Outdoor family photography in glorious Los Angeles forest surroundings.

This gorgeous family chose to have a photo shoot with the entire family going baby camping in the picturesque woods surrounding our lovely city of Los Angeles. Back to nature here we come.

An adorable baby camp was raised in splendid natural surroundings a sunny fall day. A family picnic with fun and games worked perfect as backdrop for this back to basics family photography done by maternity, family and baby photographer Oxana Alex.

We deliberately used rustic props like the cute wooden pull cart. Perfect size for the young one who wanted more and more forest laps from both mother and father. Not to mention from an exhausted photographer. This was a genuinely down to earth happy camper family who enjoys back to nature bliss and spending time together out in the open as a unit.

Teamwork put up this lush baby rest tent adorned by flowers left, right and center. Comfy pillows and blankets to lounge on and of course this baby was kept company by an army of cuddly companions. The family photography session runs much smoother with a variety of furry friends tagging along to help out. It even allowed for four smooth and trouble-free baby wardrobe changes just to please the family photographer on call.

Los Angeles family photography can be truly a fun experience out in the ´wild´. This mother, father and child were all smiles and came across as true photo shoot professionals. Having the entire household being out and about in a natural setting rather than a studio can often bring about inventive and original compositions. Not to mention a healthy dose of vitamin D and some hiking exercise.

The family is the true photo star here with nature as an image frame. Hope to see the three of you back here soon with a slightly older toddler. For more cart laps.

Happy camping!

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