Family photography session with radio host Jessica Hall.

Charismatic Jessica Hall has many talents and has worked as an actress, model and television/radio host. But most of all she is a loving mother to precious daughter Sophie Carlson and baby son Jake Warren Carlson. And what a lovely family it is. Jessica showed up sans husband Kyle for the occasion to get some family photography of herself together with 2-year old Sophie and baby Jake who was born in early fall 2017. All images were taken at Oxana Alex Photography´s Brentwood location in Los Angeles, California.

What an endearing little baby boy with a magic sparkle in his eyes. Handsome as few and already sporting a mischievous little grin just to please this baby photographer. Lying there on the padded floor effortlessly good-looking, the single color outfits matching him just perfect.

Sophie was so proud of her baby brother. Keeping a watchful eye on him and eagerly assisting her mother throughout the entire family photography session. Plenty of hugs to go around, but most of them reserved for little brother Jake and the big blue teddybear of course. Anything soft and cuddly deserves some affection.

Baby Jake demanded the occasional attention and let us know when it was time for feeding. Babies need fuel to grow so let´s take care of business. First things first. And food is certinly on that priority list.

After all I am the new baby star of this family and you better all do as I please if you want to capture my most photogenic moments. With stomach full I am content and relaxed. Safe and sound in my doting mother´s arms with my sister by my side. My clothing is a match with the teddybear. A cuddly companion that is three times my size. As tall as my sister, I bet we could both fit inside its arms as it hugs us goodbye.

I want to come back here for for more baby photos and my first cake smash. With a little help from my teddybear friend. And my sister Sophie of course.

Hope to see you all soon. Best of wishes for 2018!

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