The most beautiful mother in my Los Angeles studio for her maternity photoshoot all the way form Istanbul Turkey.

There is no heroism as great as that of motherhood. Having a life growing inside of you is, perhaps, the closest we can be to magic. The anxiety and the happiness that a mother to feel can only be understood and expressed by her; however, it can be captured by us at Oxana Alex Photography studio and kept forever, to be looked back at. Memories are all that we have from the past and it is very important to latch onto them so that they aren’t forgotten. Photographs play a very important part in keeping these memories intact. Most mothers rarely remember the feelings and emotions that went through them when they were pregnant, but looking at their maternity photographs can bring those moments back. 

Most women who are expecting are self-conscious and often don’t feel comfortable or confident enough to get clicked. The stress of getting clicked also plays a major role in women disregarding maternity photo shoots. However, here at Oxana Alex Photography Studio, we try our best to make the mothers feel confident and beautiful. Your comfort is our first priority and all those who get clicked in our studio know it. So if you are worried about feeling stressed and unconfident, don’t worry and come to our studio!

We have a variety of props and dresses o offer that will make anyone feel like a princess in their fairyland. Our studios play a very important role in getting the perfect pictures and that is why we have some of the most surreal and ethereal studio backgrounds. Ranging from forests to flower chapels, anyone is bound to feel like a King and Queen in these beautiful studios. 

One of the things that distinguish us from the rest of the Photography studios is the fact that all our clients are treated like family. This makes the maternity shoot easier for both, the mother, as well as the photographer. The one term that can best describe our photographers is friendly. Besides photography, they are professionals in making the photography session fun and easy-going. In the end, we are more excited about the photographs than the clients. 

We feel that this attitude is necessary because photography is all about capturing real emotions. While posed photographs are pretty; real, candid pictures are what actually takes everyone’s breath away and leaves the clients most satisfied. Bringing these real and raw emotions can only happen if the client is having fun and is feeling confident. 

For this particular shoot, we chose a vintage flowing mustard gown and a forest background. Looking ethereal and beautiful, our client’s delicate and tranquil personality was perfectly reflected in these photographs. Her happiness was evident and only seemed to increase once her husband entered the session. Dressed in a classic vest and suit, he complimented her looks and completed the family picture. Their love and passion for each other were so strong that is was easily reflected in the photographs.

For the next click, we chose a dainty white lace gown that felt as delicate as it looked. The flower crown only added to her elegant and angelic look. Her third choice was the tree studio. Lying comfortably over the tree branch, dressed in a soft blue gown, the mother looked comfortable and beautiful. Her wavy hair and flower crown added to the photograph, helping us click the perfect picture.  Oxana Alex Photography provides all the beautiful gowns and the flower crowns for the session.