Newborn session at Oxana Alex Photography


The outstanding way to remind our past is a photograph. There isa various category of photography such as portrait photography, Landscape photography, journey photography, street photography, nature photography, fashion photography and many more. 

All this photography has its own significance but now a day’s special kind of photography trend is in a fashion that is photography related to family, maternity of women, newborn baby etc. In this field, a handful of photographers are having a good experience and they are a comparably the busiest photographer nowadays because these days many parents are including this trend in their life. Although the photography session could be small innovation & creativity is required at every stage of this photography. 


Right Moment to capture

This photographer has specific value because it strengthens the bond of the family. Well, the photography of this kind plays a vital role to build a great relationship among the couple, as children are always the most valuable between the couple. Becoming parents is the happiest moment because, after-nine- month, parents see the face of the hope which they were waiting for. The cute smile, magnificent eye, and much other activity will break your heart & outflow your eyes seeing the baby.

For the photo shoot, six to ten months from birth is regarded as the perfect moment for the babythe age of six to ten month is considered as the right moment and it is also suggested by the photo specialist but newbornbaby photography are also practiced even after 20 days from birth.  

During this photoshootsession, there will be many minor events but all that would compile to be your happiest memory ever.  Parents also participate in newborn session but if we talk about father participation then previously it was not involved much. But nowadays, the fatheralso shows their affection towards his child in front of the camerawhich is graceful.     


New Born Photographer -The hands behind those cute clicks

Affordable and innovative photographers are always acceptable because everybody wants quality with quantity. The newborn photographer is a special kind of photographer who has many great ideas because we know that the newborn is so sensitive, that even many people frightenedto carry them. So, they take special care of the child so that throughout the photo session there would be no harm to the child. 

This kind of photography is very famous in LA that’s why it is the home of many creative newborn photographers. Side by side Los Angeles newborn photography is very famous worldwide that’s why many photographers copy their idea for the betterment.

Oxana Alex photography always thinks out of the box because we know that a newborn baby can’t express them in front of the camera, so these photographers use the original habits and activity of the infant. 

If we talk about Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, they are very famous for their special care during the newborn photo session. For example, a newborn baby is very flexible and their bones and muscles are underdeveloped so we need to keep them safe throughout the session. The session may take several hours because a just born baby has quite an unpredictable schedule. The cute little baby will not support the photographer in any way but the creativity-of the newborn photographer can lead a momentous photo session. 

Photography in this field is a very calm & a pacific activity because they know the hero of the session is so tyro that he can’t do any favor, so they can include the family member in the photography session. In this way photographer, can utilize the limited resources at their disposal for innovation.



This new trend inphotography is very often practiced these days, it not only attracts celebrity but also common people want to capture the memory of their baby in a photograph. Some time parents select a theme and the further session of photography follow that. Actually,this is very interesting for the parents to have an album full of pictures of their baby in childhood and each photograph tells a story. In 

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newborn photo session

newborn photo session

newborn baby

newborn baby

newborn session

newborn session

Newborn photography

Newborn photography