A natural born star in the making – first Los Angeles newborn baby photography.

I just recently arrived to bring joy to my family. My mother and father love and adore me. That much I know already. It is a proven fact of my life. From the instant I was born and I bet for a long time before I came into being they loved little ME.

I don´t even have to work up a pose for this Los Angeles newborn photographer. Everybody is happy with the way I am au naturel. I just have to be my sleepy self to take care of this baby photography business. No big deal Mrs. Newborn baby photographer. I got you all covered on this photo-shoot. You all know who is the new talk of the town. Little adorable me who is a natural born star. I have only been on this planet Earth for a short while but I know I got a lot of names already. Apart from my real name I go by darling, baby, precious, dear, gorgeous, beautiful, cute, love, pumpkin to name just a few. And that tally will rise…I know there are plenty more where those nicknames came from.

Back to my first Los Angeles baby photography session. I think my parents called her Oxana Alex, and that she specializes in newborn, baby and family photography. Here in the sunny city I was born into. Los Angeles. In wonderful California by the sea they say. In almighty US of A, land of the free and home of the brave. That sounds alright to me. I can live with that.

I love soft and furry things. Like these blankets to lie on and as cuddly companions. Pets and animals are my favorites. Alive and barking as well as these stuffed toy pet buddies. I already have quite an impressive collection. And there will be many more to come. I will bring them all to my next baby photography session. Or to my first cake smash. I almost said kale smash. After all, I was born into Los Angeles.

I love the soft organic wool clothing this Los Angeles family photographer provides me with. Thank you Oxana Alex. The temperature here is warm, but I like to be prepared for the cold. Happy that Los Angeles is not in the artic region. But I want to go visit snow areas when I get older. Skiing in Big Bear or Mammoth. Or all the way to Lake Tahoe. But for now I am happy to be resting here in this comfortable Brentwood newborn photography studio. Napping time. My parents and Oxana Alex watching over me and taking pictures. What an easy gig this is for me.

A natural born star in the making. Aloha!

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