Los Angeles white screen maternity photography.

Sometimes you just want a neat clean white background that takes away all surrounding clutter and let the photography subjects truly stand out.

It can often be good choice to keep props, backgrounds and various screen fillers to a bare minimum. Limiting external visual noise is a more minimalist option that many people like and prefer. Human beings come in all shapes and forms and that is part of the beauty and fun of hosting photography sessions here in Los Angeles. People from all walks of life spanning all nationalities are represented and reside in this beautiful city of ours. We are a diverse and multifaceted city and we should all be very proud of it. The world is truly our oyster.

This eclectic diversity is definitely something that is represented in my work. We are all individuals and inhabitants of mother earth with different preferences, taste influences and wishes. I tend to think of it like home furnishing. It is very rare that you find identical set-ups, not even amongst twins in neighboring dorm-rooms. Even though two people share the same background, style preferences, have identical favorite TV shows and fashion magazines and even shop at the same store, unique traits and differences will pop up and we end up with a personalized ´me´ result. We are alike yet different. This is very much so in photography, even if we all stand in front of the same white screen. Individuals will produce tiny personal differences that make each photography session special. An example here is the torso shot with the tiny crown illustrating the arrival of a new family princess.

The key to a good photography session, like so many other things in life, is communication between people. What is the vision of the client and how do we together go about achieving the best end result. To ask questions and then carefully listen to the wants and needs of the client before providing my two cents worth and in a joint effort we create the best result tailored to setting and people.

The ultimate goal is happy clients that bring home their favorite images. A co-operative team effort, a product of them and me captured at that special moment in time.

With this couple we did two costume changes.  It was kept clean and stripped down to basics. It was efficient and came out very successful. A white screen truly highlights the subjects and illustrates that sometimes you just have to follow the KISS principle.