Maternity photos of celebrity Diana Madison with angel daughter Collette.

Closing in fast on nine months pregnant with a baby boy in her tummy, Diana Madison (Mother, Entrepreneur, Talk Show Host, Producer, Fashionista…) radiates happiness and looks amazing in her Los Angeles maternity photography shoot with Brentwood based photographer Oxana Alex.

Diana is absolutely stunning in her dark blue dress surrounded by scenic California fall nature. She definitely looks grateful for her baby blessing connecting with the soon to be arriving baby boy in the breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature. We had a really fun shoot and you would not believe Diana suffered from major pelvic pains that day, judging by her photogenic glow and the end result. It is important to keep a high pregnancy spirit even on the more difficult painful days. The ultimate goal is in near sight and soon an infant boy will grace this magnificent Los Angeles family with his presence. Diana is truly a super professional and used to constant media attention and the limelight, she always gives it her best regardless of obstacles. This day was no different. The photo session went very smooth and efficient.

Diana Madison is equally gorgeous in the studio shots. Beautiful daughter Collette who is soon to turn two years old was happy to accompany mom and participate to the growing photo book. Family photography is a joy when the kids are this charismatic and easygoing. The rocking chair was Collette´s favorite and there was to be no cake smash for Collette this year. Mummy was already planning a small birthday party at home with unicorns featuring predominantly in the theme. What a lucky little girl. Happy birthday Collette!

Diana Madison wore jewelry from Kim Ashley and a dress by IBC Boutique. Naila styled the shoot so check out

Best wishes for the final pregnancy month. Hope to see the entire family back for some baby and family photography soon.

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