the most beautiful mama to be . Maternity Photoshoot Los Angeles.

Pregnancy is the most delicate phase of a woman's life. It’s a journey that is unforgettable, but most of all, it is only the first step of the rest of your life. For every woman out there who is taking this very big life decision, photos from this phase are a must. Not only do they make time stand still and help in reminiscing about these moments later on, but they are little treasures that will help you relive these moments. A photo shoot is, therefore, the answer to perfect moments captured at the perfect time. 

Oxana Alex Photography Studio is a Los Angeles based photo studio. We offer over 100 dresses and props along with some really great studio backgrounds, ranging from oceans to forests to flower decorations. Along with some remarkable props, we have some of the best photographers across the countries that are skilled at clicking various types of maternity and family shoots.

What sets our studio apart from the rest of the studios across the country is the fact that our photographers are really dedicated and passionate about photography. With their passion and enthusiasm, they love their work and are able to get the best results. They are the reason why we have a 100 percent client satisfaction rate. Moreover, photo shoots with us are fun and involving. We ensure that our clients are at ease and are able to express their true emotions. This helps us capture the true essence of pregnancy. 

We are well aware that women who are expecting to go through a lot of physical changes and don’t always feel comfortable with their bodies.  A maternity photo shoot might not seem like a very good option. However, once the period passes, there is no going back. Moreover, at Oxana Alex Photography Studio, our designers and photographers ensure that you feel confident and comfortable. With our designers getting the best prop and dress combination and our photographers capturing your best features, your pictures are bound to come out good. Moreover, you will get the chance to make a lifetime of memories

For this particular shoot, our client chose a minimalistic style photo shoot. Starting with a simple wrap grey dress, she showed off her baby bump and looked elegant and classy. The white plain background added to the classic feeling. For the next photo, she chose a white shrug-dress that made her look like an angel. For the next couple of shots, her partner joined her, helping us capture their intimate moments that clearly expressed their love for each other and their baby. Her solo shoots also consisted of a mirror reflection photo that is particularly popular at our studio due to its edgy and elegant style. 


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