engagement or love story photoshoot in Santa Monica

Engagements are special and so is keeping a memoir of engagement photographs.If  you want to capture the true essence of your love story, we are there to offer engagement photography. At Oxana Alex Photography, we capture dreamy engagement photosequences and candids which immediately take back you to the nostalgia of that precious moment, We at Oxana Alex photographycreate a compelling memoir of your engagement through our photography. 


Engagement is a precious moment for everyone, we’d like to call it an unforgettable moment. What could be better than preserving your precious moments in nostalgic photographs? For the best engagement photography sessions we make the couple feel relaxed in our presence because we believe that the best photographs comes when the chemistry between the couple isn’t disturbed. Expression is the most valuable asset in engagement photography and we ask the couple to express themselves fully, 


Oxana Alex photography has covered a lot of engagement sessions in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, California and Beverly Hills. We choose the best location for your engagement sessions and pay attention to every detail. Our location of choice is not the same for all, we choose the shoot location on the basis of multiple factors like, does the location hold any meaning for the couple? Does it resonate with their personality and ideas? 


After choosing the perfect location engagement photoshoot session, we get it ready for the shoot to ensure that there is no unnecessary clutter in the pictures. Timings are another important thing that we consider especially when it’s an outdoor shoot so that we have can shoot in the right setting. 


Are you looking for the best Los Angeles Engagement Photographer? Oxana Alex are there for handle your engagement photography in Los Angeles. To capture stunning engagement photographs, we go beyond the prime location of the cities, we are explorers who don’t mind navigating through the city in search of the perfect shoot location. 


Oxana Alex takes the responsibility of doing justice to your engagement day photos. We create a vault of photographs for you which you will cherish life long. While doing engagement photography in Los AngelesSanta Monica, Californiaand Beverly hills, we have learned lessons. The most important lesson which we have learnt is when the art of storytelling through a single frame is done right, it creates the best memories. Oxana Alex photography captures the perfect combination of different elements in one frame and keep things uncluttered. 


To pitch the perfect ideas for angles and expressions, we pay close attention to the personality and interests of the couple. We try to build a bond between us and the couple so that photoshoots flow seamlessly. Love is the main emotion which we capture through our cameras, we keep our eyes open for finding the perfect compliment to the couple in frame. Something that compliments their love and bonding. We want your engagement photographs to take you back to the memories later on in life. 


The best photographs are the ones which have a natural feel to them. Engagement photographs capture the tender moments and tender moments must come out naturally. Our focus always stays on capturing and editing photos in a way that they look natural. 


Overexposure can kill the whole vibe of the picture therefore we give meticulous attention to the editing phase. While editing, we also keep the end product and client’s preferences in mind. At Oxana Alex, we value our client’s suggestions and believe that inputs our photography skills better, We follow up with our clients for asking their suggestions and taking feedback on our work. 

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