Los Angeles Fine Art Maternity Photography

There is nothing close to god on Earth than a mother. The experience of becoming a mother is equally magical and terrifying, however, it is very important to capture these moments into pictures so that they can be cherished forever. At Oxana Alex photography studio, we ensure that your best foot is put forward and all your maternity photographs come out perfect to the T. What makes us different from the other photography studios is that we not only care about getting the perfect photograph, but we also care about the pregnant mother's comfort. A photo shoot is a success only if the client is comfortable and happy. 

Mothers to be often feel that they are not confident enough to get the maternity photo shoot. We at Oxana Alex Photography studio offer over a 100 different varieties of beautiful gowns and backgrounds. Our studio backgrounds vary from aesthetic floral to vintage forests. Our most famous, Beach studio background, though, is incomparable. With over 1000 happy clients, we can say that our success rate for happy and satisfied customers has been ninety-nine percent. We ensure that our photographers capture every emotion that you feel throughout the photo shoot. This enables us to click beautiful candid pictures.

For all the mothers to be out there who feel that pregnancy has put a damper on their confidence due to the changes in their body, feel assured that we will send you back comfortable with your skin. That is the power of photography. It is important for any maternity photo shoot that the client enjoys the shoot as much as the photographers. If the client is not happy and comfortable, it is impossible to capture good photographs. This is the reason why a huge attempt is made by us to make the client comfortable. The pictures that we click can make the mothers feel confident about their bodies, as we capture every bit of that pregnancy glow that makes maternity magical. Our photographers are always curious about our client’s story and journey into parenthood, making them connect better, and thus, capturing better photographs. So if you are looking for a maternity photo shoot, contact our studio and we will be happy to clear all your doubts and provide you with the best pregnancy photo shoot. 

For the first picture here, our client wanted a vintage yet edgy photograph. So, we opted for an aesthetic 1800’s door set and a light pink mermaid gown. To make the picture more aesthetic, we added a baby stroller drowsed in flowers and completed the look with a flower tiara. The client’s excitement for the baby to come was pretty evident in all the photographs. Her happiness was also very contagious. For the second shoot, she chooses the all too famous beach background. Creating an aesthetic vibe, the mother wore a soft blue flowing gown that had a cape. The wind making the cape flow and the soft expression on the mothers face perfectly bought out her calming and glowing personality. When her husband joined for the shoot, the picture looked more complete and satisfying. The highlight of the second shoot was the sunset photograph paired with a flower tiara that bought out her tenderness. 

For the third shot, she requested something that would bring out her fierceness and edginess. A red flowing gown and forest background were the obvious choice. The mother looked beautiful and was extremely satisfied with the props. The fourth photograph, she wanted something a bit more elegant and classy. Pairing a white gown with a flower background, the mother looked every bit of royalty. Her elegance and grace were pretty impressive. The photo shoot was a success and we sent home another happy client.