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I know this family for a while now, and i was happy to do a family session on the beautiful location of Santa Monica Mountainous for them. When they arrived the kids just had a nap and were in a good mood and ready for a play , run and fun. I always try ti create a play kind of atmosphere for them, it is not a family photoshoot, but we are her to have fun. The only one disappointment we had, the  balloons , flew away.  Otherwise it was a successful, full of playing and fun photo session. Please take a look at this happy and beautiful family.


A Tribute To Family

Michelle A. Moran

I don't know when it started,
Or how it all began.
But God created families,
As only our Lord can.
He was teaching what it means,
To love, honor, and obey.
He wanted a strong bond,
That we don't see too much today.
He wanted someone to hold us,
And show respect for others.
He wanted someone who'd be gentle,
And so he created mothers.
He wanted someone strong,
A support filled with love.
And so he created fathers,
Sent from heaven up above.
Brothers and sisters came next,
With that, an instant friend.
Someone to look up to,
Someone on who to depend.
When he put them all together,
He was amazed at what he'd done.
He had created a family,
Mother, father, daughter, son.
But look at the family,
Created by only two.
How many we've become,
And all because of you.
We have a lot to be thankful for,
The memories through the years.
The many times together,
Full of laughter, full of tears.
I don't know where we'd be today,
If it weren't for the two of you.
To show us strength, support, and love,
Like only the two of you can do.