8-month-old milestone baby photography Los Angeles.

This baby was quite the observer. She was very aware of her surroundings and what was happening around her. This baby was really taking it in, watching, learning and participating. Happy being a model for this Los Angeles baby photographer and definitely not stressed out by the photo session (at least as long as her mother was present in the room). A bit of separation anxiety at this age is normal and actually an indicator of a good parent-child bond.

Family bonds grow increasingly more important and the baby is more acutely aware of her surroundings and can spot things across the room. Eager to reach out and grab things. Captivated by textures and shapes, it is fun and exciting to touch and feel, especially tags and handles. Anything new and exciting. This age is increasingly about constant motion so it can be a challenge to get certain family photography images just right. Sometimes several takes are needed. But we are very used to that.

Constant curiousity and exploration is key now that the baby can better eyball depth and distance, sit up and lean over to pick up toys. On the floor it is action that counts for the baby. Twisting and rocking, crouching, rolling and crawling. All in a hard day´s baby work.

This baby photography model is a prime example of why children look great in bold colors and textures. With a mischievous childish grin aimed at the proud mother and photo shoot crew this eight-month-old baby was eager to inspect and dominate every scene. A truly happy baby camper checking out the background scenery, various props, flower bouquets and arrangments. The preference being anything soft, playful and furry and things to hold onto, she was a big smile throughout the entire duration of the photo shoot session. No trouble changing clothing sets or wearing various head creations. It was all fun and play.

With intuition, inquisitiveness and awe of the child, each set piece was inspected and deemed worthy for image inclusion by this high-spirited and alert 8-month-old. I hope to see the entire family back for a cake smash session here in my Los Angeles photography studio in the near future.

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