Napping baby photography tranquility.

I just arrived here on planet earth. Head first I took the plunge from the safe haven of my mother´s womb. A place I have been nurtured and grown bigger the past nine months. Safe and secure splashing around in my own indoor swimming pool. Listening in on the world out there. Minding my own business, but now I am here. Ready to take on the big world. At my first professional photo session here in Brentwood, Los Angeles. With Oxana Alex. Blissful napping is the theme. I get it.

I like it here. Tucked in this soft blue blanket. Almost like the place I used to reside the past year. In my mother´s beautiful belly. Feeding and growing. Into adorable me. Just look at my tiny marvelous feet. A little baby miracle. I need my beauty rest. Quite a lot of it. I am pretty content in this yellow outfit too. Naked and happy. Soft and cosy. It is even better after you added some elements from mother nature. I like the down-to-earth elements. Makes my face more serene. And I am pretty sure I like this fox-colored hoodie more than the previous one.

To showcase how photogenic and professional I am I dare you to keep alternating the photo ops. Just keep them coming. I am ready. I look good and napping content in them all. My newborn self is pretty darn easy to work with if you want my humble opinion. I trust you feel the same. No crying here. Just keep me warm and cosy. I´ll open my eyes and smile an approving nod now and then. But the priority is sticking to the theme of blissful napping time. Correct me if I am wrong, but that is the theme of my first professional baby photography session right? I know there will be plenty more to come. With different themes and photo props. In this Brentwood studio and other places. But I believe I nailed this napping theme spot on. You can all put me in your guide to blissful baby naps.

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