Maternity photoshoot at the heart of Santa Monica Mountains

Mother is said to be the second hand of God. Being a mother is an emotional and beautiful journey which starts with pregnancy. This journey needs to be captured and put in an album to recall these precious moments of your life. Maternity photography is the prime gift for a mother, a gift that can be cherished for a lifetime. Pregnancy is a ride for both the couple, the most memorable ride of their lifetime. This period is equally important for a father as the mother. Maternity photography does not only concentrate on the mother instead it also shows the strong bond between the couple.

Maternity photographer must be a person who can bring out happiness, joy, togetherness, and peace from a click. We at Oxana Alex Photography promise to provide you with the best maternity photographers. An experienced photographer will know his work and angles to take the unbeatable photo shoot. Everything grows rounder and wider, a mother may sometimes feel a little different and less confident in her own body. That is when we come with the power of photography and remind her how gorgeous she is and how strong she seems. 

We try different posses with the mother and the couple to capture the perfect portrait. Some people are not comfortable in front of the camera or may not show the real emotion they are going through. Our photographers will encourage you, give you some time alone, and take any suggestion coming from your side too. 

If you are staying in Los Angeles and thinking of getting a maternity photo shoot done, why to waste your time and money going somewhere else, when the best is just waiting for you. Oxana Alex does best maternity photography in Los Angeles. We give you the assurance of giving you our best and providing you the best maternity photographer. We do both indoor and outdoor shoot according to your preference. Indoor shoots are done at Oxana Alex Los Angeles studio, with a perfect background which goes with your dress. Outdoor shoots are done at a place where your picture will have a natural effect from the nature around. 

Many mothers from Santa Monica, Los Angeles and  Beverly Hills have done photo shoots with us, and are satisfied with the end result. With our artistic pictures from different angles, we try to win the hearts. 

From the picture, we can see how beautifully the simplicity is captured. The couple wearing white with the white background gives a sense of sophistication and makes the picture classy. In the photo shoot, a strong bond between the couple has been shown, where the mother is resting on the arms of the father, and from the about to kiss moment. The pictures where the mother has put her head resting on the lap of her better half and the father has kept his hand on the belly, shows how eagerly both are waiting from their child and the affection for their child. We can feel a sense of peace in all the pictures.