Indoor & outdoor session with Los Angeles maternity photographer Oxana Alex.

Maternity photography is elegant and beautiful, a unique opportunity to take care of the story from the beginning. To capture visualized memories from the pregnancy phase leading up to the much anticipated arrival of the newborn baby. Many say (and I do agree wholeheartedly) that women are never more beautiful than when they are pregnant. It is not always that the pregnant mother-to-be feels like this, but there is extraordinary beauty to the process of creating a new life. Anyway, it is very worthwhile (I would say essential) to document this period of life in the best way possible. The golden rule to achieve maternity photo success is with a professional photographer specializing in the field. You want a maternity photographer that truly understands the process, who nurtures and makes you feel comfortable in order to bring out the best and also caters to your particular wants and needs for the session.

All my Los Angeles pregnancy photos are taken with an innate focus on elegance and aesthetic beauty. Many clients also opt to incorporate some ageless and classic black and white photography in their maternity or family photography sessions. When committing to professional pregnant photography, it is much appreciated that you share thoughts and requests about what you want with the maternity photographer. If I photograph you with clothes, it's important that you choose clothes that emphasize shapes rather than disguising them. When photographing underwear, it is nice if you have several types and colors to chose from. If you want pregnancy photos without any kind of clothing, it is advisable to bring a robe for breaks. But we will of course provide one if you forget to bring your favorite.

I use different lighting techniques, compositions and various cameras to create very special and expressive memories of your pregnancy. It is by all means okay to bring a family partner and any siblings to complement the session.

Oxana Alex specializes in Los Angeles family photography, maternity photography, and newborn/baby/child photography.


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