Newborn baby photography kept firmly within the infant comfort zone.

This Los Angeles newborn baby photography session was a how-to manual in baby tranquility and shot list productiveness. It was a super smooth and almost soundless session that perfectly showcases the reason why the Oxana Alex Photography crew ideally wants to schedule the newborn session within the first 8-14 days of birth, a time frame that has consistently shown that the babies are in their "sleepiest" photogenic state.

Not too much hard work for this baby photography model, proud parents or photo crew. Keeping the temperature in our studio warm, these images are proof that this newborn definitely was in his comfort zone for the entire duration of the photo shoot.

This baby had some recommended awake time before the shoot and was fed just prior to session start. The rest was a piece of cake. And I don´t mean a cake smash :). These baby photos should secure a good beginning for the new family photography album.

As far from disturbed as you can get, this baby was comfortable resting in all positions. A dream model for this baby photographer to work with. The same goes for the parents. Family & child photography is teamwork and together we expeditiously worked through the creative shotlist. I honestly believe we succeded in capturing the essence of newborn baby photography here.

Parents and photographer decide jointly on props, costumes, clothing etc. Exploring various options through cooperation, alternating backgrounds, color schemes and framing distances to ensure variety and many pictures to chose from.

The end result is always to make sure the client walks away very happy with the work session, and it is an added bonus if this Los Angeles baby & family photographer gets to challenge her creativity and technical efficiency.

It is blissful serene sessions like these that make this particular Los Angeles baby & family photographer walk around with a smile for the entire remainder of the day.

Picture perfect!

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