Oxana Alex photography as your family photographer

Family photographs evergreen, when you get your family clicked together, you preserve the sweet bond you share with each other in the form of a photograph. It is very important to share your joy with your loved ones and capture the beautiful moments. We at Oxana Alex Photography love to take family photographs that reflects the happy bond you share with your family. A Family is where the love begins, it is with family that we share our happiness and sorrow. We believe in photographing familiesin a natural  way. This results in honest and warm photographs which you can look back to and show to your children. 


Documenting your family through photographs also helps in staying connected to your family. When you get a family photographer to take your pictures you invest your time money and patience, therefore we make sure that your family photography sessions are seamless. We take beautiful candid family pictureswhile you are bonding with your family. No one likes to keep their eyes fixed on the camera lense. Before capturing your family members, we love to communicate with them and know about them. This helps us in choosing the different types of pose and dynamics. 


Family is the central part of your life. It is the family that supports you in being what you are. All these reasons and more makes taking family pictureseven more important. We are passionate about taking family photosand creating surprising albums which you will love to preserve all your life. Family picturescan help you connect better with your family and make your relationships even more meaningful. Oxana Alex Family Photography captures the powerful memories you build with your family. We photograph your family after knowing the persona of every member. 


When we are in tune which each member of the family, we are better aware about their persona and what emotion do they bring to the family, is it warmth, is it joy, is it kindness?

We believe that best family pictures come out when every member is true to their character. It adds more emotion and depth to the pictures being taken. When you childrens are growing, it is a very important phase of their life because they are with you. Your love for them knows no bound and it’s only right to capture their innocence with you in beautiful and moving family photographs.


A lot of thought goes into choosing the best location for a family photography session. We choose the perfect location for photographing your family. Apart from outdoor photography, we love to shoot some casual candids at your home or at the studio. These shots add variety to you family photo album and compliments the ones shot outdoors. There are highs and lows in every family but what’s important is that the love remains intact. We think family photographyis a way to celebrate the love that remains intact even after the highs and lows. As you and your childrens are maturing and aging, there needs to be a memoir of what you have passed through together.


A family photographeris responsible for capturing the values of a family, the small moments that defines the love between a family must not be missed by a family photographer. Oxana Alex Photography has done family photography sessions with multiple families in the past and created albums which they love to cherish. As we photograph families together, we build a bond with them which helps us in taking better pictures. You family photographs will always look special and honest, we love to edit pictures in a way which makes them look more honest and natural. 



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