become a part of our clients’ life, if only for a short moment. Professionally, this helps in understanding our clients better, which leads to clicking better photographs. 

In this particular shoot, our client chose two backgrounds and 2 dresses. The first was a combination of a historic princess garden with a fallen tree. She chose a tight-fitting, soft, pink gown that highlighted her baby bump. The pictures perfectly described the soft and innocent nature of motherhood. The second picture was a combination of green grassy fields and a tight-fitting red dress. The setting and the dress described the fierce and protective nature of mothers. The two pictures were the perfect complements of each other- one showed her soft side and one showed her fierceness. 




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