Beautiful maternity session on the beach of Santa Monica. Los Angeles. California.

It is rightly said that you will never understand life till it grows inside you. A gift from the heaven, pregnancy is the closest we can be to magic. This beautiful moment needs to be captured. Maternity photographers at Oxana Alex Photography studio understand this. It is very easy for mothers to be to feel uncomfortable and less confident when they are expecting, which often makes them question photo shoots. However, we at Oxana Alex studio ensure that the mothers not only look, but also feel beautiful and confident. 

Not only studio backgrounds, but we also offer a variety of dresses and props that increase the prestige of the photo shoot. Since every expecting mother is different, we ensure that their distinct personalities are captured. One of the most important aspects of every maternity shoot is to communicate with the mothers to be. Knowing about their journey and knowing them plays a very important factor in making a good photo shoot. We treat every mother to be that comes to us as our best friend because after all, what is better than getting clicked by someone you feel at ease with. 

The connection between the photographer and the mother is probably the most important aspect of any shoot. We at Oxana Alex Photography ensure to establish not only a good connection, but to also make new friends. To us, every maternity shoot is as important as if it was one of our own. Making the mother comfortable and excited is another one of our qualities that work for the amazing pregnancy photographs. Most of the times, the photographers are more excited than the mother to be, making them give their best.

What makes a maternity photography more significant and magical is the presence of the family. Often the excitement of the father to be is neglected and fails to be captured. However, at Oxana Alex Photography studio, we ensure that the couples raw emotions are perfectly captured. 

For this shoot, we choose a beautiful, blowy yellow gown that, according to the mother to be, was extremely comfortable. Shot in a Forest background, the photo shoot enables us to capture this magic of nature, in nature. The fathers’ presence in the photography made it even more important and significant. For the next photo, we chose a beautiful white lace gown with a slit. The purpose behind this outfit was to bring out the mothers gentleness and her happiness. The Flower crown added to her innocence. We also chose a mermaid blue gown along with a tree setting. The metaphor behind this photo, growth of life, made the photograph even more important and interesting. 

Beach maternity photo shoots are another famous and most sought after sessions. The sea breeze, ocean water and beautiful chiffon gowns make these moments magical. Especially when the cape behind the gown blows with the wind, it gives the perfect Angel look. The presence of the father makes this shoot even more enchanting. 

So if you are a mother to be, looking for a maternity shoot, Oxana Alex Photography is the perfect place!


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