The cutest sitter session in my studio in Los Angeles California

It is important to show your children their childhood and for parents to keep memories of those beautiful moments. Growing years of a child can be the most memorable time for parents. As they see their little human growing, crying, laughing, crawling, walking and falling. As parents, you will always want to capture these instants of your child, so that you can always look back and cherish those days. Photographs help you arrest them and keep them safe in the album.

We understand newborn baby photography may require a lot of effort and time. The innocence of the child should be captured properly in the photographs. We at Oxana Alex photography always provide you with the best lensman. Newborn babies are difficult to handle as their moods are unpredictable and fickle. Our photographer knows how to tackle the hardships playfully and calmly manages to take cute pictures of the babies. We provide you with props which will go with your baby personality to make the pictures more livable.

Oxana Alex is the best in Los Angeles for newborn photography many families have got their result of trusting us. We get works from different regions of Los Angeles including Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, and we are getting many positive reviews. We try to satisfy all our customers by giving our best to them. 

In the photograph, we have tried to bring life to the pictures by adding a few props and bringing in details. The baby girl can be seen wearing a flower tiara and wrapped with white cloth sleeping peacefully. With the background kept white, the face of the baby is eye-catching. You just cannot take your eyes off her. In other pictures, she can be seen wrapped in peach color cloth. With peach color flower tiara sleeping peacefully in the white basket which is again decorated with peach color flowers The background is kept white, and it gives the picture a complete heavenly look with a beautiful angel.

If you are going to have a baby or you already did. Don't waste your time thinking, as this time is never going to come back and childhood is a period which flies like time. Come to best to get the best. We welcome your suggestion and respect them to satisfy our customers.