Surf and turf family photography.

We are a fortunate bunch who resides here in sunny California. And we do love a good combo. Nothing like the feeling of two for one. Like doing a morning ski session in Big Bear mountain and finishing the day off with some surfing at the lovely Malibu Surfrider Beach. All in a wonderous Southern California day (that is if that congested LA traffic allows it). Thus, surf and turf is the name of the American game. Even more so here in the Los Angeles region. And why not do the same close to heaven combo when you have your household pictures taken by a a professional Los Angeles family photographer.

A daytime forest inland session followed by an epic sunset at the beach. The entire family together. It is remarkable how spoiled we are here in Los Angeles. We better remind ourselves how privilieged we actually are. Often! And this Los Angeles family photographer even more so, who gets paid for spending such a lovely day taking pictures of yet another great family.

This family has got it right. Hugging and touching showcases affection, warmth and care. Humans love touch, something these warm-hearted siblings have understood very well. Embracing one another and thus feeding each other oxytocin and boosting the family immune system. Just like their devoted parents. Hugs and kisses all around. Providing ample photo moments for the dual combo sessions.

The inland photo had the family in classic timeless clothing. The warm sunset glow at the beach highlighted the all white clothing. Pure and simple. Like the natural beauty of nature. Blue water, rocks, pebbles and sand. The white crest of the waves and the California mountain range in the distance.

Family joy indeed. Applause for a job well done. It is time for this family to stop by the Santa Monica Watergrill and load up on some surf and turf. Charge them batteries. I recommend the California Dungeness Crab and some American Wagyu beef. Organic and grass-fed that is.

Happy dining!

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