Chistmas theme photoshoot for Heidi Montage, Spencer Pratt . Gunner Pratt is the cutest baby ever.

Family time is the most important moment of the day. Every member of the family should understand the significance of the valuable moment and should always take out time for each other. This time is also very essential for your children. Your children need your care and time in their growing years. Every moment spent with family is memorable in some way. Why not take a picture to make this memory arrested for a lifetime. We all know we all change physically and mentally over the time and this time is never going to come back. Why not make the most of it and click some beautiful family pictures for your album.

At Oxana Alex Photography, we provide you with the finest lensman who will give you enough time, and make your family photoshoot the best that you want. The family photographers at Oxana Alex are experienced and will take your suggestions too. We not only try to take quality pictures but our main aim is to satisfy everyone who trusts us with our skills. 

Oxana Alex is the best in Los Angeles, many families have trusted us and have given us a positive rating. We conduct the photo session both indoor and outdoor according to the preference of the customer. Indoor photo shoots are clicked at Oxana Alex Los Angeles studio, giving a perfect matching background color and costumes. Outdoor sessions are done in a different scenic location. Adding a few props which will add more depth to the picture. We also give a theme to the photo shoot sometimes.

Our family photographers try to capture and focus on the emotions of the member. Family photoshoot takes time as every member including the children's should get ready for the shoot. We provide the time that you need and give equal importance to your proposals.

In the pictures given below, the photoshoot had a Christmas theme. Black and red outfits with Santa hats the theme is outright. The father and the son are wearing the same black sweater which has Santa print on it. The mother is wearing a thigh slit red gown and the whole family is looking as if they are welcoming Santa into town. The props include gifts and green plants in the background which goes with the theme. With the white background and the white sofa, the picture is eye catchy. In family photography, we try to capture the happy emotions of the family and few candid arresting your love.

Every photo has a little story and shows the bonding between each member of the family.

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