Outdoor family photography in a neighborhood park.

There is nothing quite like bringing the family together for a weekend park picnic. It is a national pastime and generational tradition. Spending quality family time out in the open without the many weekday distractions and chores. Letting all logistics go and just enjoying the company of one another. Family leisure time. Outside in God´s pristine nature and away from the confined walls of the family home. And what a great way to capture some timeless memories for that empty wall at home or some new pages in the family album. There is no better way to achieve this than through an appointment with a professional Los Angeles family photographer. It does not have to cost a fortune or take a long time.

At Oxana Alex Photography we treasure all such family fun assignments. Being allowed to capture idyllic family joy while also being outdoors is an enjoyable privilege. Taking advantage of elements provided by nature. Things we usually take for granted in our busy daily lives can provide gorgeous props and frames for such family photo sessions. If we just pause for a few seconds and take notice of what surrounds us. Natural splendor. The beautiful trees with its protective branches, the colorful leaves both on the trees and sprawled on the ground.

A nature settings such as a nearby park provides ample opportunities to mix models, objects and elements around in an efficient and playful manner. The entire family together, father and children, mother and daughter, children by themselves etc. All options are on the table and it is often wise to go for a wide variety of shots.

As you can see this family was all smiles. The children behaved like seasoned professionals and I believe they all truly enjoyed the family photography session combined with a park picnic. Children love to play outdoors and what is more fun that playing with your parents in a park. Let´s have another family excursion soon.

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