The cutest baby in my studio today. Los Angeles California.


As a Los Angeles based photographer, we here at Oxana Alex get to photograph babies of many different backgrounds. Very indicative of the city we live in, LA is a melting pot of colors, heritages, and cultures. Indeed, for us, the diversity we see and experience in our everyday lives is one of the very many pleasures of living in, or around Los Angeles. 


As a team of photographers and production assistants who hail from mixed parentage, yet still born and raised in Los Angeles, we re proud to be able to photograph every beautiful child that comes our way, and we meet so many parents who are from so many different backgrounds eager to take the aesthetic plunge. As Southern Californians and urban dwellers, we can be exposed to so much variety in culture, language, cuisine, religious faith, festivals, and so on, just in our everyday lives. 


It is important for parents of newborns to take some time out to appreciate where they are right now and what this moment means to them.  Los Angeles is undoubtedly one of the most cosmopolitan, multicultural cities in the world, and our work attempts to capture this larger-than-life energy. 


However, as much as we love to experience different cultures and foreign places, we here at Oxana Alex love our hometown. Our team of expert photographers come from all reaches of the globe, from San Francisco to Egypt, Chicago and New York. This kaleidoscopic geographical range equips us with perspectives and artistic styles not available to natives who only grew up in one area.


For all of this, we want to say loudly and proudly that our newborn photography boutique is grateful to be able to service our lovely hometown of Southern California, and we wish to continue giving parents the best nostalgic memories of their early child rearing years. We are also grateful that we have the liberty to craft ever more amazing memories for families every single day.

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