Natural beauty and the love of life. Maternity photography Los Angeles.

The view of the forest was very picturesque. Sunlight streaming through the thick branches filled with green leaves. Monumental trees firmly rooted in the dry California ground. A pleasant warm early fall breeze. A serene and beautiful location seemingly lost in time. One gets the feeling that this place has been freeze framed, and that it has looked the same for generations.  And now we are here again. Another pregnancy photography session in the works.

It is a place this Los Angeles family & maternity photographer truly loves and adores. A unique location I keep coming back to for those specific reasons. Such tranquil lovely spots exist all over Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. I have several mapped down and I am constantly on the lookout for new amazing photographic places to add to my shot list.

Today´s maternity photo model was truly a natural beauty whose pregnant shine fit perfect to the surroundings. Wearing a wafer thin light colored gown and flower crown to contrast the arcadian nature elements. We deliberately chose to shoot without using the blue sky above us, instead focusing on the gentle rays of sunlight streaming through the tree branches. Like dancing spotlights on the immaculate green grass. There is something with nature´s grandeur. We can´t beat the real deal.

One series of pregnancy photo images with primary focus on the mother-to-be and highlighting the baby bump. Another series of family photography images together with the proud sibling caressing the tummy. Capturing the joyful anticipation of welcoming a new brother or sister to the family.

All colors were kept light and toned down enhancing the lifelike and naturalistic feel of the images. Down-to-earth, with both optimistic and nostalgic allure.

The flower crown of the daughter and yellow bouquet of wildcrafted flowers stand out quite strikingly. The enchantment of the forest illuminates and accentuates the charisma of this pretty family inhabiting its space.

This family´s sweetness and love of life is indeed captured in all it´s natural glory.

Los Angeles pregnancy photography and family photography is truly a blessed line of work. Another fun day creating memorable maternity photos.

Thank you all.