Beautiful black and white maternity photoshoot. Los Angeles California .

One of the most important phases of a woman’s life, pregnancy is probably the only one where a woman experiences a rollercoaster of emotions. A life changing experience, pregnancy is the closest we can be to magic. These beautiful moments need to be captured for one sole reason- memories. These moments are the memories one cherishes all their lives. What better way to relive them other than by looking back at photos from this time? These beautiful memories, once captured in camera, can be relived over and over again. This is the reason why maternity photo shoot is so important. 

Oxana Alex Photography Studio understands the importance of these moments and the importance of capturing these moments. We are well aware that these pictures are something that a family cherishes forever. This is the sole reason why we try to make sure that all the pictures come out candid, capturing real and raw emotions. The pregnancy glow can be seen clearly in all our maternity pictures. Our photographers also ensure your photography session is fun and stress free. In all our sessions, our clients have as much fun as the photographer, making them both comfortable with each other. This ensures better quality of pictures and an even better quality of friendships made. 

Our aim is not only to click pictures, but to click pictures that show you at your best. Our studio offers over a dozen dresses, ranging from all out ball gowns to mermaid cuts to skin tight robes and dresses that show off you baby bump in all its glory. Our props range from head accessories to prams and beautiful little beds and other furniture for toddler or baby photo shoot. Our backgrounds range from oceans to forests to flower decorations. We offer a variety of shoots other than maternity photo shoot. These include family photo shoots, baby photo shoots, sitter photo shoots and couple photo shoots. 

One of the reasons why our photo shoots are so successful is the fact that we at Oxana Alex Photography Studio consider our clients as our family. For us, your pictures are as important to us as they are to you. Getting to know a client and they story to parenthood is always fascinating and fun. We spend a lot of time to connect with our clients so that we can get to know their preferences, their tastes and their style. This helps in clicking better photographs and getting the most out of the photo shoot. Another benefit is that we are able to communicate with our client better and vice versa.

For this particular photo shoot, our client requested a elegant and classic photo shoot. Following this suggestion, we went all black and white because what is more classy than monotone? Her first shoot consisted of her posing in a simple black outfit, with her baby bump in its full glow. For the second shoot, we had her in a plain black gown that bought out her petite frame and made her look elegant and classy. The shoot was a success, with a happy mother who could not wait to receive the pictures. 



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