Cake smash and a bubble bath. Baby first birthday photo session.

Silence please! This is my 1 year old photoshoot.

I want to hear the squashing sound when I stomp on my birthday cake. The candy garnished cake looks like strange alien like Top Hat if you ask me. Not a Bowler, Fedora, Boater, Stingy Brim, Trilby, Panama, Porkpie or Homburg hat for sure.

By the way, I finished that homemade chocolate cake you made for me. That one went superfast. It was delicious!!! Thank you, may I have another. Pretty please.

Next year I want three of the same chocolate cakes but made to look like cowboy hats. Two to chow down, and one to put on my head and ride into the sunset together with my wooden horse Bumble.  Or at least to bed. Stomach full.

This blue one is not homemade. I am still small but I can tell. And you better believe I can judge quality. I am after all your offspring. It was sort of good for a few bites and I liked the color, but to be honest it lacked my favorite ingridient; CHOCOLATE. My parents know me best. So next time remember this mom and dad. I´ll rather take three of the homemade chocolate cakes.

I start out by joyfully inspecting this blue cake here. Quality controlling it. Judging it by looks and then finally by taste. And finding it way inferior to your homemade one. The cake manufacturers are watching too many of these Cake Wars or Cake Boss shows if you want my humble birthday opinion. All style over substance. Not enough chocolate.

So I will smash this cake. Tear it apart. And take pride in it. Show my discontent. And have fun my way. It is after all my birthday. The most important day of the year. Or maybe Christmas Day. I can´t quite remember which day yields the most gifts.

Anyway, stomach is filled to the brim. So I will play with this cake instead. Amusement and excitement on my big day here in Los Angeles. Bring out the cameras. Family photographers. My own baby photographer Los Angeles. Or make that child photographer Los Angeles. I want my Kodak moments. And this cake smash is definitely one of them.

I´ll even happily indulge in a bath. As long as I have my duck companions with me and mom and dad by my side.

Keep them bubbles coming. That bubble count can still go way way up. I want them raining down over me and my ducks. It is after all my big day. That makes me the boss. Capiche?

I am done with cake for now. Pretty soon I´ll be all cleaned up,  and ready to play and cuddle some more.

My first favorite cake smash session. Thank you my own private baby photographer Los Angeles.

And thank you mom and dad!