Beautiful maternity Photoshoot in Los Angeles.

A mother is she who can take place of all others, but whose place no one else can take. Becoming a mother is perhaps the most magical and beautiful experience and only women who are expecting can understand this. These moments need to be captured so that they can forever be stored and treasured. We at Oxana Alex Photography studio ensure that you get the best maternity photographs and go home satisfied and happy.

Women who are expecting often tend to lose their confidence due to the bodily changes that occur. So, getting a maternity photo shoot ends up being the last thing on the mother’s mind. However, We at Oxana Alex Photography Studio try our best to make the mother feel confident and comfortable in her changed body. This, perhaps, is the most difficult task. But with more than a 100 props and dresses to choose from as well as the most beautiful variety of studios and the fact that our photographers are as passionate about the shoot as the mother, the task becomes easier and the mothers are able to feel as beautiful as they felt earlier. 

Our aim is to follow our passion. Our passion is photography. For the photographers at Oxana Alex Photography Studio, clicking your pictures feels like they are shooting our own family’s photographs. Evert shoot and every photograph at Oxana Alex studio are shot with the mentality that each of our clients is our family, our best friend. This is the reason why our photographs turn out so real and ethereal. Your Photographs are as important to us as they are to you. 

The most important aspect, though, is making the photo shoot fun. Real smiles and laughs are what we are searching for. The photographers know perfectly well that the mothers are not models and cant pose like professionals, so capturing their candid pictures is what they aim for.  The shoot becomes fun once the mother to be and her family befriends the photographer. Most mothers realize after giving birth that they should have gotten the precious moments of pregnancy captured. So, don’t miss this opportunity and get these beautiful moments photographed.

 With her angel like innocence, we advised our client to go for a white gown for this particular shoot. Paired with the flower swing, she definitely looked like an angel. For the next picture, she chose a baby pink flower background that complemented her tight fit white dress that showed her baby bump. The next click had her in a purple gown that flowed beautifully. Pairing it with the grassy landscape, we had a dreamy picture Her husband joined in for the next few clicks and gave us the honor to capture this beautiful couple. Our client then chose a tree studio background, where she sat on a branch, making the scene look like that from a fairytale.