Brentwood studio location maternity photography.

This husband and wife maternity photography session was kept solely at our indoor Brentwood location. The mother-to-be is an absolute knockout as she poses naturally in a gorgeous soft smooth velvety red dress. A lovely flower crown is a perfect match. The baby bump highlighted against the white wall with the distant dreamy green nature beckoning from outside. That everyday LA shine for us that know it so well. The light blue dress worn by the husband is a perfect fit to the lush velvet gown.

The second setup sports entirely different clothes and features just the expecting mother. A nearly see through dress in close to body color. With a flower crown in a similar color scheme.  Caressing and supporting that valuable stomach cargo. The wooden floral swing adorned by white and green flower colors is a great prop for maternity photography.

Oxana Alex Photography offers many great elements to make memorable family photos such as the vintage baby trolley showcased. After all, the city that we reside in is Los Angeles. We love all our vehicles of transportation. And there is nothing wrong with ”Pimping That Baby Ride”. We cater to the wishes of all our clients but in our case what is most often requested are beautiful flower arrangements, fluffy toys and other ornaments. You make a wish and we make it happen. In almost all the cases. We aim to please.

Remember that Oxana Alex Photography provides all the gowns, tutus, flower crowns and offer complimentary fitting Monday - Friday between 10 am – 4 pm depending on our availability before the shoot. Please feel free to peruse our ´studio webpage´ to see images of some of the props and elements we can provide your shoot. And please do make requests if you have them.

Back to our session for the day. A couple knee-deep in maternity bliss who displays profound affection for one another. What more could a baby possibly ask for.

Love to Love You Baby.