beautiful maternity photoshoot Los Angeles

Oxana black and white

Motherhood is the most beautiful phase in a woman's life and pregnancy is just the beginning. And the beginning is, perhaps, the most beautiful. It is a must to get this beautiful time captured in pictures so that you can cherish them forever. Oxana Alex Photography Studio is one place that can guarantee the best pregnancy pictures. Our photographers are skilled in getting your best shots and really bringing out your pregnancy glow. It often happens that pregnant ladies lose their confidence due to the changes that occur in their body and a maternity shoot may not seem like the best option. However, at Oxana Alex Photography Studio, we ensure that you not only look confident but also feel confident and comfortable.

For us, every client is family. And photo shoots are always better with a family that with strangers. We love to get to know our clients and their story. The connection, we feel, is very important between the client and the photographer. Only through an understanding of what the mother wants and what she feels comfortable in, can a photographer succeed in making the mother happy.

A lot of conceptualization goes into the shoot to get the perfect photograph. From how to capture your expressions to make it fun, we ensure that you are not only satisfied but also very comfortable. Between the stress and the anxiety that mothers to be are feeling, getting a photography session seems hectic. This is the reason why we try to make the session as fun and as comfortable for the mother as it is for our photographers. It is very important that the mothers feel confident about themselves when they are expecting and for this very purpose, we provide customized props, backgrounds and dresses. 

Oxana Alex Photography Studio has over 100 dresses and props made specifically for maternity shoots. Our studio backgrounds provide diversity and various moods to the pictures. We also have shot with no studio backgrounds, if that is what the mother wants.

Recently, we have introduced the ‘Black and White’ photography concept that speaks a lot about pregnant women.  The most common meaning of a black and white photograph is being neutral; however, the metaphor in a pregnancy photo shoot is that the black and white photograph highlights the emotions of the mother. The white denotes the happiness, amazement, and euphoria of giving birth and the black highlights the stress, anxiety, and worry for the unborn child. 

Many women are opting for this particular type of photo shoot because of its simplicity. The photograph is able to speak itself. Here is one of our client's photo shoot. For the first picture, she opted for a black, body fit, mermaid gown that highlighted her baby bump perfectly. The second picture was a nude where she showcased her raw emotions. Her third shoot consisted of loosely wrapping a white, flowing cloth, which made her look like a goddess. We also provide the option of shooting in casuals if that is what the mother-to-be feels confident in.