Los angeles child photography

I love spring, the grass is so green and flowers are blooming, and kids are  really enjoying beeing outside. 

The Love For My Mum

Taylor Russell


People say "I love you,"
But what is love?
Is it the white feathers
On an evening dove?

Is it the way the sun shines
Every moment so bright, 
Or maybe it's the way a person's eyes sparkle,
When you whisper, "Goodnight?"

Is it the morning dew, 
On the grassy hill sides,
Is it the flow of water
In the late evening tide?

The Oxford English dictionary says,
Love is a deep affection.
What they don't explain
Is how to create such a strong connection.

I don't know much about love, 
But what I do
Is that no words can describe it more than, 
I feel it for you.

It may not be the sun, the water or the due, 
It may just be that love is everything you do.

It is the way your face lifts, 
When you grace us with your smile, 
The way you dance around
Reminds us of your quirky style.

It is the way you care for us, 
In so many ways, 
And the way you do this
Every moment of every day

It's the way you enjoy every moment, 
That inspires us to live, 
And as we do so, 
To you we share all the love we can give.

Happy Mother's Day, 
Our angel from above, 
Because nothing can describe it better,
Than that special word "Love"