7 month old baby at Oxana Alex Studio in West Los Angeles


Parents are always excited for their young one and want to store the childhood memory of their kid. Every day they see some growth in their child which is always very amusing. Somedaythey found that their little one is sitting or he is crawling on the floor or even start walking, all these are very precious for the parents. Parents track every small change in the activity of their child and want to keep all the memory related to their child. There is a fashion in the modern parents to capture the unforgettable and unique activity of their child through photography. Hence in this segment, we are going to discuss the perfect photography age of an infant.


Ages do matter

If we talk about one of the perfect age of photo shoot for babies, then it would be sitter age where they can’t crawl but they provide some lovable poses.Although, any time is perfect for photography for children the age of 6 to 10 is perfect because in this stage baby can sit by their own and babies of this decade are so intelligentwhen it comes to givingpose for their photo session. In baby photography, the photographerneeds to take care of the little child, for example how he should click a unique picture which does not affect the baby anyway. Well, many photographers thinkthat baby photo shoot would be more successful when baby starts sitting on his own. In this way, you can capture the photograph of your little baby. This would definitely allow you to have a hassle-free session.


Importance of Baby Photography

There are many benefits of sitter baby photography which should be discussed in this segment.In terms of comfort and continent, sitter baby photography is better than the rest because atthis age your baby is small as well as they can give you a perfect shot for your photo shoot. At this age, babies learn to sit properly & securely on their own strength. 

If we talk about the newbornbaby, then the timing of the sessionneedsto be short because most of the time newbornbaby needs medication or sleep. That mean photographer will have to fix a time according to the child. Sitter baby hasapparently more tolerance of strangers, as they can innocently beattachedto everyone including the photographer. On the other hand, newborn children are so sensitive and choosy, if he likes the person he will spend the time with them otherwise it defaultsto shoot pictureif you don’t want photos of your baby crying and screaming.


Effect of Baby Photography on society & family

Children’s are the mostprecious thing to the parents and they want to give all the happiness of the world to their young one. Now a day parents are taking care of all the activity of their newbornbaby. The trends have also catalyzed the sense of pride and many celebrities spend their time and wealth in a photoshootfor their newbornbabies. These fashiontrends are like a vanity show where the babywill be treated as a Diva. We all know that if you want to recall your childhood or any other stage of your life, photography is the only way to be connected to with your past. Through photo one can remember their specific height, weight and many more. When it’s come to the babypictures, it attracts not parents but family members, relatives & a lot of people from the society.



Capturing picturesof the daily life moments is in fashion today. So, when a new a baby joins the family, it’s too included in that. It is not only persuaded by the famous people for their children but also common people thinkto have a memory in a photo album. It is also an amusement for the adult to see himself as a baby in ababyphoto album. Most importantly, sitter baby photos are the cutest because the child is an almostnewborn baby, so their innocence and cuteness are high and give optimum happiness when someone goes through the album it would make him/her recreate that moment of ultimate joy & happiness that happened years back.




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