Beautiful maternity photoshoot in my Los Angeles studio.

It is rightly said that out of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother. Becoming a mother is probably the biggest roller-coaster a woman can go through and we are here to capture these moments. Oxana Alex Photography Studio offers the best maternity shoot that captures all the emotions and aspects of pregnancy. Perhaps what distinguishes us from other photography studios is the fact that each photo shoot is close to our hearts. Our motto is that our clients are our family and when you shoot for your family, you give your hundred percent. For the Photographers at our studio, the most fun part Is getting to know the parents and their story. This not only brings us closer to our clients but also helps us understand them better. 

It is a well known fact that pregnant women often feel uncomfortable and less confident about their changing bodies. We at Oxana Alex Photography Studio offer over a hundred dresses and props that are bound to make any women comfortable and ecstatic about the shoot. From princess gowns to nature and beach backgrounds, the options are endless. Your photographs are as important to us as they are to you. So if you are going to be a mother soon, and are looking for maternity photographers, we can ensure you that Oxen Alex photography studio is the place. 

A lot of conceptualization goes into the photo shoot that our photographers have to pre plan. From the background to the proper use of props, our photographers ensure that everything is perfect for you. Aside from this, the main aim is to capture the real and raw emotions of the mother to be, so that the photographs can become even more meaningful. Since every expecting mother is different, we ensure that their distinct personalities are captured. From fierce and protecting to loving and caring, we at Oxana Alex Photography Studio capture all the emotions and every essence of becoming a mother. Mothers to be inspire us because carrying a life is magical in all aspects and this inspiration enables us to give you the best maternity photo shoot of your life. We also provide maternity shoots with family and your other half. Capturing these moments with your significant other can make them even more beautiful and magical. A fun photo shoot is what you can expect out of us and your Stunning pictures are guaranteed.  

For this particular shoot, the mother requested a casual photo shoot with a black background, so that it can capture the casual vibe of everyday pregnant women. Pairing casual jeans with a cardigan, the pregnant belly was on display, giving a very happy and casual aesthetic to the whole shoot. We also captured pictures of the mother to be in a very pretty white gown which gave her an angelic glow. Pairing it with a white background, the picture came out to be perfect. The pregnancy glow was also captured by our photographers in a semi-nude picture as requested by our client. The beige gown that was used for the next picture captured the essence of pregnancy. The whole maternity photo shoot was a success as the client was pretty happy about her photographs. 


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