Please meet a family of three. There baby boy is the cutest boy ever. He was so good to me and loved looking at me and posed well. We picked this beautiful location of the santa Monica mountains for more rustic natural look, the family wanted. 

 I'm quite confident in my ability to work with children of all ages, even with toddlers and there's meltdowns. We have to do it quite fast, before they get tired or board. I always keep my sessions fun and engagement. Sometimes i create a cute set and don't show them before the shooting time, they get very exited and you have a good of  fivteen minutes or so of fun shooting time with the most cutest face expressions.  . I love the sunsets time when this location becomes goldfish, my favorite tone. 

I can't begin to tell you how often I hear my clients say, "we don't have any photos of our family," or "all we need are a few good shots for holiday cards."  Trust me....I get it!  With parents busier than ever and the evolution of the smartphones, it's likely not on your radar...that is until the you actually need it. This my friends is one reason why the holidays are most children and family photographers busiset time of year!

My thoughts are actually quite simple, as much as I enjoy the personal and unique nature of creating a custom shoot for my clients, there's a time and place for everything...including both "traditional" and "on-the-go" photo ops.   

With the holiday season upon us, it will be a lot of Holiday cards photoshoots coming up. Please make sure to book yours, in advanced, it fills up very fast. Fall is the busiest time for photogrpahers. I might be be holding several on-location Los Angeles sessions this season. this sessions the straight forward alternative to our more traditional photography sessions. 

Details will be announced within the coming weeks. Be sure to stay close and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more. Until this super cute family and take a look at just how much fun we can have during an impromptu family photo session.